The 7 Reasons Why the COVID Lockdowns Constitute the Greatest PSYOP In the History of the World!


You know the COVID-19 lockdowns are bogus. Yet, you know this virus is highly dangerous to the elderly who already have underlying, life-threatening conditions. However, you remain full aware that there is massive fraud in the reporting of the numbers. 

You know the political leaders have motives underlying lockdowns and you know that most people do not need to be protected from COVID-19. Unfortunately, you can't seem to the find the words to describe the fraud in a manner that everyone will understad as you have come to the conclusion that if we don't engage in civil disobedience to the unconstitutional lockdowns, there will soon be no country to return to. 

This broadcast will provide you with the tools you need to explain to your friends, co-workers, aquaintences and public officials that we are massively being lied to. 

If we do not put millions in the streets and produce a nation that is disobedient to the unconstitutional mandates to lockdown, that our way of life is over. This is a nation-extinction-level-event and many of you will perish in the fallout. Please take this as a call to action!!!