Bill 113 Hawaii GMO Ban – It’s not a done deal yet – Mayor could veto

Barb Peterson

November 28, 2013


Barb’s Note: You do not have to live in Hawaii to sign!

GMO-Free Hawaii Island

Aloha e kakou,

It is being reported by people attempting to speak to Council members Kanuha, Kern and the Mayor by phone or appointment, that they are being rebuffed.  They are receiving communications from all sides and probably not reading emails sent to them about Bill 113.

The priority is to send a hard copy letter to Mayor Kenoi immediately, as he may be planning to veto the bill in the next couple of days.

Council members Zendo and Kanuha voted YES to pass Bill 113.  It is counterproductive at this time to send any negative comments or long messages to further educate them on GMOs.  Put yourself in their shoes to see if you would rather receive aloha from supporters or negative messages from the opposition.  Short, heartfelt aloha and mahalo messages and thanks in advance for voting to override a veto by the mayor would be  welcomed by them and would probably preserve their YES votes.  Contact for Mayor Kenoi and Councilmembers attached.  Read the rest of this entry