Arizona Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs, and George Soros Are Interfering with the One Activity That Could Derail the Biden Plans for Purging America


Literally and figuratively, the fate of the country hangs in the balance with regard to the Maricopa County 2020 Election audit in Arizona. Maricopa County is the 8th largest county in America and it has a long, very long history of corrupt elections. However, this article is just not about Maricopa County and a stolen election. This article, will, in part, as we have done in previous articles in this series, will demonstrate how far and the extreme and illegal tactics used by the Democrats to steal an election. Unfortunately, the average Republican politician, and I am referring to the ones who are not being bribed or blackmailed, is utterly clueless as to the big picture of what is happening to our country, our economy, our culture and civil liberties. You, me, all of us are living in a conquered and occupied country. Those that have conquered us mean us harm, the most extreme harm that can befall a human being, namely the loss of physical life and the loss of our soul, the most gracious gift from God. We are locked in a spiritual battle between good and evil. Soon, and according to the Bible we will be able to physically see these spiritual enemies that have come across not only us, but against Jesus himself. Other than praying and pledging our lives to Christ, we are forced to deal with the representatives of these evil entities with Satanic roots. I am not just talking Democrats, although being a Democratic politicians basically guarantees that you have found and Epstein and Gates supporter and someone who is a willing accomplice to the depopulation efforts already underway. Dirty and compromised Republicans are also part of this Satanic cabal. I know some of you will reject these words as religious extremism. I am sorry for you because you do not know your Bible and you will never know what has hit you. If and when you perish, you will have no idea what happened. I urge all to get into your Bibles, and bow down to the Almighty, ask for forgiveness, discernment and guidance. He will never desert you!

The Audit

If the Democrats are able to derail the audit and coverup the steal of the 2020 Election, America will be forever doomed to fall in the footsteps of both Nazi Germany, with the coming purge, and the Soviet Union with the complete loss of Civil Liberties. Biden as already told you that your Constitutional rights are not absolute. He has given himself the power to decide what your rights are and his handlers will soon decide who gets to live and who gets to die. How bad is it?

 "Nobody Will Come to the New World Order Without First Making a Pledge to Lucifer"

David Spangler -The Head of the United Nations Eco-Division


If that was not enough, the founder of CNN, Ted Turner once said the following to Audobon in 1997

"...We need to reduce the population on the planet by 90%..."

Ted Turner


This does not leave much to the imagination does it? We all know that George Soros is the main operative for the globalists seeking to destroy the United States from within. Later in this article, the reader will discover that George Soros 

Because of Transhumanism, the Deep State and their benefactors no longer need us. The Deagel Report used to be publicly available and it told us that by 2025, 200 million Americans would be dead and our country would lie in ruins. The founder of the Deagel Report had Rockefeller ties, is a Satanist and deeply tied to Stratford, the CIA and every major intelligence agency in the world. Now we have discovered that the Deagel Report was taken down and repubished after being sanitized, but the population projections along with the military and economic projecttions for the United States have disappeared. Why? Because this operation, has gone live. What is coming is so bad that even the wife of Bill Gates (of Microsoft Origin) has left him because she cannot handle the horror of what is coming. Plus, Gates' exploits on Epstein Island with his friend, Bill Clinton, did not help too much either with regard to the stability of his marriage. 

I first looked at this Maricopa County Audit as crying over spilt milk. However, when George Soros entities showed up on the audit floor, with the assistance of Arizona Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs, I began to take a different perspective. 

Why was the election stolen? Trump saved America from the economic destruction perpetrated by the 3 previous Presidents, namely, Clinton, Bush and Obama. They are all agents of the New World Order and were complicit in harming America and Americans. Trump gave America four year reprieve. However, the American people blew it! It wasn't up to Trump to save America, it was up to us, it is just that Trump gave us the opprotunity to get right with God and we failed as a country. The election theft was about closing the door to Christian conservatives reclaiming this country and preserving civil liberties. The election theft was the end of populism in America. The audit has provided America with an opportunity for a second chance. What happened with the election in Maricopa County, happened in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, California, Wisconsin, New Hampshire and North Carolina. The fix was in and some very dedicated and well-meaning Arizona Republicans are trying to bail out the Titanic with a teaspoon in an attempt to reveal the steal. They are failing. No, they are making discoveries. I am told that Biden should lose over a million votes in Arizona and Trump had a landslide victory. However, this information will never come to light in the existing circumstances, or if it does, no legal entitiy will ever act on behalf of the people who have been disenfranchised. 

The Destruction of the Audit By Katie Hobbs, George Soros and the Luciferian Democratic Party

Democrats, who falsely self-label as election experts are asking the DOJ to send auditors to the audit in Maricopa County. As we have seen all through the Trump administration, the DOJ is controlled by the extreme Left of the Deep State. This is clearly an attempt to undermine the Maricopa County audit through infiltration and interference. The Audit team only has until May 24th to complete the recount and forensic audit. The DOJ move is designed to draw out the process and keep the Maricopa County Republicans from complete the election analysis.  

The organizations calling for DOJ interference are the Brennan Center for Justice and the Protect Democracy group. Both organizations have alleged George Soros ties. Make no mistake about it, these are organizations that are controlled by the Deep State through the Democratic Party. These two organizations received massive amounts, that would be millions of dollars, to advance extremist Leftist political agendas such as Identity Politics and social engineering concepts associated with anti-Christian and espouse anti-White prejudice. These groups work with BLM and Antifa and their goal is quite obviously the destruction of the moral fiber, political system and economics of the American nation.

Please allow me to remind the readers that elections are Constitutionally mandated to be under the control of the State, not the Federal government. However, who is going to show up and oppose this coming federal intervention. The DOJ? LOL!!!

Communist (officially in the Democratic Party) Katie Hobbs has forced her way on to the audit floor accompanied by these previously Democratic hacks whose sole goal, again, is to derail the audit because these Communists who have taken over country, have a lot to hide as a result of their perpetrated election fraud in the 2020 Election. If the "people" ever discovered the fraud and corruption of the 2020 election in large numbers, the Democrats and the Deep State could face a serious backlash!

As Secreatary of State, Katie Hobbs, Is Leading the Communist Suppression of Arizona and Ultimately America 

In a late development, Hobbs has managed to not just bring in her own Arizona hacks, and as stated, Hobbs  now has political hacks from the Brennan Center for Justice and Protect Democracy. Can you say the fix is in?

Let's go back to 2018, when Democratic Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs made a promise to essentially steal elections for the Democrats. She stated that if whe were to win she would help Democrats prevail in races statewide.

Hobbs made the pledge at a Democratic candidates forum in the spring of that year, saying, “We going to do very well electing statewide Democrats, and the secretary of state’s office is how we’re going to hold on to those wins, how we’re going to continue to make gains in the legislature and really create a state that reflects all of our values.” Hobbs, being the Communist that she is made it abundantly clear that she endorses the Stalin mantra of not caring who votes, but only with counts the votes. This partisan mindset sets the stage for the corruption that took place in Arizona’s corrupt 2020 Election.

 Here is the Hobbs admission of guilt. 


How far are Hobs and Soros Boleshevik communists willing to go to steal the election, cover up the steal for the purposes of subjugating America for the benefit of globalist interests? Below, is a flight pattern map. It has already been widely circulated. Planes like the following have been circling the Veterans Memorial building where the audit is being held. This plane is the property of the City of Phoenix which is under the control of another Soros operative and communist, Kate Gallego. What does this plane do? It lifts the cell phone numbers, text messages and emails from cell phones. This is how the non-Obama judges, all 32 who refused to hear one minute of testimony with regard to proveable election fraud, refused to let Trump have legal standing in his own election. Everyone of the non-Obama-appointed judges were blackmailed and/or bribed. As my intelligence sources have pointed out, this is the same operation that is underway to compromise key members of the audit team. Further, the audit team will have no secrets and Hobbs and her Soros allies will be able to anticipate and be prepared for the next moves of the audit team. I have also reported and published the proof that Soros operatives have adverstised for crisis actors in Phoenix! Can you say, false flag? This will ble the last line of defense in the Arizona coverup. 



If Arizone were able to make its results very public, this would begin to cause the other states and their election fraud to fall like dominos. Then the public and the military would have a choice. Take our country back, or march to the camps in search of your last meal. This is why if you live in Kansas, Alabama, Idaho, Colorado, or anywhere else in America, why you should care what is happening in Maricopa County.  

One final question: If the election was not corrupt then why is Hobbs and her fellow communists trying so hard to derail the audit. This could very well be America's last stand.