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Steps You Can Take to Survive a Mass Shooting

    The shooting starts. People are falling everywhere. The noise of deafening. Your nostrils are filled with gun powder. If you had been at the Pulse in Orlando, would you know what to do [...]

Trump Only Needs This One Thing to Win the Presidency

We are witnessing a seeming miracle in America with the rise of Donald Trump’s movement which is exposing the extreme exploitation of the middle class and the ongoing attempt to make America go extinct. On the way [...]

If You Love America, You Must See This Movie

RE-RELEASE OF POPULAR MOVIE IN MULTIPLE MARKETS I interviewed Gary Haevin the Executive Producer of the blockbuster movie, Amerigeddon. This movie is like no other movie that has ever been produced. America is hit with [...]

The GOP “Dump Trump” Movement Is Gaining Momentum

    Paul Ryan is doing his best to help Hillary Clinton defeat Donald Trump. In fact, with encouragement from Ryan, it is becoming a distinct possibility that Trump may not be the nominee when [...]

Putin is the Leader that America Wishes It Had

  I reject the New World Order!   Obama has destroyed the country, Clinton is Obama on steroids. Trump has promise, but he is still a political unknown. Putin is, hands down, the [...]

Who Was the Real Omar Mateen? Dave Hodges And Doug Hagmann Stunning Interview

  Omar Mateen, the perpetrator of the worst mass shooting in American history. His background will surprise you.   Who was the real Omar Mateen? Details of his background are still coming out. [...]

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Obama Has Covertly Signed the US Over to the United Nations

  Agenda 2030 is often referred to as Agenda 21 on steroids. We talk and write about Agenda 2030 as if it were something that will someday come our way if we are not careful. Well, [...]

Judicial Watch Uncovers Muslim Plot to Blow Up American Cities

In an eerie development on concerns about Islamic terrorism, New Mexico police have apprehended an illegal Middle Eastern woman in possession of the region’s gas pipeline plans. FROM JUDICIAL WATCH: "Police in a U.S. town [...]