A Big Pharma Coup Has Taken Over the White House




Sen. Ron Johnson, Wisconsin Republican, sent President Trump a letter Friday from more than 700 physicians urging him to expand the use of hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus outpatients by removing federal and state restrictions limiting the drug’s use to hospitals.

He said he forwarded the request to the White House after gaining support from 776 physicians, just 14 hours after he began circulating the letter, which asks Mr. Trump to issue presidential directives allowing doctors to “fight with all the weapons we have at hand.”

Physicians “must be free to use the medicines at hand free of politicians and bureaucrats’ second-guessing and threats,” said the letter. “It is unprecedented — and lethal — for state governors and medical boards to forbid physicians’ freedom to prescribe long-approved and safely used medications.”


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#Vaccines, for #BillGates, are a strategic philanthropy that feed his many vaccine-related businesses (including #Microsoft’s ambition to control a global vac ID enterprise) and give him dictatorial control over global health policy—the spear tip of corporate neo-imperialism.



President Trump began to close Chinese travel to the US when Fauci was calling for Trump to leave things alone. On 2/29/2020, Fauci said it was important to not overreact to CV-19. Now Fauci is openly criticizing Fauci on CNN when he said the President did not act soon enough and he could have saved lives if he would have acted sooner. 

Fauci should immediately be fired because above all else, Fauci is lying and he is also lying about the President. Secondly, the President is his boss and he is criticizing his boss in public. 

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

Sorry Fake News, it’s all on tape. I banned China long before people spoke up. Thank you @OANN https://twitter.com/deanna4congress/status/1249457858686656512 …

DeAnna Lorraine 🇺🇸@DeAnna4Congress

Fauci is now saying that had Trump listened to the medical experts earlier he could've saved more lives.

Fauci was telling people on February 29th that there was nothing to worry about and it posed no threat to the US public at large.

Time to #FireFauci...


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