Catastrophic Development Regarding the Common Sense Show


Without warning, Youtube demonitized  The Common Sense Show. Harmful content was listed as the reason. However, the harmful part was not explained, nor was the video in question identified. Youtube continues to abuse Chrisitan conservatives for their world view. I have been told I can reapply in 30 days. That is a meaningless proposition. Lisa Haven was demonitized over 60 days ago and Youtube has still not responded to her request for remonitization.

What does one expect when one builds their audience in enemy territory? Steve Quayle and myself had this discussion last week as we both know that the days of alt media are numbered and soon you will only hear the psychopathic voices of CNN and the controlled opposition of FOX News and of course to woke radicals of social media.

Fortunately, The CSS has an alternative as the CSS has opened a TV channel and this came just in time. The show is receiving rave reviews and the number of subscribers are growing exponentially.  Some of our guests include Steve Quayle, Celeste Solum, Robert Griswold, Lisa Haven, Mike Adams, Daniel Holdings, Derek Gilbert, etc. Coincidentially, these same people and more are appearing at the Final Gensix conference in October. Information is available here. All of us in the alt media know that we are on our last legs. 

Google is launching an adsense purge today and we fully expect to be victimized again.  Soon the only place you will be able to access The Common Sense Show is on our TV show in which we own the platform. The CSS TV show can be accessed right here:   $30 per year ($2.50 per month)  no censorship, no commercials and no 20 year old woke Youtube liberals imposing their limited world view upon people trying to save this country.