Are We On the Verge of UFO discolosure Because the Democrats Desperately Need a Distraction?

alien disclosure

Tomorrow, in Part Two of a series that I am writing on impeachment and the spin off effects,  I will be making some bombshell revelations. I have noticed that the government is no longer debunking UFO sightings. In fact, they seem to be inviting them. 

Greg Evensen once told Steve Quayle that mankind has done everything that you see in the movies. The implication is that there is nothing that we cannot do or have not done. I believe that we are seeing the incremental manifestation of this revelation. The released circumstantial evidence is strongly suggestive of the fact that we will indeed the revelation of amzing technology in the near future. 

A real watershed even happened when the Navy did not debunk its own F-18 pilots for reporting UF) sightings off the coast of San Diego in 2018. 

In the early 2000’s, in Germany, I read about a “teleportation” experiment in which an inanimate object was teleported across the laboratory. The report stated that the object was both in its original position at the same time, as it was in its new position. Yes, I am speaking of the phenomenon of bilocation which is more often attributed to out of body experiences. Former UC Davis professor, Charles Tart, who also did some pioneering work in DNA sequencing, conducted a few out of body experiments. There can be little doubt that the ability to acquire knowledge involves the ability to acquire information from our three dimensional reality from other dimensions. Famed physicist. Michio Kaku, has mathematically proven the existence of at least 26 dimensions. In short, the physics that allows for remote viewing and these concepts can be applied to understanding the science behind the miracle power of prayer and where it draws it power from. Remember, there is no magic, simply science that we do not understand. God created the universe and subsequently all scientific laws are of God’s creation as well.  The notions come from what is often called a hyperdimensional model.

What is really interesting is that in Mike Adams Gensix, True Legends presentation, at Branson, he talked about the need to form a planetary defense grid based on what he has learned about existing threats to humanity. Mike and I share the belief that the planet is being terraformed and we humans will be replaced in the near future. I am just not certain about the entities that will replace mankind.

According to Mike Adams, we need to eradicate the internal threat and prepare for invasion from without and I would add from underneath (ie Steve Quayle). Mike’s wish for planetary defense is a reality. Admittedly, my knowledge and understanding of the Earth’s defense grid is simplistic and incomplete. However, obtaining information was not as difficult as I had anticipated. It would appear that there is a segment of the American establishment recognizes that threat and has planned according to Retired U.S. Air Force General Steven Kwast who recently gave a lecture  that seems to further signal that the next major battlefield will be outer space. This parallels what Mike Adams has previously stated. 

While military leadership seems to have a new interest in  an alien presence f not a direct alien threat, The elements of General Kwast’s lecture spoke directly to the likelihood that the United States military and its industry partners may have already developed astounding futuristic technologies that have will soon change the landscape of technology in this area. Some fear that this will be used to usher in the full scale implemention of the transhumanism movement. Or, is this mere posturing and the corrupted Republicans and Democrats need a distraction from the criminal revelations that will be forthcoming in an impeachment trial in the Senate. Is the recent fascination with IFO's and exotic technolgy just a distraction, or could we actually be on the verge of making science fiction a reality ala Greg Evensen style?

Personally, I believe that Greg Evensen was correct and we are sitting on the cusp of an incredible renaissance. The question is, will America survive to be a part of it?