America Has Been Conquered and Occupied and There Is Only ONE Way Out- Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges

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Let's connect some dots, America. This article and subsequent interview is not for the faint of heart. 

Former Fed leader and present Secretary of Treasury, Janet Yellen, in a now public September 8th document warned Nancy Pelosi that the present acquisition of debt in the United States was unsustainable and America would not be able to meet its obligations by October 15th if a course change did not happen immediately.

If the Maricopa County, AZ. election audit has taught me anything it is that the United States is, for all intents and purposes a de facto colony of China. It is harder to find an honest, loyal American politician than it is to find one under the control of George Soros and/or China. Both Republicans and Democrats were behind the voter fraud because that is what China wanted.

We are very close to war in Asia.

Close to 2 million Chinese troops are poised on both borders to attack America at an opportune time. 

As many as 200,000 terrorists have been brought into the country to wreak havoc at a predetermined time. 

Biden is speaking civil war talk by threatening to remove Governors who will not follow his vaccine dictates. 

Mandatory vaccines are not a product of Congress, but rather, Biden only. We are now being ruled by executive order rather than constitutional mandates which demonstrate that Biden is bypassing Congress and is functioning as a dictator. Remember, he told us that he is running out of patience with us! 

Foreign troops are pouring into the country to support Biden should the US military make a stand against tyranny. Look to the Naval shipyard in Norfolk, VA which has been turned over to NATO. This is where many of the foreign troops are entering the country.

In combination with all these events, an old friend surfacted to warn me of personal, impending danger. I was allowed to look at a partial list of American journalists that are targeted to be "dealt with" prior to the economic collapse spoken of by Yellen. If they will do this to our alt media journalists, they will not hesitate to come for you in the second wave. Steve Quayle just experienced an event which validates the threat expressed here. 

Steve Quayle and I just did an interview on all of these topics. The interview can be listened to by clicking here

There is one way out, and most people remain blind to this escape hatch! The escape opportunity is identified in the previously mentioned interview.