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This Group Stands Between America and Genocide

Oathkeepers is one of my most valued organizations. They literally stand in the gap between Americans and genocide by reminding soldiers and policemen to honor their Constitutional oath and not to obey illegal orders. I [...]

Black Voters Are Deserting Hillary by the Droves

  Black Voters Are Deserting Hillary by the Droves Hillary Clinton once had the support of 90% of the black voters. That number has shrunk to 70% since 9/11. On the other hand, Trump's numbers, as [...]

John Kerry’s False Flag to Steal the Election

In one of the most shining examples of illogical thinking, John Kerry has devised a false flag attack strategy designed to cancel the election if the globalists are not getting the results that they want. [...]

The Number One Enemy of Humanity Has Arrived On Your Doorstep

There are some issues, not many, that transcend the importance of the present election cycle we are in. Speaking for myself, I am highly concerned that a one-day extinct humanity has reached the point of [...]

You Have 3-4 Weeks-to-Prepare- No Food, Gold, Guns, Water? You Will Not Survive

The BDI indicates that global shipping is running aground.   If Clinton cannot win, the globalists will crash the economy. For all intents and purposes, the economy has already crashed, only the crumbs [...]

The Economic Collapse Has Started

The Economy is aleady in Free-fall, According to the Recent Data In international trade circles, everyone knows how much trouble the United States is in economically. We could look at debts, but in this presentation, [...]

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How Clinton’s Death Will Be Exploited by the Globalists

  Hillary Clinton is a liability to the globalists. The longer her campaign continues, the more exposed the globalists and there agenda become. She is a liability and I am certain that Rockefeller and even [...]

John B. Wells- The Dangers of Unregulated Immigration -CSS Special Report

  John B. Wells, the host of Caravan to Midnight   John B. Wells was my guest on the CSS. He spoke authoritatively and eloquently about the divide and conquer strategies of the [...]