Assassintations, Home Extractions, FEMA Camp Methods of Execution-How the Left Will Gain Final Control Over America- Celeste Solum and Dave Hodges


This interview is Part Two of the earth-shattering revelations by former FEMA agent, Celeste Solum.  This interview is sobering and some will find it frightening. In this segment, Celeste reveals how the next phase of the subjugation of America will take place. Out discussion centered around assassination of high profile enemies of the communists who are in the process of overthrowing America. We also discussed methods of extraction and execution of deplorables who cannot be re-educated.  The interview can be accessed by clicking this link


The GEN SIX team put together a panel of experts which exposed the end-times dangers that we are beginning to experience. Mike Adams was a signficant part of this program. To access the other great speakers, for one low price, please click here