biden danger

I was raised in a military family. I know, first hand, the sacrifices, paid by our military personnel in keeping our freedom alive. Overwhelmingly, America loves its military personnel. Yes, we have traitors in our midst as an enemy of the state, General Millie (vanillie) promised to notify his Chinese counterpart if we found it necessary to attack the most heinous nation (ie China) the history of the world. How many American lives would that cost? Yet, the majority of the military are willing to lay down their lives for Americans they will never know or meet. We love you and respect you on this solemn day of rememberance. Please remember my military friends, you do the job that most of us cannot or are afraid to do. God Bless you!


Unfortunately, the photo below shows yow your Commander in Chief feels about the lives of our military as the bodies of the 13 dead servicemen are off-loaded  at Andrews Air Force Base. And rather than salute their bravery, the Traitor-In-Chief chose to check his watch 5 times during this heart-rendering event. (Biden must have been wondering why his latest check from the Communist China Party is late.)   

Soldiers of America, please remember who you serve. The man pictured below is not on your side, or America's side. He is a traitor in every sense of the word and if he ever misuses your service to persecute Christians, conservatives and any who opposes the Bolshevik Communists who have overtaken our government, please remember who and what you swore your oath to! 

We have gone from America First to America Last and Biden's handlers will think nothing of sacrificing untold numbers of our military for their own political agenda! Do not obey unconstitutional and illegal orders! I can guarantee you that the 13 men and women who gave their lives (preventable) in the botched Afghan withdrawal, are looking down from Heaven and saluting in agreement with what has been written here! God Bless America and our troops who will defend Americans, not traitors, if it ever comes to that!


President Joe Biden is under fire for appearing to look at his watch during Sunday's 'dignified transfer' onto American soil of the 13 American troops killed in Thursday's Kabul suicide bomb attack