World War III, and a Deadly Domestic Purge Will Accompany Biden's Eventual Replacement In the White House

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Hillary Clinton is like the proverbial bad cold that will not go away. If she ever “steals” the presidency, she clearly and forever be dubbed the “comeback kid.” As the read will clearly see, she is declaring allegiance to the Great Reset that Putin has interfered with. Putin, once a member of Schwabs young globalist leader program, has had enough of globalism. He has run from world's reserve currency, the dollar, and instituted the Gold backed Ruble which will implode the dollar. All Western democracies are being opposed by Putin's actions. The West has embraced the ecohomic and political collapse of the West in an effort to usher in the Great Reset! I am not a Putin supporter but he is all that stands in the way of the New World Order and the destruction of our very lives. Hillary is pleging to bring Putin under the control of the WEF. In return, she clearly wants to be President. 

For the second time in 6 months, and despite being identified as the main mover in the illegal Russia Dossier, used against Trump in the 2016 election, Hillary continues to demonstrates that she and husband, Bill, are made of Teflon and all the excrement they have created (eg the long list of “Arkancided” political enemies as well as the fact that she committed outrageous and nefarious national security violations with her emails when serving as the Secretary of State) that she keeps coming back. She has more political lives than a kennel full of cats! However, this time, she appears more desperate. She is running out of time. The years have not been kind to Hillary. She has not yet achieved Biden’s demented status, but she is clearly moving in that direction! She reminds me of the aging sports team coach that has never won the big one and keeps returning to fulfill the dream, no matter how many people will be hurt/killed. However, there is a difference this time because Hillary is being so demonstrative. She is publicly invoking the power and the subsequent backing of the New World Order in her quest to become President and she openly demonstrates this in her recent comment about Putin. She wants to be President so badly, that she is openly pledging her allegiance to the World Economic Forum, Blackrock and the American Deep State in an effort for her to be inserted into the Presidency. And she most definitely would have to inserted because she is not electable and even the recent polls tell us that she could not secure the Democratic nomination. Later in the article, I will cover what I believe and others believe, who are deeply rooted in the political process, that Hillary will be installed as the next President.

Showing herself to be a good and well-behaved globalist, Hillary made the following pronouncement on a nationally covered interview in which she said that after Ukraine, Putin can never be welcomed back INto the “NEW WORLD ORDER!”


  Not long ago, I can still recall the media and associated members would deny that there was a Trilateral Commission or a Council of Foreign Relations. The conspiracy against humanity has advanced so far, that they do not even believe that they have to cover their “New World Order” tracks. Hillary’s statement, which invokes the undeniable belief that there an undeniable conspiracy against the longevity of the human race in its present form.

As I previously covered in the lead up to the 2016 election, Hillary was revealed as a 4th Degree Coven Witch who travels to Los Angeles, once per month, to partake in the perversion that these entities engage in. I find it ironic that Hillary would disparage Putin given her past relationship with Putin and it was done in such a manner to exemplify the worst case of treason in American history. This is an event that the CSS covered in extreme detail. Hillary used to be Putin’s best friend. Their “friendship” was cemented in the nefarious “Uranium One” scandal in which Hillary would used the BLM to extract uranium from BLM land and sell it to Putin. Please allow me to rehash some of the details so one can see the irony in her anti-Putin, pro-World Economic Forum position she claims to hold today.

Uranium One

WikiLeaks Implicates Mueller in the sale of Highly Enriched uranium at the behest of then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton[/caption]   Perhaps if Robert Mueller, Special Counsel, wants to investigate Russian collusion, he should start with himself. At one time, I had a problem with Mueller's appointment as Special Counsel because of his former friendship with disgraced FBI Director, James Comey. While looking in the rear view mirror of recent history, my concern is trivial compared to what is presently being revealed. The stakes have grown to enormous proportions and Mueller is being proven to be guilty of multiple felonies as well as treason which is an offense which could potentially be punishable by death.

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller was appointed as Special Counsel for the sole purpose of investigating possible Russian collusion charges between President Trump's campaign and the Russian government. On the heels of the collusion, Mueller is also looking for the smoking gun for obstruction of justice, on the part of Trump, which is the same charge that ultimately brought down the presidency of Richard Nixon. However, sometimes life is ironic and in a stunning development, Wikileaks, Julian Assange, tweeted a released State Department cable, which clearly and irrefutably proves that then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered former FBI Director and present Special Counsel, Robert Mueller to deliver a sample of stolen Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) to Russia in 2009. So while Hillary was paying for a fake Russian Dossier in an attempt to destroy Donald Trump and cast him as a pro-Russian ally under the control of Putin, Hillary and Mueller were also behind Mueller being appointed as special counsel. What’s really ironic is that Mueller was part of the Clinton Foundation’s Uranium One conspiracy and Mueller actually delivered highly enriched uranium to the Russians on behalf of the Clinton Foundation, who in turn used this money in the 2016 campaign. Before presenting the Mueller/Clinton smoking gun evidence, ask yourself a question America. Isn’t ironic that Mueller is appointed by Deep State interests to try and frame Trump for Russian collusion in connection with the now debunked investigation. However, today, we have no such effort to investigate the Biden Crime Family for taking tens of millions of illegal payouts from Ukraine connected Biolabs (source of Covid) and Chicom controlled energy companies that benefit from Biden’s energy policies which has turned America into an energy importer when we were the opposite under Trump?



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WikiLeaks cable Robert Mueller delivering highly enriched stolen Uranium to Russia in 2009… h/t @apblake


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Uranium One

As I have documented several times on The Common Sense Show, a front company, Uranium One, was created to handle the "dirty work" of the uranium transfer to the Russians. At the center of the shell corporation, as released Wikileaks records, demonstrates that an individual named Frank Giustra was the organizing figure. Over time, Giustra contributed a total of  $31 million to the Clinton Foundation in a clear case of pay for play bribery! The Wikileaks released State Department communications show State Department officials had obtained, in the Fall of 2009, an internal Rosatom memo that warned about Putin's intentions to acquire American originated uranium. Despite the evidence which should have forced Clinton to bring the FBI into the matter as an investigative body instead of being Clinton's stooge in the uranium deal, presents clear evidence which was available to both Mueller and Clinton, a full year before the first CIFUS approval to move uranium to Putin,  Clinton did not recuse the State Department from the deal in which two CIFUS votes clearly gave Putin control of 20% of all American-based uranium.  AND NOW THAT VERY CLINTON-GIFTED URANIUM IS BEING USED AS A BARGAINING CHIP TO PREVENT THE US FROM GIVING UKRAINE OFFENSE WEAPONS (M-29'S) IN THEIR EFFORTS AGAINST RUSSA. Biden has his hand on the chicken switch because of what Hillary suppled to Putin. One day, Hillary Clinton's weaponized uranium may come down on American cities thanks to Hillary's treason!

To Russian with Love: Hillary Sends Mueller to Russia with Uranium

The WikiLeaks tweet referenced a cable from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent to John Beyrle,  U.S. Ambassador, and the Georgia Embassy as well as the memo being being sent to the Russian Embassy, dated Aug. 17, 2009, indicating FBI Director Robert Mueller was planning to fly to Moscow on September 21st of 2009, to deliver a sample of highly enriched uranium (HEU) and that the identified uranium had been confiscated by the U.S. Department of Energy during a 2006 nuclear smuggling sting operation involving one Russian national and several Georgian accomplices. In short, this action is the metaphorical equivalent of the police confiscating illegal drugs and then turning around and selling these drugs to illicit drug dealers. One of the big problems in America today is that “public servants” like Hillary Clinton actually represent a foreign enemy masquerading as a domestic public servant. I will go one step further than Donald Trump’s campaign assertion that Clinton is a criminal and state that Hillary Clinton is this generation’s Ethel Rosenberg and has committed heinous acts of treason against the people of the United States.

Hillary's declaration of war against Putin is merely her sucking up to Klaus Schwab, George Soros and Bill Gates. She needs their support to steal the presidency in 2024. However, it is my belief that she or Tulsi Gabbard could become Kamala's VP after Joe is forced from office. Kamala will be forced to resign because it is a poorly kept secret that Kamala was Obama's front man on the fake Smollette so-called attack. The event was designed by Obama as he wanted to produce George Floyd type of volatile events. Kamala was the front-person and it was quite obviously one of the hoops that she had to jump through to become the VP. Kamala will be subsequently forced to take on Hillary as the VP and she no doubt sees the writing on the wall. Kamala will be forced to resign and Hillary will be President after the midterm elections and the incompetent "Mayor Pete" will become Hillary's VP.  Ask yourself America, do you think there is a good chance Hillary will push us into WW III and begin a purge of millions on the homefront? Hillary's purge will accompany the next lockdown. In fact, have you noticed that Fauci is now talking about a resturn to lockdowns in the near future? This will usher in the old cheating election ballot ways of the Democrats so they can install Hillary in 2024!

It is ironic that in today's America, one can commit the most heinous treasonous act in American history and that becomes a springboard to becoming the President. Welcome of American government, mafia style. 

In a future article, I will expose Tulsi Gabbard's role in all of this and it is dramatic.