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Hillary Clinton wants to force vaccinate your children, have them owned by the state

by: J. D. Heyes Natural News (NaturalNews) As we get closer and closer to the presidential election on November 8, it is becoming very clear who the logical candidate is if health freedom is important [...]

Hillary’s Vulgar Mouth Makes Trump Blush with Embarrassment

Trump Can't Compare to Hillary's vulgar mouth Clinton's foul mouth is legendary. She would make a sailor blush. And most certainly, she much more vulgar than Donald ever though of being.  It is incredible [...]

Ex-NSA Agent Vance Davis On Mind Control, Remote Viewing and ET’s -PT 1

Former NSA agent, Vance Davis Vance Davis was a top secret US military intelligence analyst from the 701st Military Intelligence Brigade at Augsburg, West Germany.  At that time this unit was the biggest National Security [...]

New Website – Promises Privacy and Free Speech

    N.Morgan) Looking for a social network which will not give in to the demands of tyrannical officials? Try Seen.Life, where your personal information is never sold and you can chose to stop search [...]

Trump Can Still Win-What YOU Must Do to Ensure Victory Over Tyranny

  Many think that Clinton and Paul Ryan, the source of the leaked "locker room tapes" have sunk Donald Trump's campaign. Nothing could further from the truth. The only support that Donald has lost is [...]

Who Really Runs America?

Are you naive enough to believe that your elected politicians make the final decisions on the big issues? Why do you think corporate America, the banks and private, shadowy figures behind the scenes make contributions [...]

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Holocaust In Haiti-Gary Heavin’s Saving Lives, the Clinton Foundation Steals $2 Billion-MSM is MIA

I recently interviewed Gary Heavin. You know him best as the producer of Amerigedon, the hit movie from this past summer in which UN led forces taken over the American military and launched an EMP against [...]

Is the Pope Ushering In the New World Order and the False Prophet?

  There has never been a Pope like this one. He has set the Catholic religion on fire. This pope has a become a mouthpiece for the NWO. He champions illegal immigration and evisceration of [...]