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  • Vaccine-Enforcement-Officers-640
    USA Today columnist calls for arrest and imprisonment of vaccine skeptics

    by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Natural News (NaturalNews) Now we finally come to the real agenda of the vaccine industry. After vaccines have been repeatedly documented by the Natural News Lab to contain neurotoxic chemicals such as mercury, formaldehyde and MSG; after vaccine shots have been repeatedly shown to kill people who take them; and after flu shots have been exhaustively shown to be ..

  • Glendale, Arizona, the home of the 2015 Superbowl.
    Murder, Prostitutes, Domestic Violence, Tax Evasion and the National Football League

    If the Super Bowl comes to your community, hide your wallet. Your streets will have unrepaired potholes, local NFL events will be overrun by prostitutes, domestic violence will rise, local sales tax will get diverted to the NFL already fat wallets and communities go broke hosting the Super Bowl. When the city of Glendale, Arizona hosted the Super Bowl in 2008, the city of Glendale, ..

  • larceny games
    Rigged Super Bowls and Other Sporting Events

        January 29, 2015: Hour 1 Dave Hodges welcomes Brian Tuohy, in the first hour,  as they discuss the FBI files and court documents which demonstrates that much of professional sports is rigged and the outcomes are predetermined in many cases.     Please pardon the technical issue for the first 60 seconds. This is a very telling interview about corruption in sports.   ..

  • The streets of Argentina will soon look like the streets of America
    When Genocide Is No Longer Unthinkable

        If you have most of your money tied up in the bank, you are either the most generous person in the world, or you are a fool of monumental proportions. Have you invested in developing the means to defend your property and family’s lives? Do you have enough food and water stored up to survive at least two years? Nearly every publication estimates ..

  • News-Anchorman-Video-Screen
    Mainstream media covers dog poop story instead of medical kidnapping of teen boy

    by: J. D. Heyes NATURAL NEWS NaturalNews) You will never hear us at Natural News accuse the mainstream media of good news judgment, especially when it comes to political coverage, but some decisions made by news editors and producers just baffles us — and radio host Robert Scott Bell. On a recent program, Bell took umbrage at a decision by a local Fox affiliate to ..

  • isis twitter at whitehous
    “We’re in your Cities & We Want Your Children”: The ISIS “Beheaders” Are Everywhere

          The ISIS threat is a manufactured threat. However, just because the threat is contrived, does not mean that this CIA controlled organization does not represent a serious threat to the American people. The Secret Service said it is “aware” of the above photo that shows an ISIS flag in front of the White House. I am quite certain that Barack Hussein Obama took his ..

  • Teen-Boy-Drink-Water-Plastic-Bottle
    Three artificial chemicals that are making us fat

      by: Michael Ravensthorpe Natural News (NaturalNews) In 2006, Felix Grun and Bruce Blumberg, two developmental biologists at the University of California, Irvine, published a research paper about artificial chemicals known to contribute towards obesity. These chemicals, which the researchers named “obesogens,” are foreign compounds that compromise the balance and development of lipid metabolism, often by disrupting endocrine function.(1) Since 2006, peer-reviewed studies have identified ..

  • Flulaval-mercury-flu-shot-adverse-effects-600
    Flu shot hoax admitted: “No controlled trials demonstrating a decrease in influenza”

    by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger   (NaturalNews) The flu shot is a fraud. But it’s a fraud that’s so deeply embedded in the delusional pro-vaccine culture of the pharma-controlled medical industry that even well-meaning doctors and pharmacists (who are otherwise very intelligent) fail to realize flu shots don’t work. In fact, flu shot vaccine inserts openly admit there is no scientific evidence demonstrating flu ..

  • Are We Next?
    Connecting the Dots: Christian Beheadings, FEMA Camps, FM 39.40 and Guillotines

      When retired FBI agent, the now deceased Ted Gunderson, reportedly told a gathering of militia members that the federal government had set up 1,000 internment camps across the country, I had no trouble believing his statement because there is ample documentation to support his statement (e.g. REX 84, Operation Garden Plot and now the NDAA). However, when Gunderson reported that the federal government was ..

  • CSS Offical-New-Logo2
    Rigged Super Bowls & a New JFK Conspiracy Theory on Tonight’s Common Sense Show

      January 25, 2015: Hour 1 Dave Hodges welcomes Brian Tuohy, in the first hour,  as they discuss the FBI files and court documents which demonstrates that much of professional sports is rigged and the outcomes are predetermined in many cases. Hour 2   In the second hour, Dave welcomes a first time guest, John Onesti, as they discuss John’s ground breaking discoveries of new ..