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    Former FBI Informant Exposes Obama’s Terrorist Allies That Launched His Political Career

      Fifteen months ago, and just before Larry Grathwoh’s untimely and suspicious passing, Dave Hodges interviewed the former FBI special informant, about Obama’s criminal and communist affiliations in which known and convicted terrorists  launched his political career. Some of Obama’s political benefactors are convicted members of a well-known terrorist group and one of these terrorists still visits Obama in the White House today. This interview reflects the ..

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    The Federal Government Has Left America Defenseless Against Ebola

      Emory Hospital in Atlanta to Receive Ebola Patient Atlanta’s CBS46 News is reporting that “within days” an Ebola patient will soon be transferred to Emory Hospital in Atlanta. No details were provided except to say that the patient is an American and a health care worker who was assisting in the treatment of the Ebola virus when they contracted it. We, as Americans may have the ..

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    Breaking News In Support of Steve Quayle’s Alert Regarding Russian Troops In Aurora, CO.

      This morning, Steve Quayle posted an alert on his website regarding the presence of Russian soldiers who have been spotted in the Aurora Mall area (near Exposition and Sable Blvd located in Aurora, Colorado which is an eastern suburb of Denver). The Aurora Mall area is where the movie theater is located in which the infamous Batman shooting took place. The house I grew ..

  • This congressman has tried to warn the nation about the coming threat.

      The threats posed by a nuclear meltdown are catastrophic. What if the United States was facing 124 nuclear meltdowns, similar in scope to the meltdown at Fukushima, all at the same time? Lessons Learned From Fukushima Most aware Americans are cognizant of the fact that because of Fukushima, the fish of the earth are becoming inedible and the ocean currents as well as the ..

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    Dave Hodges Interviews Psychotherapist Susan Knowles Regarding CPS Abuses and Child Sex Trafficking

        This is a very insightful interview with former attorney and present psychotherapist, Susan Knowles. The focus of the interview centered on the threat posed to law-abiding parents abused by CPS and the subsequent removal of children from their rightful homes, without legitimate provocation. All parents are at risk of falling victim to this abuse. Susan and Dave also discussed the illegal immigration crisis and ..

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      As far as I can determine, this may be the first mainstream media report on Patient Zero, Patrick Sawyer. This is a very conservative story that underplays the inherent dangers. However, there are enough facts here to demonstrate that the CDC, other public health officials and the government itself, is under-reacting to the potential dangers. It is fairly certain that the following story will soon ..


      It  is now being reported that Patrick Sawyer, whose sister also died from Ebola, was allowed on two ASKY Airlines flights in Liberia while infected with the deadly virus, Ebola, which painfully kills 90% of its victims. Patient Zero, Patrick Sawyer, had a layover in Ghana then changed planes in Togo and flew to an international travel hub of Lagos, located in Nigeria. Nigeria ..

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    What Will Happen First, An Economic Collapse or Martial Law?

    What will happen first? Will we fall under the specter of martial law and all that entails? Or, will we experience an economic collapse prior to martial law? In the present state of affairs, it is very easy to focus on the invasion of America through our Southern border as the Fifth column insurgents make their way into the country in the form of MS-13 ..

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    The U.S. Is Quietly Establishing Ebola Quarantine Centers

    Most border crossings in Liberia, located in West Africa, have been closed and communities hit by an Ebola outbreak face quarantine to try to halt the spread of the virus. The symptoms include high fever, bleeding and central nervous system damage. Fatality rates can reach 90% and the incubation period is two to 21 days. THERE IS NO VACCINE OR CURE (CDC).  How It All ..

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    Are You A Sovereign Citizen?

    Government’s never stop trying to find ways to cast legitimate dissenters in a negative light. In the 1990′s when as the globalists began to play their hand in earnest (e.g. NAFTA, Waco, Ruby Ridge, etc.), anyone who spoke out against the international corridor highway system (NAFTA and CAFTA), were opposed to job-sucking free trade agreements and were opposed to the regionalization of the US into ..