America's Fall From Grace: What Lies Next for the Conquered Country? Gary Heavin and Dave Hodges

burning flag

I recently interviewed Gary Haevin, the founder of Curves. Gary seemingly knows everyone who is anyone, especially on the convservative side. In the interview, Gary provided a chilling account of what happened to Senator Rand Paul and his wife as they tried to make their way from a Republican event to their hotel when they were encountered by a crowd of Antifa and BLM with deadly intentions. The Senator and his wife barely escaped with their lives. The Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder effects of the event are still with the Paul's and yet, justice was never served. The failure to prosecute these thugs represents the total loss of the rule of law in America. 

In the course of the interview Gary and myself discussed the significance of the Trump administration, both from a political and spiritual perspective. Gary and myself share the idea that the Trump Presidency was a gift from God, designed to be a temporary reprieve to the tyranny that we are not beginning to experience in America. According to Gary, Trump was never meant to be the Savior. Unfortunately, America's hedonistic ways have not changed in the 4 years that was the Trump Presidency. Intuitively, I knew that as long as we kept murdering millions of babies and tolerate sex-trafficking among children and all the other peverse behavior honored by the Democrats and their far-left-extremist agenda. In many ways, the anti-Jesus movement has actually picked up steam since Trump's election as we are seeing such thngs that LA students must honor and shout out in glee the brutal and hedonistic nature of the so-called Aztec Gods. 

This interview with Gary celebrates the fact that at the end of days, the good guys when. However, we both detailed examples of very dangerous the trip will be on the way to final salvation.  This interviews covers many critical points  and it can heard by clicking this link

Gary Heavin is also a speaker at the upcoming Gensix Conference in June,




From Steve Quayle: "Brethren, you are well aware of what Believers are facing during these end-times: Mandatory ( i n j e c t i o n s ), DISCLOSURE, Terminator Bots, Volcanoes & Earthquakes, Violations of your Constitutional Rights Rights, the End of Money as we've known it, and the Burgeoning One-World Everything meant to strangle us into obedience to the Elite.

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