Is Biden Working with the CHICOMS to Secure Release of 15,000 American Contractors? Or, Are We Witnessing the Beginning of World War III?


By the time some of you read this message, Biden will have addressed the nation in his 1pm address to the nation. This should be a resignation conference. Biden is so incapacitated, I am certain that he cannot fully care for himself and is likely wearing Depends and requires basic assistance just to make it through the day.

His handling of the Afghan situation, on the surface seems to be the barometer of his incompetence. However, we must certainly realize by now that Biden is making no decisions. Obama, Eric Holder, Susan Rice and Loretta Lynch (mob) are giving the orders and the so-called national security team are executing the orders. This article will make it clear that war with China is at hand. Some have interpreted the mobilization of air, sea and land based forces as an indicator that the United State military is going back into Afghanistan to rescue 15,000 American contractors and close Afghan allies. Right now, Kabul’s situation is dire.

The airport is completely surrounded and targeted by Taliban artillery, they obtained from the US immediately after the pull out. The encirclement of Kabul and the threat to the airport is well-organized and effective. This strongly suggests that the Taliban is taking its marching orders from China. As it stands now, many American contractors are caught behind enemy lines. The embassy has destroyed all records, so the government is unsure as to how many are caught behind enemy lines. I know, for a fact, that many desperate contractors are using their satellite phones to call their corporations. In turn the corporations are attempting to contact their Pentagon and intelligence sources but to no avail. The Biden administration is totally unresponsive as to the fate of these desperate Americans, many of them are American veterans working for the government as contractors. In violation of their non-disclosure agreements (NDA), they are now contacting family members with a desperate attempt to appeal to the media to bring pressure upon Biden’s handlers to execute a forced military rescue. There are people, with strong military and intelligence ties that tell me the lid will soon be coming off of this abandonment of American personnel.   

Between 11pm and 1am (PST), on August 19/20, I began to receive both frantic and informative calls that a major deployment of troops was taking place. Some I can talk about and with some of the revelations I have been sworn to secrecy. Here is what I know.

All across the nation, American forces are being mobilized. Here is what have learned in the 10-11 hours.

  1. Some of land-based military at Ft. Carson are scrambling to deploy to an undisclosed location
  2. Luke Air Force Base is am F-35/F-16 training base to foreign based pilots, mostly from Singapore. However, some of the Air Force Pilots have been deployed to Hawaii.
  3. Ft. Bliss has been in the news for accepting the first 10,000 Afghan allies. Under the cover of that operation, an undetermined deployment of land-based forces is underway. Some have concluded that a massive rescue mission to various locations in Afghanistan is underway and will commence withing 48-72 hours with rapid deployment teams. However, I no longer share this conclusion.
  4. The most telling deployment is coming out of naval base in Bremerton. For the past 6 weeks, Sam Honnold and myself have been involved in reporting on a multi-national naval task force off the coast of India in supports of a 250,000 man deployment to the Chinese border. Further, the forces in South Korea and Japan have been mobilized against a possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan. I have concluded that no immediate rescue operation in Afghanistan will take place. This is deployment for World War III with China. I have been told, more than once by credible sources that Millie and Biden are being left out of the command decisions for these forces. More to the point, Sam published this account, which originated with the Mexican government. Is Trump in contact with AMLO, because AMLO is NOT cooperating with the Biden handlers. The Biden handlers are working with the Bush crime family and the governors of three northern Mexican states that are on the Southern border. These three states have been working closely with the Chinese and the cartels, in part, are serving as their light infantry forces, armed by the CHICOMS. WE ARE UNDER THREAT OF INVASION ON BOTH OUR NORTHERN AND SOUTHERN BORDERS FROM EMBEDDED CHINESE FORCES!  It should be noted that these three Mexican states are basically controlled by the Chinese. A state of insurrection exists within Mexico. Sam Honnold has already revealed the following to Hal Turner. Sam asked me to publish the following from his site


 "The fall of Kabul Sunday will prove to be the "Pearl Harbor Moment" for our generation.  It has been less than 48 hours and the geopolitical changes around the world are happening so rapidly--soon every American will recognize their lifetime divided into "before" and "after" the fall of Kabul on Sunday last."

Monday evening Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) tweeted a short list of US military personnel stationed in foreign countries "today". The list included 30,000 US troops in Taiwan (the last US soldier "officially" left Taiwan in 1979).  China responded within the hour that the senator's tweet was purposed to elicit a response, that it were unlikely true, and if it were true the answer from China would be immediate war to drive those troops off the island.  Curiousities of the situation include that Senator Cornyn is on the Senate Intelligence Committee and extremely well-informed on defense issues.  I added that the senator is known to be a Bushite and RINO-ish but always an advocate for expenditure toward a strong US military.  I added that Trump considered the senator a close ally on security issues and may well be in contact with him to test the waters on key strategic issues.  It took long hours until Cornyn deleted the tweet, again without retraction or the "immediate explanation" that China demanded.

China deployed aircraft and warships within four hours of the tweet (nighttime in China) for snap live-fire drills SW and NW of Taiwan; the US and allies deployed military assets as well, putting to sea all three Seawolf-class nuclear-powered attack submarines from their Pacific port in Bremerton, Washington.  These three submarines would only deploy simultaneously in an emergency as part of a "surge" to counter an imminent threat.  
They did deploy together just two weeks ago and the media was abuzz as to what the emergency could have been.  The USS Jimmy Carter recently was upgraded with an extra 100-foot hull section enabling special operations or other mission modules to be inserted as needed.  Minelaying is one of the mission capabilities of this module, an effort that may be vital to defense of the Taiwan Strait in an invasion.  These ships may well be able to transit the Pacific submerged in only four days (the actual top speed of such vessels being a highly classified military secret).  They also carry MK41 vertical-launch missile cells capable of firing the Tomahawk missile, among others.  All nuclear Tomahawk cruise missiles were quietly "retired from service" and some or all may have been dismantled during the Obama years, but Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick M Shanahan announced in 2018 that this nuclear capability violated no treaty and "would return to the fleet." The warheads and delivery systems may have been upgraded, but the old nuclear Tomahawk carried a W80 warhead with variable yield from 5-150 kilotons, giving a wide range of proportionate responses that could be launched from attack submarines and Arleigh Burke-class destroyers.  When the USS Laboon of this class sailed into the Black Sea two months ago, the Russians specifically named that this ship carried up to 56 nuclear-capable Tomahawks and this capability would force them to consider the threat posed by this vessel as a nuclear one.  Two more ships of this class, appeared in the port of Yokosuka, Japan yesterday to join the US 7th Fleet (meaning that they had sailed across the broad Pacific Ocean to enter the theatre), and were shown in a photo double-berthed.  Yokosuka harbor looks to be absolutely packed in various photos, with visitors plus Japanese destroyers and frigates moored three and four abreast. 

I commented to Hal that a number of observers believe that Biden has only limited control of the US military, evidenced by the fact that three key Trump-supporting leaders retain their commands:  General George Flynn (the brother of former national security advisor Michael Flynn) is the head of the US Army-Pacific, Admiral Craig Faller is the head of SOUTHCOM, and his cousin (misstated as "brother" in the live radio broadcast) Air Force General Terrence O'Shaughnessey is the head of NORTHCOM (O'Shaughnessey famously "went to the mattresses", 
retreating in April 2020 deep into the Cheyenne Mountain underground military complex during the first round of COVID-19 lockdowns.  The General may still be in a continuity-of-government bunker as he has been very quiet and the military has at various levels always considered Covid-19 to be a WMD enemy attack.) Further, as previously reported on this blog, numerous allied nations have been furiously drilling in the Indo-Pacific, bringing vast amounts of modern weapons and warfighters to the theatre despite China`s boisterous counter-threats.  Hal added that there is a near-constant stream of US military cargo planes heading into Australia, observation of this hidden by the severe Australian lockdowns preventing movement of civilians. 

Great Britain`s Royal Navy is doubling down in the Indo-Pacific, sending two River-class ships (HMS Tamar and HMS Spey) to the theatre despite a rather critical shortage of surface vessels.  
Russia mocked this class of ships when the HMS Trent entered the Black Sea in May, stating that she was not a threat, but a "tickle", armed only with machine guns and no missiles.  Plans are underway, however, to arm these small but very modern ships with proven missile systems as has been done by both the USA with the larger (3,000-ton) LCS and the smaller (1,000-ton) patrol/missile boats of the Taiwanese navy.  The anti-ship missile option most suited to this class "that China should fear" is the Naval Strike Missile NSM, or NMESIS in the land-launched area-denial version used by the US Marines.  Days ago during the LSE 21 exercises, the Marines launched this missile successfully on August 15th, destroying a target more than 100 miles out to sea.  Britain also posted video of the HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier replenishing underway and for the first time loading live munitions while at sea.  She, along with the rest of the CSG21 Strike Group, is refueling and rearming after the exercises.  Britain dispensed years ago with the freefall bomb and land-launched ballistic missile legs of her nuclear deterrent triad, leaving only her ballistic missile submarines.  The F-35B aircraft flown from the HMS Queen Elizabeth are nuclear-capable, however, and the US Marines on that ship may have brought some very special cargo (nuclear bombs and/or nuclear air-launched cruise missiles) aboard in the 14,540kg cache of munitions delivered.  The window of opportunity to confront China may be quickly closing, as "Chinese students rush to return to America", those students being the best and brightest persons of military age, numbering in the hundred-thousands, many from hardcore communist universities that President Trump had blacklisted because of the obvious security threat of those "students" in America…”


One unidentified deep-cover, Pentagon-related source told me that a plan is underway for the Chinese to secure the safe passage of the American contractors. This is a deal the compromised Biden administration has made with China in order to save their pathetic regime. However, this deal comes with a price-tag. China is expecting Biden to abandon Taiwan’s defenses and allow China to blackmail Taiwan into a unification agreement between the two political entities.


Meanwhile, a multi-nation series of naval task forces are in route, or already deployed in strategic locations, with the intent of attacking China. We have two conflicting theories. 



I am interviewing Sam Honnold later in the day and the public can expect more of these ominous dots to be connected.