50 Things I Would Do If I Were President for a Day



The Year is 2021 and Joe Biden is the President, even though he doesn’t realize it. At a White House Press Briefing, a reporter challenges Biden and tells him that a man in Arizona says he could fundamentally transform America, in only a day with a series of Executive Orders. In his depleted cognitive condition, Biden agrees to have Dave Hodges come to the White House to prepare his 24 hour agenda and promises to not interfere. His backroom cabal is furious that Biden forgot to consult with them as he is required to do.

Some will challenge my authority to effect policy change based solely upon Executive Orders. However, I am quick to point out that Governors have been allowed to supersede the Constitution by determining what businesses will stay open during a greatly exaggerated “plandemic”. Case closed.

Subsequently, I am living the dream, I get to run America for 24 hours and this is what I would do.

  1. I would immediately order the indictments and arrests of all governors who have decided which businesses are essential, or not, under the 14th Amendment of equal protection for all. I would also order that all Democratic mayors and governors be forced to pay reparations to the working Americans that they harmed during the lockdowns.
  2. Under Open Forum Law, Section 230, I would declare all social media to be in violation and they would be seized and held in a federal receivership as censorship is eliminated.
  3. I would order the arrest of Fauci and Birx for flagrant conflicts of interest involving the Gates Foundation while serving as a federal employee. Jail time would be attached. This would also hold true for all of the COVID-19 strategy team that has a demonstrable conflict of interest with some aspect of Big Pharma.
  4. I would declare the Clergy Response Team to be a terrorist organization and proceed with RICO charges against administrative heads.
  5. I would declare all leftist, subversive groups involved in the destruction of public property, looting, rioting, murder, etc to be domestic terrorists. The financial donors of said groups would be declared guilty of racketeering and would be prosecuted under Rico statutes. The main organizer, George Soros would also be charged as an accessory to the murder of retired policeman David Dorne. All CEO’s, representing the groups that support terrorist activities inside of the United States would be held criminally liable for the actions of the groups that they are funding.
  6. Seize the assets of any company, or business interest, associated with an elected official, that received federal funds in the recent stimulus as was the case with both the Governor and Lt. Governor of California. Said elected officials would be prosecuted for conflicts of interest and malfeasance of office.
  7. Declare all quasi-governmental groups to be unconstitutional. These groups would include, but not be limited to the Federal Reserve, the CDC, the NIH, the FDA and any other quasi federal agency. These organizations would be assigned to the appropriate Congressional committees, both House and Senate, for appropriate oversight and management.
  8. Require that all cities maintain on full-time police officer per 50 citizens.
  9. Outlaw federal funding of the police under the separation of powers provisions, the 10th Amendment, in the Constitution. This would end the federalizing of local police departments.
  10. Require the restoration of funding for all defunded police departments.
  11. Disband FEMA. It’s allegiance to secret policies that are classified is un-American. Other policies make FEMA the modern-day American Gestapo (eg FM 39.4, the NDAA snatch and grab policies).
  12. Fire all Obama and Clinton appointees to the FBI, the State Department and every other Federal agency.
  13. Enact a judicial review investigation of all Obama and Clinton-era  appointed judges. Immediately prosecute all violations of the Constitution.
  14. Require all undocumented residents inside of the United States to complete a mandatory 7 year Naturalization period similar to what immigrant families were required to complete decades ago. This would also protect the immigrants as they would learn about their rights that employers and the government are violating every day.
  15. Immediately open a joint legal task force with Ukraine and prosecute all American politicians and family members for their role in Burisma and related businesses.
  16. Demand reparations from China for the Wuhan Flu.
  17.  Cut off trade with China until internationally human rights are observed.
  18. Enforce Trading with the Enemies Act on all American based corporations doing business with China.
  19. Defund the UN and demand all of their personnel are out of the country within 48 hours.
  20. Fire all military officers that replaced the nearly 400 command grade officers fired by Obama.
  21. End the use of mail-in voting and ban the use of electronic voting machines.
  22. Require identification prior to voting.
  23. Nationalize all vaccine industry interests in the interest of national security.
  24. End immunity for all Big Pharma companies for their drugs that kill and destroy the health of Americans. Big Pharma is the 3rd leading cause of death in America.
  25. Prosecute all Big Pharma executives when their drugs kill Americans under criminally negligent homicide laws.
  26. Ban all government health workers from going to work for Big Pharma companies and vice-versa for five years following retirement.
  27. Ban all of Congress from going to work for any entity for 5 years that they had legislation interests in.
  28. Ban all insider stock trading that members of Congress currently enjoy.
  29. Ban all corporate campaign donations and make this a federal crime punishable by 5 years in prison and a $100 million fine.
  30. Immediately allow all Americans to purchase pharmaceuticals from abroad as a cost-savings measure. The United States is the only country that does not allow its citizens to do so.
  31. Arrest all members of terrorist groups (eg MS-13) and deport them.
  32. Institute a flat tax system with no deductions. The amount can never exceed 10%.
  33. Investigate and prosecute all Americans who practice tax evasion by flocking to drug-running, gun running, child sex trafficking banks.
  34. Any convicted of child-sex-trafficking must serve a mandatory life sentence.
  35. Prosecute and imprison, for a minimum of 20 years, any person who participated in the Epstein empire.
  36. Reopen the Seth Rich murder investigation.
  37. Prosecute Bill and Hillary Clinton for all crimes that have not exceeded the statute of limitations. Their continued freedom is an insult to a society that respects law and order.
  38. Require a warrant prior to any no-knock swat team raids.
  39. Ban the use of chokeholds by all police departments.
  40. Require the mayor all cities and towns to publish their crime rates to their citizens in highly conspicuous places. Require that all homicides list the race of the victim and perpetrator.
  41. Prosecute all public officials for sedition with regard to the implementation of any Agenda 21-Agenda 2030 policies into law that conflict with the Constitution of the United States.
  42. Institute a Constitution class for all high school students.
  43. Eliminate the use of property taxes as the primary means funding public schools.
  44. Place a cap on allowable expense per public election, per candidate. The purpose is to keep big business from buying the election.
  45. Launch a full investigation into the harmful effects of 5G and remove all immunity arising from the future health damage done by 5G.
  46. Establish safety standards for all FDA medical research. Demands for strict adherence to all standard research practices must be observed and punished when not followed (eg presumptive diagnosis, contact-tracing abuses).
  47. Repudiate all war debt and banker debt since it was accrued for collusion and illegal means.
  48. Re-institute the gold standard.
  49. Eliminate all foreign aid, recover the missing $21 trillion taken by the Pentagon and use the money as a down payment for free college for all who qualify in the same manner as we see in Europe. However, we should require all colleges and universities to publish their “social justice” policies. The parents have a right to know the kind of post-secondary institution that they are sending their child to (eg Harvard, Colorado State University.
  50. Close the majority of military bases around the world. Bring all the troops home from the Middle East. The monetary savings would be enormous/

I am not finished. I ran out of time and so will America if we don’t immediately change course. I encourage all of America to engage in civil disobedience to state-sponsored shutdowns in America.