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If Hillary’s Lips Are Moving She Is Lying-Fact Checking Hillary in Debate #3

If her lips are moving she is lying Fact Checking Hillary on Debate #3 After debate number three between Clinton and Trump, I decided to fact check Hillary on a number of points. [...]

Gary Heavin vs. the Clinton Foundation-One Million Lives At Stake

Gary Heavin, the producer of Amerigeddon. Now, the sole support for a million hurricane victims on Haiti. I promised Gary Heavin that I would keep the pressure on the Clinton Foundation while exposing [...]

Mike Adams & Dave Hodges Being Setup by the Washington Post and NY Times

Welcome to the twisted and dishonest world of the mainstream media. Specifically, I am referring to the New York Times and the Washington Post. As far as the MSM goes, investigative journalism with regard to [...]

Hillary’s Body Language Tells Us Everything We Need to Know

Body language expresses 93% of all human communication. The spoken word, in contrast only reveals 7%. This article focuses on Hillary Clinton's body language and specifically, what it tells us about how and what she [...]

When 6 NSA Agents Went AWOL to Save America

    I recently interviewed ex-NSA agent about important details related to world events that does not see the light of day. In this interview, Vance reveals how 6 NSA agents, which became known as [...]

Hillary Will Usher In the Breakup of America Through Agenda 21-

    I recently interviewed Debbie Bacigalupi about the future of America. In short, there is no future for America, in its present form unless we do something about Agenda 21. The establishment was to [...]

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Americans Are In Extreme Danger-Says Media Director of the Oathkeepers

  I recently interviewed Jason Vantatenhove, the Oathkeepers media director. Jason deals with all levels of military and law enforcement and their personnel. Oathkeepers is an organization that serves to remind  those who would protect [...]

The Latest on Assange: Is He Dead or Alive?

  As I stated before, Initially, I stayed away from the Assange, dead or alive controversy, because of a lack of  reliable information. The release of Wikileaks information from multiple sources, from multiple directions, makes [...]