Americans Stand At the Center of the Democrats Circular Firing Squads


California is a cesspool. Its major cities filth and squalor rival any third world city on the planet. However, the third world status of places like LA and San Francisco don't constitute the main danger to the "normal" people in California. The main danger to the people of California is that it is becoming a narco-terrorist state. Gangs are everywhere. In fact, California Senator, Kamala Harris, stated that ex-cons, non-whites, should run California's recreation marijuana industry. This was two days after Harris declared that President, she will confiscate all guns by Executive Order.

California Governor, Gavin Newsom, has successfully formed circular firing squads. His mastery of the art of forming circular firing squads is on full display in the following two emails I received this week.

What Is It Like Living In California?

In the first email, the language is strong and I had to clean up the 3rd grade spelling. However, the message was clear, that even the most ignorant are having trouble adjusting to life in Communistfornia.


You are one sorry mother____. I have hated you for years. But one day I woke up and realized that most of what you are saying about Democrats is true. I still hate your sorry ass with your conservative holier than thou bitch attitude, but man you are right about these sh__head Democrats. All these ___ holes do is take our money and take our rights. My kid can’t go to school because I won’t letem get a vaccine shot. I know that sh__ is not safe. Im a plumber and the dude that does my taxes was telling me how much more tax I pay now than I did 6 years ago but I am not making more money. I got 2 nephews who are in the gangs and sister doesn’t know what to do. Gangs are everywhere……This is California man…

This second email is typical of what is coming out of California. The “white flight” is incredible, but that is what the ruling party in California wants which is no capitalism, no whites, no privately owned small businesses, and no freedom. The rule of law is dead in California. The idea of being a freedom-loving American will someday be a capital offense in Communistfornia.

Howdy Dave,

We cannot take it anymore. My husband and I have made the decision to leave California. He is employed in IT and I have managed many business offices so we won’t have trouble finding jobs. We are going to move to Phoenix and I cannot believe I will be a “Zonie”. You know we make fun of you Arizona rednecks at the beach (Carlsbad). My husband said we haven’t left the Democratic Party, it left us. They hate whites and we are white. They hate God and we are Christians. In California, our new Governor is openly anti-American an my husband was a decorated vet.

We think Governor Newsom went to El Salvador to recruit more gangsters to come to California. They are everywhere! My husband calls California a one party system with circular firing squads. Pretty clever of him isn’t it? You have said for years how much you hate Democrats and we just realized we do too. If we stay in California we will have no money and we will become card carrying Communists! I was riding my bike and some of what I think were gangbangers drove by me and said “get your pretty white ass out of here”. That is what we are going to do, we are going to get our “white asses out of California”. The Democrats are the biggest racists, not Trump! We are moving in August. Till then I am going to wear my bandana and I will stencil in the numbers 442.

Thanks for all that you do.

Marci Davis

White Flight From California

In Arizona, we are overrun with California refugees. Most are white, but with more liberal attitudes than I like. They drive up our home values thus causing us to pay more in property tax. They are changing our politics and this why a Taliban-supporting Kirsten Sinema could get elected to the Senate.  To potential California refugees, I say please stay in your own hell hole and do not “Californicate Arizona”.

Our California transplants tell horrific stories of racial abuse against whites. Discrimination is "open and rampant" as one transplant told me.

The Governor of California Is a Traitor

Governor Newsom was mentioned in one of the emails. Yes, he recently traveled to El Salvador in which he made the following statements:

He (Trump) has no understanding of the nuances here in El Salvador and doesn't understand the history.

Newsom was asked by the media if California was indeed allowed to negotiate with foreign countries and he replied:

California has the capacity we punch above our weight. We have the ability to communicate a message at scale and we have the ability to communicate what this means the economic consequences are profound. Billions and billions of dollars...

Newsom concluded his treasonous remarks with a thinly veiled threat regarding the billions that California produces in our GDP and products, thus holding California out as an independent nation (aka CALEXIT) rather one of 50 states in the Union.

The Logan Act prevents individual states from negotiating with foreign countries. Here, with the present California governor, we are witnessing more disdain for the rule of law.

In the following video we see the admission from this governor that the drug cartels are in Northern California. He falsely states that the illegal border crossings are down and that the so-called border crisis is manufactured as part of Trump theatrics. I guess the new governor has not heard about the thousands that have died from opioid overdose. He doesn't know about the child-sex-trafficking, the gun running, the human labor bondage. He did admit cartels are in his state. What does he think they are doing?