Behind the Façade: Abortion Culture Is a Transhumanist Death Cult


  Ben Bartee

From a jurisprudence perspective, it's that government enforcement mechanisms would by necessity be invasive and draconian.

Social enforcement mechanisms offer a more effective alternative to legal ones, which includes stigmatizing abortion culture for what it is: a death cult.

Regardless of how different interest groups parse the language, abortion is indisputably the intentional snuffing out of either a current lifeform or a nascent lifeform -- whichever framing one chooses.

What abortion is not is "healthcare" – on par with a root canal. Nor is it a triumphant celebration of women's rights.

Of course, leftists will jump into any abortion debate with the argument that "abortion is only a traumatic life event because women are shamed for it" in the same vein as "transgenders only kill themselves because they are ostracized from society, not because they literally believe they're trapped in an alien body and subsequently develop body dysmorphia."

But social stigma aside, how inherently traumatic or not is the act of abortion itself, actually?

Let's take a look at the clinical abortion procedure step-by-step for pregnancies over 16 weeks (called a D&E for "dilation and evacuation") – excavation meaning "to dig up."