By now, anyone who is not afraid to look at the truth, and has eyes to see, has seen the truth about who and what is ruling this nation. Every man, save the genuine servants of Jesus has a price that will compromise their service to America. Our leaders have given over to the Godless Chinese. Subsequently, our ruling class serves Satan and Satan has the most dastardly plans for you.

Later in this article, I will Biblically identify the reasons and motivations which underlies the treason of so-called servants of the people such as President Biden and General Millie.

In the mind of America's traitors, they serve a higher power and that power is the Godless Communist Chinese. As I have documented, last week on the CSS, the Biden Crime Family owns 10% stock in the main lithium mining company in China. We now know that Biden allowed the Chinese and the Taliban, for sometime, to mine an estimated $300 million in lithium during the American occupation in Afghanistan and this treason does not even cover the Afghan heroin fields that were protected with US tax money.

The importance of lithium is known to both our industrial society and our military weapons systems. This is treason and Biden should suffer the same prescribed legal sentence that is prescribed for any traitor. There are many other instances of the Biden Crime Family’s treason, but for the purpose of brevity, we will allow this tarnished example to stand on its own as evidence as to the betrayal of the American people that has taken place in this administration.

It is now documented that General Millie committed two acts of treason against the nation that he swore to defend against enemies both foreign and domestic. First, Millie broke the chain of command and contacted his military counterpart in China and gave him classified information. Further, he violated his duty by not telling the President about his unauthorized contact. Further, it is not only Millie that is treasonous so is the FBI, NSA, CIA et al., who would have clear knowledge about Millie’s treasonous acts and they said nothing. Failure to acknowledge treason, in the face of treason, is indeed, de facto treason by out intelligence agencies as well.

Millie also overtly signaled his treason by telling the Chinese military leader that he would be notified if an unhinged Trump were planning military action against China. This is treason of the highest order. Millie endangered American service lives. He is not fit to lead. He should be tried for treason for this violation of his oath of position. The second crime committed by Millie has to do with his intention to overthrow the Constitutional authority that the elected President has over the military. Instead of resigning because of his overt act of treason, Millie instructed his military subordinates that they answered to him. By definition, this is a coup d'é·tat against the government and people of the United States.

Will Millie and the members of the Biden Crime Family be brought to justice? Are you really naïve enough to believe that the rule of law still exists in the United States?

The takeover of this country is complete. Years of Chinese infiltration, complete with bribery and blackmail has produced a nation that has transformed from America to Amerika!

Did you ever walk into a room and people were laughing wildly? And when you appeared, they suddenly stopped laughing. That is what has happened to the American citizens. The elected officials are laughing at you along with their Chinese benefactors. Do you think that Biden and Millie are alone in this treason?

Amerika is an occupied nation. What about Congress you may ask?  There is a scripture in the Bible that describes the current status of not only Congress, but the Supreme Court, obviously the military leadership, most state legislatures, most County governments, Attorney Generals, local and state prosecutors, mayors, governors, all know who they really work for. As a case in point, the subject of the Arizona audit demonstrates it is difficult to find key government officials who are not on the payroll of the CHICOMS or their agent, George Soros. Most of Arizona’s elected officials have gone from intending to reverse the criminality and benefit of a stolen election to adopting the sheepish position of minimizing the all-time number one political crime in American history. Why was the Arizona audit important? Because this could have been the first domino to fall with regard to reversing a stolen election. Reversing the election could result in reversing the treason against our people. But most of the Arizona elected officials have taken the audit from a criminal offense to a civil offense with no intent to reverse this travesty.  This fix is in and everyone knows it but you. These people are laughing at you and most of us are too stupid to realize that the joke is on us!

If you ever thought that there would ever be justice for the Clintons or the criminals in today’s government, please look at the following scripture as it describes what our elected officials hope to gain…

Judges 1:24-25

The spies saw a man coming out of the city and they said to him, “Please show us the entrance to the city and we will treat you kindly.” So he showed them the entrance to the city, and they struck the city with the edge of the sword, but they let the man and all his family go free.

Amerika, as I have stated, is an occupied nation. The only thing left to do for the ruling class is get all of us out of the way so they can divide up our assets. At the end of the day, we should realize that our enemy has been and always will be, Satan. Satan has infected the soul of much of our ruling class through the Godless Chinese influence that has infiltrated our country's leadership.

Although, I have chosen to die on this hill alled America, I realize that my fate is likely sealed until my spirit is risen from the dead and I sit on the true right, the right hand of the Lord. All Americans have a choice that is becoming very clear. Obey and serve the Godless leaders of this country, or serve Jesus. There is no third option