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CSS-5/22- Why Fox Fired Dalley- Broer’s First Hand Account of Police State Europe-Griswold How to Survive What’s Coming

  Why did Fox fire popular Talk Show Host, Kate Dalley?   Dr. Ted Broer Hour one- Dr. Ted Broer will join Dave to discuss the degree that the European nations [...]

The Pope Likens the Spread of ISIS to Jesus’ Spreading Christianity

One religion, says the Pope, and that religion does not worship Jesus as it faces East.   Catholics need to carefully examine the statements and actions of the current Pope. Catholics are commanded [...]

More Than Half of Americans Living on the Edge of Financial Ruin

A new poll has revealed that six in ten Americans are teetering on the edge of financial ruin in case of a medical emergency or act of god, and only 23% expect to see any [...]

Join The Common Sense Show Team of Investigative Journalists

  Tyranny is at all-time high and so is Globalist criminal activity.Corruption in government is rampant. In order to keep up with the demands of quality reporting in these troubled times, we are asking for [...]

RED ALERT for Parents: Newly Identified Smart Phone Dangers Are Destroying Your Children

  Are there any ways that the American people are not under attack? Our children appear to be the most vulnerable to the indoctrination that is presently going on inside of our society. It is [...]

The Three Step Plan to Destroy America and Implement the New World Order

It has long been my position that if the criminal elite were successful in destroying America, as their last obstacle to world domination, they would be forced to follow a chronological three step plan: Begin [...]

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Obamacare Psychiatrists to Put POTENTIAL Dissidents Into FEMA Camps

    Recently I have written about how DSM V, the manual for diagnosing mental illnesses has been politicized in the area of gender identity disorder. Well, we are seeing the same thing with regard [...]

America Is Being Invaded by an Alien Species Called the Ze’s and the Hir’s

Is this such a hard concept to understand? Because one has his sexual organ amputated, does not mean he has changed his gender. This person is still an XY , not an XX. But in [...]