America's Future May Depend on Trump Gaining Control of the Space Command

ufo debris field

I have been in possession of information regarding America's secret space program for over 35 years. Because of the classifed nature of the program, I had to remain silent on my father's revelations about the program. And only then, did I reveal scant information. To those who will experience much chagrin, my entire series on this topic has been distributed and people I do not even know are in possession of these events with instructions to reveal what has been given to them in the even of my demise. Yes, I have employed a classic dead man switch.

My first go around with disclosure was measured and it was done so by request of the people of Naval Intelligence who guided me on the legalities of disclosure. I have been approached by these same men and their associates with a request to release certain information thata will provide them leverage to make much needed leadership changes in the Space Command. The motivation for the present set of disclosures is simple, we are headed towards a civil war. If the wrong people control our space program it will impact who wins the civil war. Most of Naval Intelligence (ONI) remains loyal to the country. They are concerned that disloyal members of the Air Force remain in control of what once was the Secret Space Program. My Naval Intelligence contacts believe that if the leadership of the Space Command stay in place, the globalists will win the upcoming civil war. 

I have been asked to reveal information on two fronts. Therefore, my information is still somewhat measured. I have been asked to reveal a more detailed history. Secondly, I have been asked to identify the rogue elements of the Air Force still exhibiting control over the space program along with the present level of technology in order that the correct people can clearly see the threat by leaving the program in the hands that it is in. . 

Trump has created a militarized branch call the Space Program. However, the program is not new as the public is being told. Trump is trying to wrestle control of the program away from those who do not have your best interest in mind. One has to remember that the Air Force came into existence in the same year as the CIA and the NSA. These three organizations owe their founding to events in the United States related to Extra=terristials

The timing of these revelations could not be worse with Impeachment, UN takeover, a CHICOM attack upon the United States is dominating our news. However, there is no bigger threat to the country than an out of control Space Command. 

Does the Program Exist? Are There Aliens?

 We would be wise to answer these question because when a technologically superior culture encounters a technologically inferior culture, things do not end well for the inferior culture. Historical examples and sociological principles are uniform in the assertion of the principle that says one of two thing will transpire: (1) In the best case scenario, the inferior culture is absorbed by the superior culture (best case scenario); and, (2) the superior culture destroys the inferior culture (worst case scenario). As this series will demonstrate mankind is at the precipice of realizing its fate. What about when the threat is only a manifested physical form spawned from demonic entities (eg fallen angels)? I come from the belief that there are no aliens, but the threat is just as real as aliens were in deed real and out to get us. 

As I have stated before, my father was early “retired” by order, from Navy six months early, with full retirement and was subsequently sent to Littleton, Colorado to work with captured German scientists from the World War II era. Sometimes, under guard, my father would bring them home accompanied by a security detail. He will later tell me he did so to avoid the scrutiny of the CIA which has never been the friend of the United States people.

I was only 4 years old but I remember some of these German scientists. Being that my father’s family was from Germany, and my German grandmother was living with us, I was somewhat fluent in German and I would converse in German with these scientists. However, it will not be until 1984, that I will come to understand what I was looking at.  

In 1984-85, when my father became terminally ill, I would visit him on a near nightly basis. He began to tell me what he had been doing his last few years and in his new DOD duty assignment at Martin Marietta (now Lockeheed Martin) in Littleton, Colorado. Here is a partial summary of what I learned:

  1. The Germans knowledge of physics as it applied to such things as vertical take-off craft was an estimated 300 years ahead of what we had. My father’s job was to reverse engineer what the Germans knew in actionable form to be used by our military.
  2. The Germans had told my father that they had received the technology from a group of aliens but that there was a significant delay in transferring the information because these aliens were opposed by another group of aliens that interfered with the technology transfer. These German scientists admitted that they had never met the aliens but had been told about them in briefings by their commander, the alleged inventor of the Nazi Bell. He had other information that involved the supernatural and he warned me that a mass of supernatural and demonic beings would one day be brought to earth through special portals and some were already here. When you read this, does CERN come to mind?

The technological revelations coming forth in these revelations are profound. But I want to make one point clear. There are no ET's that I am aware of. There are forces from Satan who are masquerading as such and they have been doing so for a long time. They move the world forward with technology but i will not be technology that will be used to enhance humanity, but rather move it towards destruction. This technology is often transferred through planned crashes of craft made to look ET craft. This prominently happened in 1935 in the Black Forest of German and of course, in Roswell. This was purposely leaked technology that when fully employed would threaten mankind's future and that is the goal of Satan.  

My belief that ET's are actually Satanic servants is enhanced by the fact that the major purveyors of so-called alien technology which came from the Germans. The Nazis were very much into the occult and devil worship. In fact, the German secret society, the Vrill, exemplified this fact. It is clear that German occultists would summon evil entities to do their bidding. 

In this series we will visit past grand civilization on this planet including what was once in India and in Egypt. Finally, the technology currently being made availalbe to humans is stunning and all will be revealed in this series. 

Remnants of these forces are very much planning to insert themselves into our brewing civil war. This is why this information is time sensitive. 

In Part Two of this, I will reveal the technological advancements and what it means to you and me as well as the country as a whole. I cannot stress strongly enough how close we are to the Beast taking total control. Everything is in place. Time is short and all must be revealed.