The Biden Administration, the CCP, the Cartels and the Catholic Church Are Importing Every Perversion Known To Man to the Four Corners of the United States


There is, at present, an invasion of the United States for the sole purpose of destroying the culture and what's left of the moral fabric of the United States. This article will highlight the threat.

For the past 8 years, I have enjoyed a relationship with two Border Patrol Agents. I am hesitant to speak in detail about their backgrounds, for fear of exposure, however, they both possess the background needed to support the information brought forth in this article. This article is a culmination of research performed in which I interviewed Border Patrol Agents, Catholic Church informants and Mexican news sources. The content can be broken down into the following set of allegations. 

ALLEGATIONS: The Biden administration is fully aware of the cartels that they are deliberately admitted to the United States through our southern border and the bizarre, criminal activities that they are involved with. The cartels are not only engaged in rampant drug trafficking, but also in child trafficking, porn films, snuff films, human sacrifice and cannibalism. They have also invaded the Catholic churh. Many of these practices are readily apparent to federal officials who oversee the detention facilities. The DOJ is actively protecting the leaders of these unholy practices.

I would like to say that these are unfounded conspiracy theories, but they are part of routine life on both sides of the border. The influence even extends into Hollywood and alleged White House practices associated with the occult and child-trafficking. This may be the worst kept secret among the Biden administration, however, nobody dares to talk about it.

In one sense, this is a giant psyop to undermine the culture of the United States. Many times on this site, I have maintained with detailed examples about how the United States is undergoing a Maoist style cultural revolution. The contents of this article will make these allegations come to life. Additionally, I am alleging that the presence of these activities is not only tolerated and protected, but are deliberately being instituted to destroy the moral fabric of America and at the center of this activity is the leadership of the Democratic Party and their handlers (ie Deep State). These events reinforce the previous statements made on this site regarding CHICOMS being behind this “cultural revolution” which they are. It has long been established that the CJNG and the Sinaloas are controlled by the CCP and engage in such nefarious activities such as the distribution of Fentanyl which killed over 80,000 Americans last year.

Initiation Into the CJNG and Other Mexican Cartels Controlled by the CCP

The surge in cannibalism reports comes largely from South and Central America, but has quickly spread to Mexico and is now present in many Catholic churches on both sides of the border. As an aside, it is important to mention that the uptick of cannibalism is also taking place with the resurgence of ISIS and has invaded Islam as well. This is a world-wide Satanic phenomenon that is invading our planet. Satan is clearly on the move!

For a while, the website provided graphic accounts of cannibalism as a rite of passage for the CJNG. For example, adolescents recruited by the Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) operating in Tabasco, have been forced to eat human meat as part of a practice of initiation, and according to the Mexican website, and was clearly confirmed by the Attorney General of the state of Tabasco. According to my Border Patrol sources, the questioning of detained cartel members reveals stories of cartel initiation that includes the selling of younger siblings into sex trafficking bondage, eating human flesh of victims identified for murder as a rite of passage into the cartels, the pervasive worship of Satanic influences which are original perversions of the Catholic faith, live dismemberment of rival gang members and uncooperative police and politicians (note: And we thought that live organ extraction was unique to the CHICOMS), sexual mutilation of captured rivals, forced bizarre sexual activity involving animals with captured rivals, snuff film participation (the younger the better), and the list of bizarre perversions goes on and on.

Infiltration Into the United States

Recently, Fox News, who occasionally offers up nuggets of inside corruption reported that planes were leaving McAllen, TX., to deposit illegal immigrants around to the four corners of the country. These people are not tested or treated for Covid and are ticking virus time bombs. However, what the CSS has learned is worse, but first we need to list the type of immigrants coming into the country.

The first group, are the banner immigrants. They have no real agenda except the desire for a  better life. They are the attempted face/propaganda of the present invasion. They wait on our tables, mow our lawns and hope for a better day for their children. These types of immigrants used to form the bulk of what was coming into the country, but this is less and less true. The second group, that is getting faint MSM references are the children accompanied by “fake” parents. The intent behind this group is obvious. Can you say, porn, prostitution and snuff films (on American soil often for the pleasure of some of the elite)? The third group are the satanic cartel members in all their disguises. This group does not fool the Border Patrol, however, they are protected and isolated from any real scrutiny. Just ask Senator Ted Cruz as he attempted to investigate and videotape a detention facility and was constantly interfered with.  These are the illicit forces being exported into every community in America. This is also coupled with the premature release of violent offenders inside of the United States in the name of “social justice.”  For example, in California, Governor Newsom has announced the premature release of 73,000 violent offenders. America, this is a deliberate plot to break down the culture and moral fiber of this country.

The Catholic Church and the Satanic Cartel Members

The foothold in America, for this rampant evil more evil, comes from northern Mexico and the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. On the border, the Catholic church has become a hybrid religion in which the cartel influence has brought witchcraft, demonic influences, the bastardization of Christian theology, divination, corruption of the clergy and cooperation with the cartel leadership, pagan worship, cannibalism, and yes, even human sacrifice. 

Hear me clearly, America. The most extreme and perverted religious practices are on the streets of America and are growing like a stage four cancer. For example, the obsessional worship of Santa Muerte, otherwise known as “Holy Death”, or “Saint Death”) is now a mainstay among Catholic churches in the identified region of Texas. However, it is not limited to Texas as we are seeing the same pattern in other border areas such as Tijuana and El Paso. The drug cartels (ie the CCP) control this so-called religion in order to control the people. It cannot be overstated that this rapidly growing phenomenon is a mainstay set of beliefs and practices among the general population in Mexico and in Hispanic communities in the U.S. near the border (Covert Border Patrol Sources).

In some of these churches Human blood and actual flesh is offered for communion instead of the traditional wine and bread. This association with cannibalism is becoming an accepted penance in order to gain the favor of and idol called Mictecacihuatl. This figure is often depicted as a skeleton wearing a hooded robe, holding a scythe. Many compromised Priests link this to Santa Muerte to the Aztec goddess of the dead.

This latter practice should scare the hell out of all aware Americans. The California Department of Education adopted new ethnic studies which claims that White Christians committed “theocide” against American native tribes, killing their Gods and replacing them with Jesus. The Woke State of California is now requiring that students should chant to the Aztec deity of human sacrifice.


When one connects the dots of these disturbing events. It is abundantly clear that there is a organizing force behind this undermining of the American culture and morality. The introduction of education curriculum which promotes the identified perversions in this article, at the time of great illegal immigration by these criminal forces is not a coincidence. And the fact that the Biden administration (ie the demented one’s handlers) have all imposed a media blackout on these border detention centers and related immigration issues, should be of no surprise to anyone.

Please allow me to make this crystal clear. The current administration, regardless of who is really in charge is not just further bankrupting the country by the continuance of a greatly exaggerated covid threat. This administration is not just bankrupting the country with unprecedented trillions of dollars of new taxes as well as the wiping out of generational wealth by unprecedented capital gains taxes, they are deliberately destroying the moral fabric of this country through the most heinous, immoral practices known to mankind and they are implementing this destruction of the American culture through a hybrid partnership of the Catholic Church, the cartels, Satan and the CCP. It is becoming very difficult to know where one of these entities begins and ends. Welcome to the Bolsheivk Revolution, Democratic Party style along with complicit Republicans (eg Mitt Romeny, Mitch McConnell et al).