Biden and Trudeau Are Cornered and This Makes them Even More Dangerous

biden and trudeau

If you think the world changed as a result of the pandemic, you have not seen anything yet! It has been quite a week for the globalists and their sock puppets. Biden failed to get his war and Trudeau is acting like Hitler in order to hang on to what's left of the mandates. Finally, the people are acting against their unholy leaders. However, this rebellion will come with a price. 

Biden Is Losing Control

We have modern day Romans who will soon be hunting down Christians and it is the cabal that oversees Biden in the Oval Office. Biden’s own views toward Christians is very disturbing and downright frightening. As an example Biden’s intolerance toward Christians, Biden has stood alongside the notion that unless one vigorously supports the transgender mafia in its effort to “transition” all children into something other than their natural biological sex, then that person is a terrorist who deserves to be marginalized from society, and possibly even shipped off to Guantanamo.

Joe Biden is very clear in his views regarding Christians (ie terrorists) and this so-called President views toward Christians makes him look more like Pontius Pilate and his hate for Christians almost need very little explanation. Simply put, Biden hates Christians. His handlers, Obama and Susan Rice hate Christians. Remember, it was Obama when he proclaimed that America was no longer a Christian nation! 

During the campaign, Biden was speaking about the prohibition that Christians hold towards the immorality of the transgender movement, Biden stated that Christians, unless they modify their view will be “dealt with”. With that single comment, Biden made a mockery of God's creation and pulled back the curtain to the globalists ultimate goal, namely, transhumanism! 

What does this mean in the short-term? Does that mean that Christian terrorists will be marked for extraction and will be sent to FEMA camps as per Steve Quayle’s, prognostications? This raises the question, will Christians be sent to GITMO? The answer is in the affirmative. 

History will likely show that this is the beginning a new purge against people of the Christian faith. Biden has previously referred to Christians as being guilty of “hate crimes” that the Obama/Biden administration had to deal with during their tenure when Biden was the Vice President. Biden even went so far as to acknowledge their anti-Christian administration had to keep a watch on criminal Christian terrorists through the Department of Justice and under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security, a provision to keep watch on these groups that we know are out there – like terrorist groups, they’re similar, Biden observed. Incredibly, Biden referred to the “danger” of Christians in American society and he spoke to this belief in a Town Hall meeting held during the 2020 Presidential campaign. And equally incredible, Biden went on to promote the idea that the Federal government should have the right to step in and stop Christian hate groups.  Biden also mentioned that he supports George Soros Southern Poverty Law Center, which is decidedly anti-Christian, pro LGBT, anti-white and pro-Antichrist and this is not hyperbola. In fact, it may be an understatement!

 If we allow the radical left to steal the Christian religion, we are headed for the darkest days in world history. Some of our previous leaders fully understood the importance of this warning.

President Harry S Truman stated on March 6, 1946:

"We have just come though a decade in which the forces of evil in various parts of the world have been lined up in a bitter fight to banish from the face of the earth both these ideals -- religion and democracy ...founded on one basic principle, the worth and dignity of the individual man and woman.

Trudeau Is Losing Control

Truman defined the threat of “Dictatorship” as one that  is founded on the doctrine that ... men and women and children were put on earth solely for the purpose of serving the State ..." This Truman quote should send shivers through the spines of the faithful as we witness Trudeau fulfilling the dark side of Truman's admonition and he's doing so out of fear.

Trudeau has made up emergency powers in which he can imprision people for a belief. He is attempting to enslave tow truck drivers, under the threat of imprisonment, to carry out his edicts. Anyone who assists the Convoy will be fined $10K and sentenced to a year in a Canadian Gulag!  I

f anyone opposes the bastard child of Fidel Castro, Trudeau, he will freeze bank accounts and prohibit travel. I am old enough that I remember that our teachers used to make fun Iron Curtain, designed to keep unhappy citizens confined to Eastern Europe! Today, Trudeau is imposing the Iron Curtain by prohibiting Canadians who "have had enough" from leaving Canada to the United States. I spoke with a wealthy Canadian refugee, yesterday, and his assets have been frozen by Trudeau. His crime? He was dissenting and protesting against the mandates before fleeing to the United States.

The Globalist Strategies Must Change, So False Flags Are Coming

If you have read nothing in this article, please read and comprehend this: Today, the enemies of the State, both in Canada and the United States are people who will bow down to the unscientific and dictatorial demands of Big Pharma as expressed by government. The globalist leaders, who many are products of Klaus Schwab's Young Leaders training programs, are losing control of the narrative. The Truckers have put the global elite into a panic. Trudeau has undoubtedly been privately scolded by his globalist benefactors and he is complying with his marching orders to repress all dissent with a vengeance. However, his so-called, and made up, emergency orders, are failing. He is in desparate need of a false flag. Yesterday, the leadership of the Truckers held a press conference and stated that their number one fear was a false flag, initiated by Trudeau. They are correct! The truckers will be framed through the use of a false flag event. Something is going to get blown up, or there will be a mass shooting, something big is going to happen along these lines so the true "enemies of the state" can be blamed. The globalist eyes are upon Trudeau. This is not just a Canadian "thing" any longer. The war to save the soul of humanity is taking place in Ottawa and anywhere the convoys are deployed. This gives us a definitive clue as to what the upcoming false flag will be. This is an easy prediction as I have covered these Satanists long enough to know what is coming as I have their playbook!

Are You An Enemy of the State?

Who is the enemy of the globalists? The can be described in the terms:

  1. The truckers are what Hillary Clinton called the "Deplorables." They are average people, who pay their mortgages/rent. Work their fingers to the bone. They believe in family values and are trying to secure a liveable future for the children. They have had enough of governmental lies and are willing to stand up no matter the cost.
  2. The dissenters believe in the rule of law which runs contrary to a society that follows Satanic precepts of lawlessness and senseless violence. Anyone espousing Constitutional liberties, whether they be Canadian, Australian, British, New Zealanders, or Americans, are enemies of State. Individual liberties are in the process of being outlawed. 
  3. Many of the dissenters are Christian. They believe in freedom. This is the baseline of their religion, as God bestows the ultimate freedom to all human beings when he allows every human the freedom to serve Jesus or Satan. The Satanic globalists know that if most rational people were to see this choice clearly, the only choice possible, that they would totally rebel against the Satanically controlled State and choose Jesus. By repressing all protests, these Satanist leaders are confusing people with the ultimate choice faced by every human on the planet. One either chooses Jesus or an eternity in hell. The Biden's and Trudeau's of the world, who are controlled by the Soros' and Schwabs'  and the rest of the Satanic cabal, must engage in false flags and divide and conquer strategies (eg Critical Race Theory) so that humanity is unaware that they only have the two choices. All conflict created by our Satanically controlled leaders is a deception. Perhaps it will be discovered that this is part of the Great Deception.  

When Trudeau enacts his false flag attacks against innocent Canadians, in order that the Convoy is blamed, the impact will also be acted upon in all modern, Western nations. Christians, Trump supporters and people who support the Constitution will be blamed for these false flags and the real persecution will begin. 

In the first part of this article, I detailed how the Biden administration loathes Christians. I have just walked the readers through how Christians will be blamed and persecuted for what happens North of the border will be responded to by all Western nations, if not imitated with their own false flag events to justify the major purge that is coming. 

The globalists have lost control. The people are not buying the mandates. Average, non conspiracy theorists, are rising up in large numbers. They must be dealt with. After reviewing the facts, it is apparent to me that the globalists are going to enact a long-term and a short-term strategy. 

The short-term strategy consists of the previously mentioned false flag attacks to temporarily slow down the rising consciousness of the people that are finally waking up in large numbers. However, this is only a temporary fix. When the people recover from what is coming, they will rebound with a vengeance. This will require a long-term strategy. There are two strategies that come to mind. Knowing how these Satanic creatures think, they need to enact mass casualty events across the planet. The circumstances must become so horrific and deadly, that the average person will be afraid to speak a word of dissent. There are two leading candidates  that the globalists seem to have available at their disposal. First, a nuclear war would suffice and it could kill billions and the self-declared-globalist-depopulation goals would commence. Biden failed in his attempt to start a war with Russia. Secondly, a pathogen of unimaginable horror will be released upon humanity and I would venture to guess that 3/4th's of humanity will be eliminated. I believe that the mysterious pathogen that we are seeing what is sweeping China, now, will soon be vistied upon the world. I have written about and documented these emerging possibilities in past articles. However, my inner self, my little voice within, tells me something else is coming.

I went years writing about geopolitical events without talking about dreams and visions. However, in the past several months, I have a number of dreams and visions which helps me shape and understand the vast array of the variables being used toward subjugating the people, and increasingly, these visions are appearing in my life. I believe we are going to see assassinations as part of the coming false flag attacks designed to return control of the narrative back to the globalists. Even the J6 Commsssion has talked about future assassinations. On a recent show with Doug Thornton, he expressed the same expectation. There is a collective awareness that this is coming. These events are coming to me on a frequent basis. Please allow me to describe the most recent. 

At bedtime last night, I was watching a Youtube video on rehabilitating a specific type of injury. I fell asleep, then I fully awakened to a Youtube video of Jim Marrs describing certain elements of the JFK assassination which were conspiratorial and were designed to promote regime change as part of a coup. I instantly knew that this was a message of what is to come.

I knew the late Jim Marrs well and interviewed a couple of dozen of times. He was the first journalist that I confided in about my father's work with captured Nazi scientists and then secret space program. Jim was instrumental in guiding my development in terms of understanding the how's and the why's of regime change accomplished by false flag attacks, assassinations and coups of various types. After awakening last night, I was watching a video of Marrs addressing an audience on this very topic and it was mere weeks before his death. I believe the walk-away message that I am supposed to comprehend is that a major event along these lines is underway. The globalists must sacrifice one of their own in order that the people's rising tide of populism must be put down and a major assassination would suffice. This is the most unscientific statement that I have ever printed, but I believe that the event is at hand. A decisive blow to remove global support of the Convoy must be delivered asap. And I believe we are about to see assassination, disease and war all at once. Is anyone else thinking about the Horsemen in Revelation?

There will be survivors... and Christians need to realize that they will be the #1 target for elimination following the initial cleansing. The CSS will deal with this threat in the near future in terms of preparation.