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    Dave Hodges Hosts Colorado’s KHNC Radio-Alana Cook, Monika Wesolowski- 3-5 PM Pacific

    Today, I am hosting Randy Yarbrough’s great show, “To Free America” on KHNC 1360 Am Johnstown,  Colorado which is located between Greeley and Fort Collins. The broadcast can be heard up and down the Colorado Front Range. Today’s show airs from 3 to 5pm Pacific The Listener call#  is 877-254-7524 To Listen to the show on live stream, please click here In the first hour of ..

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    A Forgotten Issue about the Border Crisis?

      By Susan Knowles Reprinted with Permission by The Common Sense Show   Over the past several weeks, I have found myself struggling with an issue concerning the well-being of the children who have illegally come here from Honduras, Guatemala and elsewhere.  While I know that not all who are here illegally are children, the focus of this article is specifically about the children.   ..

  • Dr. Jane Orient
    Highly Regarded AZ Physician Warns of Pandemic Diseases Coming Into the USA from Illegal Aliens

      Dr. Jane Orient is one of Arizona’s most respected physicians. She has and does sit on many medical boards and often serves as the head. I recently interviewed Dr. Orient and she discussed the viruses and diseases coming into our country via the recent illegal immigrant invasion. In the interview, she alludes to federal collusion with regard to this danger. The number of infected ..

  • Fast and Furious is alive and well.
    Fast and Furious Is Alive and Well and Is Being Used to Expand Drug and Gun Trafficking

    According to my confidential sources the manner in which the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) deals with confiscated weapons associated with the commission of a drug crime has changed. Formerly, when the DEA would execute a drug bust and seize weapons, they would simply destroy the guns, unless the guns were to be used as evidence in an upcoming trial. In such cases, guns would be ..

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    July 23 Blaine Cooper Banned From Facebook for Exposing Government Complicity with Drug Couriers Crossing Border

      See the four videos about the complicity of the Border Patrol in Texas with regard to letting in drug-carrying illegal aliens.  These are the four videos which got investigative news reporter, Blaine Cooper, banned from Facebook. His account has been frozen and his videos destroyed as Facebook does its part to support the subversion and treason being committed against the United States by the Obama administration. ..

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    July 22 Breaking News-Billionaires War of Financial Collapse

          BILLIONAIRE WARNS: “YELLEN IGNORANT, COLLAPSE WILL BE UNLIKE ANY OTHER”                 Yet Another Billionaire Tells Americans to Prepare For ‘Financial Ruin’               WALGREENS TO LAYOFF ALL EMPLOYEES AT AZ DISTRIBUTION CENTER                   The Federal Reserve Cartel: A Financial Parasite       ..

  • ILLegal come in we are open

    The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHRC) has previously met with officials from the U.S., Mexico and various Central American countries on the pretense of labeling the thousands of illegal immigrants as refugees. Indeed, the United Nations is now categorizing the present wave of immigrants as refugees from political and domestic violence that are merely seeking asylum in the United States. By declaring this to be ..

  • stack and pack

      As a result of my contact with confidential sources, in relation to the present illegal immigration crisis and the presence of MS-13, who double as assassins for the Sinaloa and Los Zeta cartels, I have received inside information on who the globalists will ultimately for Americans to abandon their homes and seek safe refuge within the planned urban refugee centers which will be springing ..

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      JULY 20, 2014- AMERICA AND RUSSIA INCHING TOWARDS WAR The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming-  World War III lies ahead     ‘Doomsday sputnik’: Russia said to launch new missile-attack warning satellite                   SPECIAL REPORT: MALAYSIAN FLIGHT FALSE FLAG EVIDENCE REVEALED            

  • Dave Hodges, the host of The Common Sense Show
    July 20, 2014- John B. Wells and Alana Cook

    On tonight’s show, Dave is joined by the host of Caravan to Midnight, John B. Wells. As talk show hosts from two border states, Dave and John will be discussing the immigration crisis along with all the implications for the onslaught of millions coming into our country. In the final hour of the show, Alana Cook  joins Dave to talk about the forces manipulating the ..