As The Banking World Is Ripped Apart So The Globalists Can Bring In A Tyrannical 'New World Order


  D Parker

Teaching and conveying information are one among the most important aspects of writing. Often like a college professor trying to teach undergraduates the vitally important fundamentals of political science and the basics of governmental power. 

Fortunately, the far left has been providing an increased number of examples of its inherent authoritarianism that we can use to illustrate these dynamics. Most people would agree that these totalitarian tendencies on leftists' part would cause most people to shy away from the tyrannical ten percent. Unfortunately, there are still some "true believers" in the fascism of the far left. 

We've proven the far-left is fascist (here and here) along with many others who have done the same (here and here). We've shown that the National Socialist German Workers' Party was a National Socialist German Workers' Party, along with others herehereherehereherehere and hereAnd we've proven that gun confiscation is a central part of the left's socialist national agenda. 

This means that those of the far left living in denial can dispense with continually trying to pretend that something is false simply because it's not explicitly proven every five minutes. We on the pro-freedom right often wonder why leftists persist in staying on the wrong side of history, not to mention being tardy with their lessons in comparison to the rest of the class. They're holding everyone else back while we need to talk about the fact that the far left can't let go of its control obsession and its face mask fetish.