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Blacks Are Revolting Against the Racist Democratic Party- This Is America’s Second Civil Rights Movement

I have been arguing for years that Blacks were growing weary of the Democratic Party and how they are being taken for granted by the Democratic Party. Many Blacks that I know refer to the DNC as the Democratic Plantation, with its obvious reference to the denial of opportunity by equating the treatment of Blacks by the DNC as being analagous to slavery. Admittedly, there is a bit of hyperbole, however, there is no question that the entire Democratic strategy is to lock up the vote of all Blacks in exchange for a little bit of welfare.

Black Self-Empowerment vs the Welfare State

The DNC is getting caught in a backlash against their enabling of a spirit of helplessness against Black people where the strategy is to keep an entire race dependent, or believing they are dependent upon the DNC for survival. The main weapons of subjugation that the Democrats use are food stamps and other forms of welfare. Education programs and job training programs are an infrequent approach because it does not foster a sense of dependence upon the Democratic Party. These kinds of opportunities would empower Black people and the Democrats would never endorse independence.

There is an unmistakeable backlash against the DNC and these policies which enable and foster a spirit of learned helplessness.

A New Direction

There is a second civil rights movement that is emerging in America. The first civil rights movement addressed substantive issues including, but not limited to the following with regard to Black civil rights:

  1. Not having to ride in the “back of the bus”.
  2. Having the right to book accomodations in any hotel.
  3. Having access to equal housing.
  4. Having access to equal education.
  5. Not being denied service based on race.
  6. Removing barriers which prevent Black people from voting.
  7. Being able to run for and hold office.
  8. Enjoying total protection under the 14th
  9. Not being denied employment, or promotion, based on race.
  10. Having all Constitutional liberties protected regardless of race.

These important areas and more were the domain or such notable reformers as Dr. Martin Luther King whose work, coupled with politicans such as JFK, led to a massive overhauling of embedded racist policies in America.

A Second Civil Rights Movement

There is an emerging second civil rights movement going on in America and it is being led by Blacks who are tired of being marginalized and minimized by the Democratic Party. The vast majority of Black people, just like anyone else, don’t want to be placated with welfare that cuts into one’s self-esteem and sense of self-empowerment. The establishment of meaningful educational, personal and professional goals are what is motivating Blacks in 2018 and the Democratic party is clueless and oblivious to this fact.

It is an established fact that the Democratic Party is the party of tax and spend. And the spending is usually on some form of entitlement program which limits the potential economic reach of its participants. The Democratic tax and spend party, if they really cared about the future educational opportunities and ultimate economic achievement of Blacks, would have never allowed property tax to become the primary funding mechanism for public schools. The assessed value of property tax is based upon the value of a home. If Black income is below that of Whites, and it still is, the tax revenue collected in a Black community is going to be less than that is collected from a White community. Ask yourself a logical question, which community will have the greater disparity in educational opportunities that will have a dramatic impact on income down the road? As long as there is any degree of racial disparity between the races, property taxes, as a funding mechanism, will produce unequal educational and income potential. The mechanism for funding schools, to a large extent is racist in its impact. Now, if I, as a so-called racially insensitive, White Christian conservative, can see the real racism in this system, then why can’t the leadership of the DNC and then act accordingly with regard to the needed reforms that need to be brought about to ensure an equal playing field between the races?

The Democratic leadership knows that what I am saying here is accurate and very true. However, they want to act ignorant to this fact. Why? Because the learned helplessness policies of welfare, designed to stunt individual growth, keeps an entire race of people dependent upon the system and their vote, as a result, can be managed. This is where the real racism in this country resides. Racism is a core value of the Democratic Party and more and more Black people are awakening to this realization. More and more Black people that I speak with refer to the Democratic Party as the “Democratic Plantation”, and appropriately so.

The New Civil Rights Leaders Are Being Persecuted by Black Democratic Representatives and Senators and the Social Media

The brave Harriet Tubman, Jackie Robinson and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were just a few of the heroes of the first civil rights movement in America. That movement is as old as America is itself. However, there is a new generation of heroes of Americans, Black Americans, who come from the most unlikely of backgrounds and they are taking their place as the new civil rights leaders of our day.

America, we are living history in our country today. We are witnessing the genesis of a new civil rights movement. It is not based so much on equal treatment under the law, as mentioned above, it is based on self-empowerment and self-actualization. I contend that this second civil rights movement is a natural progression evolving from the days of Martin Luter King.

The backgrounds of these new leaders makes one scratch their heads. The new leaders are not elected representatives. In fact, the majority of Blacks in Congress are regressive in their approach towards empowering people of the Black race. Too many of them are living in the outdated “handout” mentality which is designed to placate and control the vote of an entire group of people. Today’s Black person is demanding more from their lives and their leaders. And based upon this fact alone, the Democratic Party is headed for collapse. Subsequently, the party is on the verge of economic collapse. Blacks, one of the former foundations of the party, are leaving the party in droves. However, the old guard, the Sheila Jackson Lee’s and Rep. Jeffries, both Black and serving in Congress, are desperately trying to preserve the racist policies of Democtatic Party.

Who are these new civil rights leaders?

Diamond and Silk

Diamond and Silk are two Black women who don’t buy into the plantation mentality of the Democratic Party. Why? Because under President Trump, Black unemployment is at an all-time low. That means that more Black people are employed now than every before. Therefore, Trump is not the enemy of Black people, but he is their ally and their leader to a better way of life.

Diamond and Silk strongly criticize liberal Democrats for policies that promote inequality in the manner I have described above. And these two women express their views with near flawless logic and and with a sense of humor that rivals any working comedian.  The first time I saw a Diamond and Silk Youtube video, I could not stop laughing at the ironic style of humor they put forth. They make you want to be their friend, but more importantly, they are about self-empowerment for all people, not just Blacks. This was one of the strongest leadership traits of Martin Luther King and this notion is not lost on these two reformers.

The revenue and popularity of these two reformers made them among Youtube’s most popular creators. But wait minute, hold on, Youtube could not allow two Black women to espouse conservative values. Subsequently, Youtube, controlled by Google, implemented demonetization policies against these two, as well as any conservative on their platform. At this point, please allow me to ask a question. If these two Black women are being discriminated against by Youtube and Facebook, for their political views, and they are Black, isn’t this a civil rights violation? In other words the social media monopolies are fostering and encouraging political suppression of Black people. This is unquestionably racist.

Diamond and Silk recently testified before Congress about the censorship policies of Youtube and Facebook. Sadly, two black representatives of Congress. Jeffries and Jackson Lee, took Diamond and Silk to task for being agents of the Trump administration. I see, now the Democrats are not attacking Trump for Russian collusion but for garnering conservative support from Black people. Instead of these two representatives protecting the freedom of political expression, the Democrats act as if it is illegal for Black people to be conservative. What’s next, Congressional legislation to outlaw interracial marriages, or making it illegal for Blacks to have White friends? George Soros pay attention, most Black people today do not want what you are selling (ie the violent and extremist Black Lives Matter).

By the way, Congress is proposing to exempt Facebook, Twitter and Youtube from FCC regulations regarding censorship. Zuckerberg testified before Congress, but was never put under oath. Diamond and Silk were put under oath. America,  as you know,  we are fighting for the soul of our country.

Rappers for Trump

Not in a million years did I ever believe that rappers would ever lead a conservative movement. Yet, we are witnessing the beginnings of this trend.

Of course there is Kanye West and his steadfast support for Trump. And then there is Chance the Rapper who  is an outspoken supporter of Kanye West and his support of Trump as evidenced by the following tweet.

Black people don’t have to be democrats.

Did you happen to catch the fact that as of the date on this tweet,  almost 300,000 people like Chance the Rapper’s support of Kanye West with regard to supporting Donald Trump.
These two men, command an audience of millions, mostly Black youth. We are indeed witnessing the beginings of a movement, a positive movement where Black people can escape the clutches of an imprisoning Democratic Party.
This is a nightmare for the Deep State. The last thing that they need is a united Black conservative and White conservative movement.


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  1. suzanne nelson April 27, 2018 at 7:39 am

    I commend you for this article and the sentiment that lies within. WELL DONE!!! I concur with the position presented as I lived in the deep south for many years. While there have been disparaging grievances in regards to our Black sisters and brothers over way too many years, there was a great deal deal more that were not. I have been privileged and blessed to have worked and fellowshiped intensely along side them in the medical field and in the Lord Jesus over the years. WE MUST STAND TOGETHER OR HANG SEPARATELY. The days are now upon us that will determine the course of this nation. The enemy is actively working to divide our nation and while there are very momentous problems to be solved, they cannot be solved with division but with solidarity of a common interest and goal. And that is to stand for righteousness as one nation under God and indivisible with liberty for all based upon a constitutional republic for the glory of God and the freedom of all who are Americans.

  2. old bat April 27, 2018 at 8:01 am

    this was johnson’s plan with the great society. he hated blacks and the gs put them in bondage. before the gs, black married and stayed married. what do we have now? 70-80% off black babies are born to single mothers. THAT is the root of the troubles, not whitey. if you have baby before you are even out of high school, you are almost guaranteed to be stuck in min wage jobs. if you father a child/children in high school, you are stuck with support payments of something like 50% of your income for the next 18 yrs, maybe longer if the courts decide so. no college education, no trades training. you gotta take the first available job or go to jail for failure to pay support.

    no dad in the house means gang membership and easy money via drug running, etc.

    yep. johnson was the root of all of this for sure.

  3. Anthony Gentile April 27, 2018 at 8:29 am

    Kayne liking GOP, smells like a rat. Word on the street is Kayne is in Illuminati, actually one of their puppets. I don’t buy this for one minute.

  4. Jackie Puppet April 27, 2018 at 2:46 pm

    Chance the Rapper’s not too supportive of Trump, in fact, hugely critical – he’s just supportive of Kanye. https://chicago.suntimes.com/news/chance-the-rapper-responds-to-trump-thanking-him-for-support-that-aint-it/

    Hopefully Diamond & Silk have set themselves up on alternatives to YouTube, cause it won’t be long before they’re shut off for good on YouTube. In the meantime, they absolutely should file a lawsuit claiming racial discrimination against YouTube & Google (Alphabet).

  5. Anonymous April 27, 2018 at 4:20 pm

    Very well said

  6. mcolman April 28, 2018 at 4:17 am

    The truth is both party`s are white wasp dominated, It`s not going to change soon either.The poor ,both white and black ,will suffer like they have been for ages.The only relief is those with love in their soul ,will get heaven,and a lot of hate filled humans will spend eternity in hell.

  7. lois April 28, 2018 at 4:07 pm

    Ya, ya, ya betcha’s! I’m black! I only voted for Obam in his first term because…. I haven’t voted Dem sense! The “problem” is that I’m from the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s ! Southern whites were called Dixiecrats…the Democrats!!!! They were COLLECTIVELY against Civil Rights…they were what we refer to as racist now!

    Lyndon Johnson, in his local defeat in Texas declared that would be the last time he would be “out nizzard” in a political race! When he became POTUS he latched onto the “…war on poverty”, and, like the carpetbaggers of the Civil War, the Poverty Pimps came out en mass!!!

    As we say now days, that as when the Dems got traction!

    Now what is happening now days is that that we’re seeing preferential treatment over natives! We’re seeing that even though we were born here and have contributed, it isn’t honored and our lives haven’t changed while we see “immigrants” get special treatment at our expense!!!

  8. Frances P Rice April 28, 2018 at 4:30 pm

    Great article. I noted, though, omitted is very important civil rights history facts.
    It was the Democratic Party that was responsible for denying freedom and civil rights to blacks from the time of slavery until the modern civil rights era. As author Michael Scheuer wrote, the Democratic Party is the party of the four S’s: slavery, secession, segregation and now socialism. Democrats have run black communities for the past 60 years and the socialist policies of the Democrats have ruined those neighborhoods.
    The Republican Party was started in 1854 as the anti-slavery party. Republicans fought the Civil War to end slavery. After the war, Republicans amended the Constitution to grant blacks freedom, citizenship and the right to vote. Republicans then passed the civil rights laws of the 1860s and 1960s, over the objection of the Democrats who enacted those Jim Crow laws.
    For details about how the fight for black freedom and civil rights was a political battle between Democrats and Republicans, see the article “The Party of Civil Rights” at: http://blackrepublican.blogspot.com/p/the-party-of-civil-rights-by-kevin-d.html

  9. Harvey Wallbanger April 28, 2018 at 7:54 pm

    mcolman… Soros, Sheldon Adelson, Haim Saban, Koch brothers(the list goes
    on forever) are anything but WASPS. They control the narrative. They have nothing
    but contempt for the bulk of humanity.

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