Forceful Opposition Is Critical Against HB 1296 "The Great American Holocaust Bill"

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HB 1296 is the most dangerous legislation in the history of the United States. This bill, when passed, will leave Americans, for all intents and purposes, defenseless against a tyrannical government. For one, I will not comply because I know what history teaches about such actions perpetrated by government. Paul Martin and myself were discussing the ramifications of this bill and it is clear that this will lead to a civil war and this is EXACTLY what the Left wants. Why? Because the Left cannot legitimately win an election, so they are perpetrating a coup through the promotion of racial division, an artificially created recession, false flag attacks and now gun confiscation. Millions of Americans will see this for what it is and they will not comply. This, again, will lead to a civil war and that is the desired end game of the Left. (ie globalists). 

Republican Senators and even President Trump have abandoned their conservative base. It is bad enough that these so-called conservatives have not moved to curtail the illegal damage being done to the conservative Independent Media by their inaction against Big Tech. Now, these two groups, supposed defenders of American conservatism, are once again abandoning their mandate to protect the people from the government. Your government is engaging in action that is a direct threat to the lives of every American. Before going any further, please keep in mind that Thomas Jefferson wrote the Second Amendment to not protect the people from Britain and France, but rather to protect the people from their own government. Clearly, El Paso, for reasons previously discussed was a poorly planned false flag attack. However, the Left has successfully used this event to make a major move on our guns. HR 1296 takes all guns away from the American people except low-threat pistols. And one can bet that the pistols are next. However, to get ALL guns it is important that note that another series of false flags are needed. 

I recently had a Federal (LEO) tell me that his agency is expecting another 9/11 of Oklahoma City Bombing. Mike Adams and myself were recently discussing that a series of false flag events are coming and they are designed to frame conservative Americans as a prelude to total gun confiscation. Mike Adams and myself both believe that social media, big tech will be the likely target of the next false flag. Right wing conservatives with a phony manifesto, or diary, will be found post-mortem, which will serve to frame the "conservative" perpetrator(s). This will produce a series of events that will lead to "The Great American Genocide".  In support of this bold statement, here are some irrefutable facts complied by the University of Hawaii regarding death by government and gun confiscation:

From the University of Hawaii Democide (death by government) Project:

Please bear in mind that this is only a drop in the proverbial bucket for the mountains of research that exists that states that government is your biggest enemy. Further, after the government takes the guns, the people are next. America is about ready to enter a very dangerous period that could and probably will lead to genocide of its people., particularly conservative Christians. EVERY GENOCIDE IS PRECEDED BY GUN CONFISCATION. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. WHEN THE GOVERNMENT COMES FOR YOUR GUNS, THEY ARE ULTIMATELY COMING FOR YOU!!!

It is time to remind President Trump to stay loyal to his Second Amendment base of supporters who put him in the White House along with the Independent Media who he has done nothing, to date, to protect. We must insist that the President will not take ANY executive action to ban so-called “assault weapons.”

In the Presidential address to the nation yesterday, the President called on Congress to push so-called red flag laws. This is the modern-day equivalent of the Salem Witch Trials. This unconstitutional action will result in law-abiding Americans losing their guns. In fact, many Americans will be killed because they will refuse to surrender their rights. Some Americans, knowing their history which demonstrates that every confiscation has and will result in genocide by government, will fight back. Mark my words, there will be a civil war. In fact, if one wants to confiscate guns, let’s begin with the groups who kill the most people, namely, the police and the military.

If you do not think that Red Flag gun laws are not extremely dangerous, consider the case of Gary Willis, from Maryland, who late last year was murdered by authorities because he would not obey this unconstitutional law.

In the President’s tweets today, the President is calling for “stronger background checks which will undoubtedly lead to Universal Background Checks. Why not just give everyone a J Stamp? 

We need to flood the White House inboxes to be sure that we law-abiding citizens are the loudest voice heard by President Trump during the next few days.

Remind the President that the only people who will turn in their guns will be law abiding citizens. The criminals will not turn in their guns. With an estimated 400 million hand guns in America, gun will still be readily available to anyone who will pay the money to obtain one.


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Or, write to them at the following:

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Also call the Capitol Hill switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask them to transfer you to your two Senators offices.

Tell your Senators to:

Oppose EVERY word of gun control, especially Red Flag gun grabs; and to not support HB 1296, the American Holocaust Bill Against Conservatives, which is effectively gun confiscation of all shotguns and rifles. Tell your representatives that concealed carry reciprocity (H.R. 38 / S. 69) is legislation that will truly save lives! Tell them about the off-duty fireman who recently saved dozens of laws at a Walmart, by taking a potential mass murderer into custody. And he could have only done so, if he was armed in public. Point out to them that killers are overwhelmingly (i.e. 92% of the time) targeting Gun-Free Zones when choosing a location to perpetrate mass tragedies. It also points out how the mainstream media is completely ignoring the danger that these defense-free areas pose for law-abiding Americans.

History speaks will American listen and act?