Every Man for Themselves Will Soon Be the Order of the Day! America is Teetering On Collapse!! Bob Griswold and Dave Hodges

american collapse

All hands on deck! The great empire known as the United States is no more. Even Angela Merkel recently stated that very soon, America will no longer be a world power. Today in America, half of working age adults are unemployed!

I recently interviewed Bob Griswold and his grim assessment of where America is at, shocked me to my core! However, I cannot find any flaws in his logic. America quickly descending past the rule of law and directly into the depth of lawless anarchy. We now live in a country where it is a crime to workout in a gym, in many states, but looting, rioting, all types of mayhem, including murder, are perfectly legal. Bob Griswold's stunning thoughts are available by clicking this link.

The GEN SIX team put together a panel of experts which exposed the end-times dangers that we are beginning to experience. Mike Adams was a signficant part of this program. To access the other great speakers, for one low price, please click here