Biden-Era Document Spells Out Which Americans Will Be Handled With Extreme Prejudice

concentration camp

The Bolshevik Revolution is full swing. Carried out through extremists in the Democratic Party as well as treasonous Republicans, made domestic terrorists out of average Americans. If one is on the list they can count on the fact that one day, when the communist takeover is complete, the previously identified lists of Red and blue lists will come into play in the same manner as described by Steve Quayle a couple of decades ago. When the communist takeover is complete, there camps waiting for you and for me. 

Most aware Americans will remember the Obama era MIAC report that labled Americans as terrorists if they presented with the following characteristics:

1. Support the Constitution

2. Support the Second Amendment 

3. Support Ron Paul's ideas

4. Present as a Christian

5. Expect limitsto be placed on governmental power


These Obama era ideas were meant to be handed off to Hillary Clinton for enforcement, a purge if you of all professing conservatives. Fortunately, Hillary was defeated in 2016 and the globalist agenda of stamping out America-first advocates had to wait. 

With the election of America's 3rd communist president, Joe Biden, these repressive notions about the people are back in vogue. Today, you are a considered to be a domestic terrorist if you engage in the following behaviors:

1. ,,, oppoairion to anti-government beliefs...

2. ,,, opposition to perceived economic, social and political,,government overreachm negligence or authority. In other words, anyone who opposes anything set forth by the government should be considered and dealt as a enemy of the state. More on what means, later. 

3. ,,,oppose corporate globalism and governing institutions which are perceived to be harmful to society. Simply put, this means that if one opposes all, or any part of global change poliies, they are considered to be a domestic terrorist.

4, Speakig out against cruelty to animals is considered to be a domestic terrorist act.

5. Supporting pro-life positions is considered to be an act of domestic terrorism. 

6. The following document makesit clear that if you have ever professed the belief that the military should have taken action to prevent the election from being stolen and handed off to Biden, then one is guilty of insurrection and treason.

The supporting documentation for these Biden-era policies with regard to who is a domestic terrorist to is listed below in Biden-era document released to DHS. 

What will happen to those who oppose the authoritarian brand of communism being implemented across the country? If one applies another Obama-era document, the NDAA, one can be declared to be a be an "enemy combatant" and they can simply be disappeared and these defined domestic terrorist have no rights. 

The following categories, which identifies Ammerican terrorists will one day be used to implement a reign of terror against conservative Americans that the country has never before witnessed. Please read the following new guidelines as to who is a domestic terrorist. American concentration camps will carry out the will of the Bolsheviks. From other existing documents from the Obama-era documents, it is clear that America has entered a hybrid movement which represents a cross between Stalin, Hitler and Mao. 

It appears that the dusting off these old Obama documents is necessary in order that people can understand what awaits all of us should we allow this communist revolution to reach a successful conclusion!