June 23, 2013 Special Guest Doug Rhoads


Tonight’s guest is guest is former prosecutor Doug Rhoads and we are going to be talking about corruption in the mortgage industry from a different perspective. We are also going to be learning just how perverse the court system is with regard to allocation of resources and securitization of court cases.

In the first hour, Dave will be discussing his four part depopulation series as well as the developments in the Snowden case and the murder of investigative reporter  Michael Hastings.

Thirty Minutes prior to the show, talk show host Phil Kirschner will be interviewing Coast to Coast’s John B. Wells.  Dave has been asked to call in to be a part of the show at 830pm Central.  Here is how to access Phil’s show  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/revelationnewsradio/2013/06/24/john-b-wells-of-coast-2-coast-am-on-rnr     and then follow the links.

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