A 45 Year Old Movie Tells America What Lies Ahead In the Immediate Future

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We are in the midst of the most pivotal time for the United States. In fact, we are in the most pivotal time for all of humanity.

If one would have explained that the entertainment industry, through a practice called “predictive programming” could accurately predict our future, I would have said that was insane. However, as the years passed, I looked at classic movies and books and recognized a stunning set of predictions that emanated from entertainment with amazing accuracy.

About 10 years ago, the term “predictive programming” came into vogue. Many became familiar with the concept in that many classic works would accurately forecast our future. Many debate why this is true. Some believe predictive programming to be a warning issued by the globalists (Satanists) to warn us of impending danger brought about by the very groups doing the warning. Thus, some view predictive programming as cosmic warning issued to the masses which is required by some sort of unexplained spiritual laws. I think this is a very weak interpretation of the process. However, I have never met anyone who has a better explanation. The only thing that I can be certain of is that predictive programming has an amazing track record of predicting/warning of future events.

Over the years, I have accumulated quite a library of what I consider to be accurate predictive programming. Out of my mini-library of predictive programming works, there are recognizable themes. Over the next week, leading up to the day of the election, I am going to use predictive programming analyses to explain how we go to where we are. However, I am going to take this art-form to predict what is coming.

Today’s World

Today, because of the COVID cult, nation-states lie in economic ruin. The world is broke. However, thanks to the artificial designation of essential and non essential businesses, the world only has small set of entities that are economically viable. One only needs to look at the backbone of the economy of the United States, small business and its current state as predictor to where we are headed.

When the second wave lock downs arrive, small businesses will be gone as will the middle class. Governments are failed entities and the corporate takeover of the reigns of power will be complete. The world is moving toward a global corporatocracy (ie fascist rule by large corporations). This goal was almost achieved at the end of the Obama administration with the passage of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). The TPP would have supplanted the sovereignty of the United States. Its 22 member panel could have vetoed every governmental action of Congress, the Supreme Court and the Presidency. However, Donald Trump was surprisingly elected President and he killed the TPP and temporarily preserved American sovereignty and the Bill of Rights.

Trump came to power with the promise of draining the swamp, but since the COVID conspiracy, the swamp has drained Trump. Essential businesses, as defined by globalist bureaucrats, are replacing governmental precepts such as individual liberties. America’s traditions, related to freedom have fallen.

The destruction of individualism vs group think inspired political correctness, along with massive censorship of Big Tech and the MSM, have enslaved the minds and behavior of the masses. Humanity is being led to the slaughter.

In this first installment of this series on predictive programming, we look at the movie that predicted  the globalist corporatocracy that has replaced the American Republic. The movie that best fits the role of predictive programming was the 1975 classic called Rollerball.

America's Fate Was Predicted 45 Years Ago

I would call your attention to a "predictive programming" 1975 movie starring James Caan and John Houseman, who looks and acted much like David Rockefeller. It should be noted that this movie was made merely two years after the creation of the Trilateral Commission which had the same exact goals of corporate rule as opposed to remaining in a Constitutional Republic. 

In the movie, situated in 2018, six corporations have replaced bankrupted countries and Rollerball, a ultra violent game, reminiscent of NFL Football, is used to placate the people. I have often said that the premise for the free trade agreements, such as NAFTA and the TPP were born in 1975 with this movie.  As we race to the conclusion of the 2020 election, all Constitutional protections have been removed. You do not have a 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th and 14th Amendments. Local and state officials are uniformly taking control of your business and removing your freedoms. In the following video clip, fast forward to the 45 second mark and listen for 60 seconds, of John Houseman's character, presumptively, David Rockefeller, explains how things really work.

There is no pretense of allowing individualism of individual accomplishment. You exist to serve the state. You will be punished for expressing your individuality. If you do not think that this is not in play in today's world, look at the attacks upon your language, your style of dress and even your race. Most of America, particularly the White race has been totally dehumanized. Stay in your home, wear your mask, go broke, can't travel, only approved businesses survive and pervasive sense of lawlessness characterizes the new normal.

In reality, in a post-COVID false flag world, you have no rights, the MSM and Big Tech control almost all information and Big Pharma controls governmental policy. In this new world order, I would venture to guess that Big Pharma has more power than the military-industrial-complex. 

The new normal has been achieved. In the world of the movie, six corporations control the world. We are on our way to achieving that reality. You now, just like in the movie, live in a world where freedom is a four letter word and must be stamped out at all expense. 

As leftist subversive groups destroy our country, the Corporations are using these groups as well as the Democratic power to gain control. When corporate dominance is ultimately achieved over nations and citizens, the purges will begin. Some of you who laughed at the thought of FEMA concentration camps on America soil, will not be laughing much longer if Harris and Biden are successful. And to those of you who support this takeover, please realize that you will treated like the Brownshirt scum that you are and you will not survive the takeover and you will suffer the fate of all Brownshirts. 

For America, the TPP is coming through the backdoor. Trump may win the election, but the result will be the same.

Soon, in a totally collapsed economy, you will be assigned your job and where you will live. In the Rollerball movie, if a person of higher corporate ranks wants your spouse they can claim them. America, you are on the edge of being completely and utterly powerless.

Amazingly, in the movie, all knowledge and history is stored in a central computer in Geneva. When the main character tries to find out how mankind lost his collective freedom, the main character learns that all history information is classified. It would seem that this move foresaw the rise of Google, Youtube,Twitter, and Facebook censorship. In the movie, the culture was stolen pretty much the same manner. 

Did you know that the Federal Reserve now owns 33% of all mortgages? That should shed some light on the neo-feudalism that lies ahead in our immediate future, just like in the move, Rollerball!

 Most Americans have no idea what has just happened to them and it was all "predicted" in a movie from 45 years ago. COVID lock down policies provided the means for the takeover of the planet by the globalists. Other predictive programming sheds light on what lies ahead beginning in 2021.