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  • The BRICS cannot run or hide from this devastating weapon.
    Obama’s “Loyalties” Makes the Course of WW III Impossible to Accurately Predict

    It should be child’s play to militarily chart the course of World War III. The sides are drawn and the options available to each side has become obvious. However, the true nature of our current President makes predictions a difficult proposition. What Is Obvious Is Not Always True It should be a simple matter to state that President Obama has found his way into Syria, ..

  • Is history going to repeat itself?
    History Repeats As Another US President Ignores Multiple and Credible Terrorist Attack Warnings

    According to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), ISIS, nor any other foreign terrorist group poses no specific threat to the United States in the immediate future. The FBI, in a report released on August 13, 2014, echoed the same sentiment despite the fact that last year’s Boston Marathon bombing and the 2009 Fort Hood shooting were both carried out by radical Muslim extremists. The British Are ..

  • landry transhumanism
    Genetic Modification of Food, Biosphere, and Humanity: Disaster Unfolding

    By: Roger Landry (TLB) We who are in the know constantly rail against Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s). We are awake and aware, through our constant search for knowledge on this subject. We are also painfully aware that the science has no long term credibility. More research and studies are published daily proving the extreme and detrimental health affects these organisms have on humanity with the long ..

  • The Bank of International Settlments
    Why We Will Fight World War III

    Known globalist, Henry Kissinger, served as national security adviser and Secretary of State under Presidents Nixon and Ford, has written a book entitled “World Order”. The book is to be published Sept. 9 by the Penguin Press. Among many statements that would be objectionable to most Americans, Kissinger stated that “The search for world order has long been defined almost exclusively by the concepts of ..

  • Devastating first strike capability.
    The Blueprint for World War III

      This article is the first of a two part series which details the coming war. This war will not be a simple war of occupation such as what we saw in Iran and presently in Afghanistan. This war will be utterly devastating and has the potential to escalate into a conflict befitting the over-used term, “Armageddon”. Part one of this series will present what ..

  • Bill-Gates-Vaccines
    The Nanny State Is Chemically Castrating Our Children’s Brains

      Government should not be in the business of mandating personal choices and government should never be allowed to legislate choices which should be reserved for parents with regard to their children’s health and welfare. The parents are sovereign over the welfare of their children, not the nanny state. In the name of increasing the corporate bottom line, the government watchdog industries of the DEA and FDA, as well as ..

  • Don't pack too much, your future living quarters are being downsized.
    The Nightmarish Megacities of the Near Future

        Six years ago, during the 2008 presidential campaign, I attended a Town Hall meeting sponsored by Republican and Presidential hopeful, Senator John McCain, where he was asked if he was opposed to the spread of the United Nations Agenda 21 policies throughout the United States. McCain proudly proclaimed that he had never heard of Agenda 21. That was an interesting comment coming from ..

  • The "Hunger Games" nightmare scenario presently being implemented.
    The Agenda 21 Depopulation of Rural Areas Will Give Obama Stalin-Like Control Over Food

    - The plan is called America 2050 and the concept is based upon the creation of megacities. In order for the megacities concept, which is well underway, to come to fruition, American suburbs and rural areas must be completely depopulated. This process is underway and the Obama administration is accelerating the process. This will come as a shock to many reading this article because they ..

  • The picture of Obama and Krulig  that the White House does not want you to see.
    Obama Has Begun to Systematically Depopulate and Deindustrialize the Suburbs

    If you live in the suburbs, you might be wise to advise your children on how to live, work and survive in America’s inner cities because that is where they are likely to be living in the near future in a Warsaw ghetto type of scenario. The mass migration from the suburbs back into densely populated urban areas is not a next week thing, or a ..

  • CSS Offical-New-Logo2
    August 24, 2014: Former Asst. Sec. of Education Warns of Russian-US Education Merger- Cell Phone Dangers

    Tonight on The Common Sense Show with Dave Hodges, we welcome  a former Assistant Secretary of Education, Charlotte Iserbyt, who claims that a Russian-American education merger is underway and it involves the Charter school movement.   In the last hour, Virginia Farver will be exposing the CDC cover-up with regard to the dangers posed to American public by various electronic devices including cell phones. The ..