Brace for Impact America: The 6 Stages of the Present Coup Are Nearly Complete! WHERE ARE THE REPUBLICANS?


I was working on an article regarding the stages of a typical coup. At the same time, without knowing what I was already writing, Robert Griswold contacted me and said we should talk about in depth about the coup that has come against, not just Trump, but the American people. The similarities between our approaches were stunning similar, but simply expressed in a different format. Robert's interview will be presented in Part Two of this series

In this serues, I compare the two approaches. First, I will briefly cover what I believe are the 6 stages of a coup. Then I will present the interview I recently conducted wtih Robert Griswold. Robert was at his very best in this interview!

People with money are under attack. Most have achieved their wealth by hard work and providing services and products that are needed by the public.  However, the Democratic Party is creating division amongst poor and middle class against the rich, not realizing it is the rich that provides most of them with employment opportunities. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

Partriotic Americans are under attack. Don't you dare fly an American flag, your home will be vandalized like mine was and I live in the middle of nowhere. 

Express doubt in the pseudo-science about the coronavirus that is destroying America and you will be attacked.

Dare to say that you support a more equal America and ALL lives matter, you will be destroyed. 

Defend the preservation of America's history, and you will be destroyed.

I could go on and on about artificially contrived strategies to divide America in order to perpetuate a cultural revolution designed to end up in a civil war.

It all comes down to the fact that we are going through a very clever coup organized by Obama and Soros. The goal is the destruction of America. A transformation to a communist nation and the murder of anyone that is not on board. 

The Six Phases of a Typical Coup Is Playing Out Across America and Every Democratic Leader is Guilty of Treason by Omission or Commission

History teaches that a coup follows a similar pattern and this history has now come to America:

  1.  The creation of a victim mentality to exacerbate differences in society to perpetuate a division among people and groups. This “rules for radicals” approach has already been achieved. George Floyd was murdered but the injustice behind his death does not represent all police and the interactions between a white police officer and a Black suspect. This is the height of a gross overexaggeration. Yes, we can and should review policies as we seek to administer justice in an unbiased manner. But how many CHILDREN must be murdered to make the point? WHERE ARE THE REPUBLICANS?
  2.     Once a certain threshold has been met, an attack upon the leaders of the traditional status quo is accelerated. Reasons to implement violence, usually through false flag attacks, is initiated. We are on the cusp of this happening. The Jussie Smollett case just missed being a large catalyst to this end. Now we have the Bubba case in NASCAR. Yet, these fake hate crimes are not even punished for the fraud that they are! There will be more in the near future. White privilege and Christian theology are becoming the scapegoat phrases and targets. When real persecution begins, I just told you who will be most victimized. This process is near completion. Yesterday, in New York, Christians were assailed by BLM in a manner in which they save is reserved for racial minorities. How does this unify the country and seek justice? It does not, it exposes the communist takeover agenda, which represents the true nature of this movement. WHERE ARE THE REPUBLICANS?
  3.     The existing regime is overwhelmed and radical elements of the coup take over the government. This is being manifested in the unchecked takeover of our major cities, all of them run by Democrats. Defund the police movements are the poster-child of this state. WHERE ARE THE REPUBLICANS?
  4.     Purges begin, which many of the people welcome, because of the relief from the widespread violence that is offered.  Weak Republican leaders begin to make deals with terrorists and the rest of us wakeup in a country that we do not recognize. This phase is well underway. Want to test the legitimacy of this claim? Wear MAGA clothing and see how long it will be until you are victimized in a violent manner. I dare your to say that all human life matters as we are all children of the almighty God. Just wait and see what happens. WHERE ARE THE REPUBLICANS?
  5.     Media scapegoats are created (eg Jews in Nazi Germany) and these people must be re-education in special camps that many of these people will never leave alive. As I mentioned above, the first half of this stage has already been met. We know who the targets will be. Once can see that elements #3, 4, and 5 are in process. If Biden is elected, and you work for a living, expect to hand over what you make to the government for redistribution to the Antifa terrorists and those that will not work for living. WHERE ARE THE REPUBLICANS?
  6.     Genocide of the enemies of the state ensues and eventually the New (World) Order is established. The goal was entirely the elimination of resistance to the most repressive, transhumanism regime ever instituted on the planet. As Obama's benefactor, Bill Ayers, once predicted, when the takeover happens expect tens of millions of Americans to be eliminated. The lists, courtesy of NSA spying have already been created. It strongly looks like the Deagel Report predictions will be fulfilled. WHERE ARE THE REPUBLICANS?

Cleste Solum is right, only 3% of this country is standing up to the scamdemic, to terrorism, and a major coup against the American culture. Brace for impact, the end of the American road is in sight. WHERE ARE THE COWARDLY REPUBLICANS?

Stay tuned for the next part of this series, Robert Grisowld will weigh in with a very unique perspective and it is something that every American needs to hear, while messages like his can still be heard!