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News & Opinions

  • tpp conclusion
    America’s New Government

      There are people who are erroneously reporting that a military coup is in the works. All and I mean all of my sources state that this is blatantly false and anyone who is spreading this rumor is doing the liberty movement a disservice. The guys with the white hats are not riding in out of the sunset to save America. America is finished as ..

  • google boycott
    Google Caught Blocking Traffic to Alternative Media Websites: The Good Gopher Alternative

      Google has been caught actively moving traffic away from websites of the Independent Media. Google routinely denies Independent Media sites, such as The Common Sense Show, from participating in the Google Adsense advertising program. GOOGLE IS PREVENTING THE PUBLIC FROM REACHING NEWS WEBSITES THAT DO NOT CATER TO THE GLOBAL ELITE. GOOGLE NEEDS TO BE BOYCOTTED. Dave Hodges interviewed Mike Adams on this issue. ..

  • mind control obey
    Government Sponsored Mind Control Will Soon Eliminate All Free Will

        Three summers ago, my son I were in the middle of a father-son golf vacation in Colorado. Included in our vacation were daily trips to the movies, Rockies baseball games or to Dave and Busters. One night, while driving back to our hotel, at about midnight, I received a call from a man who said he wanted to be a whistleblower on government ..

  • Red List News
    RLN-Lesbian Bishop Takes Crosses Out of Church to Please Muslims, America’s Lone Remaining Military Option

      On episode 34 of Red List News, Jim goes deep down to the Texas border with a report from one top cop who says that ISIS may be putting elements in place for an attack. Protesting the American flag is covered next by Dave, as the fabric of everything this nation was built upon continues to unravel. Your data, and the relative ease in ..

  • come and take it 3
    Just Try and Take Our Guns Mr. President,This Is America’s Line In the Sand

    All discussions with regard to gun ownership begin and end with the Second Amendment. The views of President Obama on this issue are irrelevant to any discussion about private gun ownership. Amendment II A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. The second part of the ..

  • If guerilla warfare were our only viable option to survive a while longer as a nation, these gentelmen underscore the importance of why a nation should never surrender its guns.
    Can America Win World War III? A Critical Analysis

        Many in the know, believe America has two options when it comes to winning a world war against China and Russia. Also, what most agree on is the fact that America cannot win a conventional war against either power, or both. Coincidence or Conspiracy On the Part of Obama? Is it just a coincidence that Obama has been  outmanuevered by Putin, again? Because ..

  • statue of liberty
    What Will You Tell Your Children When They Ask “Daddy, Why Did America Fall?”

          “Daddy, when did America fall? When did we become a Third World Country?” Someday, many of the young adults will be asked this question by your children who will be unable to find the answer in the Common Core textbooks of the future. What will you say? What will you tell your children about the time America officially became a third world country? ..

  • Global Digital Technology Concept
    The United Nations’ Green Economy Isn’t Sustainable Or Green!

    WRITTEN BY: PATRICK WOOD The United Nations intends to replace Capitalism and Free Enterprise with its Green Economy, or Sustainable Development. However, its concepts of development and economy are deeply flawed and reminiscent of fringe ideas from the Great Depression era. (For a full discussion of Technocracy in the 1930s, see Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation.) Sustainable Development, as most recently promoted ..

  • common sense man
    Tonight On the CSS-Mike Adams & Vaccine Tyranny, Joe Meyers & Surviving the Depression, Jim White & Red List News

        On tonight’s show, special guest, Mike Adams, joins Dave to discuss the medical mafian and the new vaccine policies. In the final hour, famed economist, Joseph Meyer, will be describing what the average person should be doing to prepare for the impending economic collapse. Dave’s Red List News broadcast partner will join Dave as they discuss the top news stories of the day. ..

  • The Common Sense Show, investigative journalism at its best.

      NOW, YOU CAN LISTEN TO CSS ON YOUR PHONE To Listen By Phone: 832-999-1763 The Common Sense Show has changed show times. We are still broadcasting on Sunday evenings and we will be coming to you live at the following times: Pacific 5pm-8pm Mountain 6pm-9pm Central 7pm-10pm Eastern 8pm-11pm How to Listen to The Common Sense Show LISTEN SUNDAY NIGHTS FROM 7PM-10PM  (CENTRAL) LISTENING INFORMATION   Listen live ..