ANTIFA: Radio host says Georgia legislators fear ‘Atlanta is going to burn’ if they call special session

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 by Tom Pappert


On today’s episode of Steve Bannon’s War Room, syndicated radio host John Fredericks revealed that he has received reports indicating Georgia Republicans are afraid to use their power to circumvent Governor Brian Kemp and call a special session because they fear harassment from the left, and they believe Antifa and BLM will riot in the city of Atlanta.

Fredericks, who moved to Georgia and began The Georgia Star News to confront the mainstream media’s presence in the state, said Georgia legislators asked to sign a petition that will allow them to circumvent Kemp and call a special session to examine election fraud without him are being intimidated by the left.

“They were nowhere near feting 91 votes in the House in order to have a special session,” said Fredericks. “They were not even near that, and part of the problem is House leadership wanted no part of a special session, both Speaker [David] Ralston and Speaker Pro Tem Jan Jones, who was on my show a couple weeks ago, said she thought that was a waste of time.”

Fredericks revealed that President Donald Trump became directly involved, calling the House Speaker and Speaker Pro Tempore and pressuring them to achieve the 91 votes required to open the special session.

“So the President picked up the phone, he got ahold of Speaker Ralston, with the Speaker Pro Tem there looped in, and implored them to go forward with a special session,” said Fredericks.


“So now they’re trying to round up, they have 106 Republicans, they need 91 of 106, and the State Senate needs 29 of 34 Republicans. So all they need is Republicans, they don’t even have to get all of them, in order to have a special session.”

At this point, Fredericks revealed that one of his radio callers spoke with a member of the Georgia House, who relayed his frustration with the “veteran legislators” in the state who fear reprisals from Democrats and their associated militant mobs.

“One of my callers,” he said, “Had a conversation last night with young representative Colton Moore, who represents the 1st district of Georgia, 27 years old. And he asked them how the whip was going to get to 91. And from our caller, Colton Moore said they’re never going to get there.”

Fredericks relayed, “He said, ‘The problem is I’m talking to some of these veteran legislators, and they’re afraid to put their name on this petition because they don’t want to be doxxed, they don’t want their family to be harassed, they don’t want anyone going to their house, keying their car.”

“They also said, look, if we have a special session, and we revoke the electors for Biden, Antifa is going to come,” he added. “BLM is going to come, and Atlanta is going to burn down, and they’re going to blame us.”

Ruby Freeman and her daughter, Shaye Moss, both went viral after they were exposed as the overnight vote counters depicted in the Trump campaign’s now-viral video from Georgia. In the video, Freeman appears to count the same batch of votes numerous times after officials ordered partisan and nonpartisan observers to leave the room. Freeman has since cancelled a media appearance and said she is securing legal counsel.

Lead Stories published a thoroughly debunked article that claims there was nothing nefarious happening in the video, despite clear and cut violations of Georgia election law depicted in the film.

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