Populism is sweeping the planet. Overnight in Jerusalem, riots took the life of an Israeli soldier. Thousands of Russians are protesting voting irregularities in Moscow. Venezuela remains in a chronic state of societal meltdown. Honduras has entered the early stages of revolution, where boys are being conscripted from their homes. The UK just elected "Donald Trump II" in order to get their country out of the very corrupt EU. Italy's Salvini is defying the UN Migration Pact by rejecting all Muslim immigration. Salvini even told American actor, Richard Gere, to take the immigrants he cares so much about back to Hollywood on his private plane. The people of Sweden are moving to counter their liberal government for doing nothing to protect Swedish women from rampant rapes, committed by immigrants throughout the country. There is unrest in Germany over the same issue as in Sweden. Bazil  just elected "Donald Trump III". We have seen months of the Yellow Vest riots in France. The Philippines dictator, Duterte, is purging as many elements of globalism as humanly possible. Nowhere is the spirit of populism and simultaneous tyranny more alive than in America. 

Here in America, liberal politicians such Maxine Waters, Corey Booker, Elizabeth Warren and Joaquinn Castro, all Democrats, are calling for violence against conservatives. The MSM is glorifying these calls for violence. America is being consumed by false flag attacks. High profile prisoners (eg Jeffrey Epstein) will not stand trial and the American public is not believing the Deep State-inspired cover stories. This is only the short list of the simultaneous of rise of populism and the globalists suppressing the growing tide of populism. 

In 2012, I had a personal friend serving in FEMA, bug out because he could see that America was moving towards a civil war of epic proportions. Today, I am hearing from more than one senior federal law enforcement officials that they are planning the same course of action as my FEMA friend. 

Extreme poverty normally motivates a violent reaction from from the masses. And what do we see in American cities? America is witnessing unparalleled poverty and degradation in our cities. The list is too long to fully identify but among these embattled cities we are seeing fall into third world status include, in part, Chicago, Los Angeles (awaiting the outbreak of the plague), San Francisco, Oakland, Detroit, Portland, Washington DC, Newark, St. Louis, Baltimore,Cleveland, Flint, et al. Where is all this headed?

Some people have asked me why the CSS covers foreign events The answer is simple. What is going on in places like Hong Kong is in the process of happening here. Portland and the tactics of Antifa is a just a very small representation of what is coming to our American cities. The spirit of populism is so pervasive across the planet, I am left wondering if the next global conflict will not consist of the  people vs government as opposed to nation vs. nation. 

Hong Kong Is the Barometer of Global Populism

If one wants to project where the "fake anti-white supremacist movement" is going in America and what American cities will look like in the near future due to these conflicts, we have to look no further than what is unfolding in Hong Kong. Very soon, American cities are going to look like Hong Kong. No, the American issue leading to the unrest will not be extradition to mainland China. It will be a manufactured race war just like the one that Charles Manson wanted to start in the 1960's as he and his gang went on a murderous rampage against Hollywood elite. 

How Bad Is the Rioting In Hong Kong?

The fierce determination of the Hong Kong youth and the brutality of the government's authoritarian response to the protests in Hong Kong are both on display and is dramatically captured on the following video.Embed this in your minds America, because it is coming here. 


A South African, White pastor, who fled to New Zealand,who has served as a repeated source of information for the CSS, just sent me an email overnight which depicts Chinese troops entering into Hong Kong. The date of entry of the Communist Chinese into the riot-torn city was August 11th.


As has previously been reported on the CSS, the Communist Chinese have been amassing their military on the border of Hong Kong. Their entry into the city will mark a new chapter on how governments and the self-appointed global authority will deal with populism. There will be a blood-bath in Hong Kong. Untold thousands will be murdered and the news coverage will be highly censored.  The world, including the UN, will do nothing to intervene. 

America, you are watching your future unfold in Hong Kong. These events in America, were rehearsed by the Obama administration in Jade Helm 16. I would recommend that the readers use the search engine on this site and review the string of articles published in the Spring and Summer of 2016 if one wants to get a clear picture of where this is headed. 

Finally, people across the planet think they are merely fighting for their political rights, when in fact, humanity is fighting for the right to exist. I am speaking about what will follow total political subjugation=TRANSHUMANISM!!!!