Mad Madame Maxwell Will Be the Centerpeice to Bring Down the American Republic


I am 100% certain that Epstein is not dead. How can I be so certain? Because I have been down this road before, both with Ken Lay, have and later I had my own situation with something called a dead man switch. I have previously written how I know that Enron's Ken Lay did not commit suicice, because my associates at the time wewre involved with him amd I personally heard him say, "when we develop this technology, we better have our dead man switches in order\". Ken Lay did not commit suicide and neither did Jeffrey Epstein. Both men are alive and sipping wine on some remote island. However, Mad Madame Maxwell will not be so lucky. This article will explain why. 

If one really wants to understand and be certain about the fact the Jeffrey Epstein was not murder, and he did not commit suicide, then one needs to be willing process a lot of materials that sets the foundation that Jeffrey Epstein is alive and well. First, what is a dead man switch?

Dead Man Switches

Loosely defined, a dead man switch is an insurance policy against being assassinated for what one and the accompanying threat of the release of incriminating evidence. Any who deals in highly sensitive and possibly incriminating material would be a fool not to a number of dead man switches. In this process, the valued information is shared with sources that will release the information upon the death of a potential whistle blower. The mechanics of this practice are simple and loosely consists of the following variables:

Never give dead man switch material to a known associate. It is too easy to trace. Keep in mind that JFK assassination researchers believe that over 300 people were killed to keep some incriminating evidence from coming to light. These people included Lee Harvey Oswald to Jack Ruby, to Bobby Kennedy, and to media figure Dorothy Killgalin.

  • It is recommended that only people with at least 3 degrees of association distance be used.
  • No electronic or other communication between anyone in this chain can exceed one degree of association.
  • Individuals are used as drop points on a rotating basis and there are time limitations. The more sensitive the information, the shorter the time frame. It is not safe to remain the holder of information. Attorneys are a favorite source because of their confidentiality provisions. Losing one’s career is a powerful incentive for silence.
  • All materials must be hand delivered and frequently there is a chain of delivery protocols involving multiple source and the information is labeled as something benign.
  • The potential whistleblower cannot be allowed to know the final identities of the recipients for obvious reasons. The triggering process is automatic.

There is more to the process, but this overview makes it clear that this a highly compartmentalized operation. And the failure to adhere to other strict protocols endangers anyone in the chain.

Applications of the Dead Man Switch

Breitbart failed to follow these protocols and he paid for it with his life, plus he made a major mistake in announcing the future release of information regarding President Obama. Breitbart received some very bad advice, or a lack of advice.

The typical way that dead man switches work is that the information empire stays alive, but the person is allowed to disappear. From the research that myself and people like Paul Preston have done on Hitler's fate, he was allowed to disappear to Malaysia where he died in 1970.  Why would he have been allowed passage to safety at the end of WW II? Because Hitler's death would have exposed many of the so-called "allies" who were a part of the building of the Nazi war machine and political structure (eg IBM and Coke). 


In many previous article by many authors it is clear that Epstein was Mossad. He was their blackmail agent and his interests overlapped with CIA interests as well. He could be easily disappeared. In fact the autopsy of Epstein's so-called death ties together the fact that he is still alive. 

Pathologist Michael Baden,served as chairman of the House Select Committee on Assassinations’ Forensic Pathology Panel that investigated the assassination of John F. Kennedy. This should immediately disqualify him to ever do an autopsy again. But against all truth and honesty, Baden is set to conduct the autopsy on Jeffrey Epstein. i am going briefly review, meaning because of limitations of space I am going to have to leave somethings out. However, there is enough here to give every truth-loving American pause for concern..

As chairman of the investigation into the JFK assassination, Baden bolstered the official story that Kennedy was killed by a single bullet, also known as the “magic bullet” theory.. This is the theory that states that one bullet passed through JFK changed directions 4 times, changed angles 5 times, shattered 4 inches of Gov Connelly's fifth rib, exited the rib cage and shattered the Governor's radius bone and embedded in his thigh. Then the bullet fell out of Connelly's leg on a stretcher at Parkland Hospital and it appeared as a pristine, never fired bullet. Never before in the history of gun shots has such a bullet ever existed. Yet, Baden endorses every word of this fiction and more.  There are so many parallels between the  coverups of the JFK assassination and so-called (fake) suicide of Epstein, that it is frightening. Here is an analysis of this old cover story resurrected to sell the fake narrative that Epstein committed suicide while on suicide watch. 

The man charged with the collecting, organizing and preserving of the photographic evidence, Lt. William Pitzer, was assassinated. He had privately told colleagues a few weeks before his assassination, that he would be going on the Tonight Show to tell about the evidence that was suppressed, and that JFK was not shot in the head from behind as the autopsy falsely stated by BADEN AND THE WARREN COMMISSION. Pitzer was left-handed. Yet, he shot himself with his right hand. His wedding ring finger was mangled in his “suicide” that the forensic pathologists had to cut his ring finger off. Baden never questioned this.

There is more that cast a serious shadow over the JFK assassination from the Baden perspective, the two appointed physicians that conducted the autopsy had never done a gun shot autopsy before, but Baden was OK with this. And when the autopsy (ie the fix was in) was complete, the original notes were burned. And as I pointed out, photographs went missing. Baden was OK with this. You get the idea, Baden is the globalist's fixer. 


Maxwell may think she has some dead-woman switches in play. However, she is what they call in inteligence, a "loose end". However, she is also a useful idiot. Her value to the globalists who want to bring this country down extends beyond the exposure of potential political enemies who flew on the Lolita Express and participated in the party favors.

Maxwell is leverage. The number goal of the globalists is get Donald Trump out of office. Maxwell is obviously in possession of tapes that compromise many in Congress as well in our Supreme Court (eg Justice Roberts-stay tuned on this one). Maxwell's useful idiocy will be expressed in the following three step process. However, there is a prelimary development which will lend credence to the following. Maxwell is not set to have her judicial proceedings go forward until July of 2021. I have talked attorneys and former prosecutors and they are ALL shocked that such a high-profile case will be left twisting in the wind for a year. This is being called the height of judicial impropriety. Justice delayed is justice denied! However, when one considers Maxwell's knowledge as leverage against Republicans on the Epstein list, this delay makes perfect sense. 

1. Mad Madame Maxwell will be used as leverage against key Republicans in battleground states. Look for key Republicans either not support Trump's re-election, or will outright break with supporting the "racist" President. This will sink the Trump campaign. 

2. After the Democrats gain control of both Houses of Congress and the White House, some Republican support will be needed to vote away key segments fo the Constitution, namely the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 10th and 14 Amendments to the Constitution. Republican participation the takedown of the Constitution is needed because many of the votes will require a 2/3rd's majority. 

3. After our rights are voted away, I predict that the criminal takedown of Epstein-compromised Republicans will take place in order to convince America that justice will be served under the "new Constitution". 

4. At the end of the day, the Maxwell loose end will be eliminated and Baden will do her autopsy. 

I see no turning back from this progress of the coup that is taking down our country. America is in a coma. Adaptation is the order of the day.