CDC now promoting sexual perversion, identity delusions, and genital mutilation to the nation’s youth




 By Lance D Johnson


After spending two years threatening parental rights and terrorizing children into isolation, suffocation and self-harm, the predatory U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is now seeking to confuse, mislead, pervert, and castrate the youth of the nation.

The CDC is now promoting genital mutilation to the youth and encouraging castration using synthetic hormones and other disturbing brainwashing techniques that affirm mental illnesses and spiritual struggles regarding gender and sex.

CDC promotes perverse brainwashing of youth, pushing genital mutilation, castration

The CDC is promoting an online chat space for youth to explore sex change operations, LGBTQ activism, polyamorous relationships and the occult. The chat service is described as “a community for LGBTQ+ teens” and preys on youth insecurities, emotions, hormonal changes, urges, curiosities, and rebellious nature. The chat room is designed to normalize sexual perversion and foster a safe space where youth can feel free to express their sexual desires. The chat room could include adults who seek to further prey on youth and convert them to something they are not.

The CDC is directing youth to the LGBT Health Youth Resources page, which pushes sexual perversion and self-harm onto youth…all under the guise of supporting their desires and preventing suicide. All the while, the CDC’s perverted affirmation of these issues only causes further confusion, guilt, and self-hatred in youth.

The chat space is advertised for youth, ages 13-19, and allows the youth to hide their chats from their parents. The chats explore mature sexual themes that can lead to perverse pornography addictions, shame, and the destruction of their identity. The CDC is promoting a platform for perversion that interferes with healthy puberty and relationship building. This chat room will only manipulate the youth questioning their true self while denigrating their self-worth.



The chats host specific conversations that target the very integrity of youth. For example, the conversations include “Having Multiple Genders” and “Queer Youth Activism and “Drag Culture 101”. The conversations coerce individual youth to take up an artificial sexual and gender identity in the LGBTQ community. The conversations are intended to make youth decide upon a false identity so they can fit on the bizarre spectrum of sexually perverse and mentally-deranged acronyms that have been formulated to confuse and ultimately castrate them. One chat is intended only for “Bi/Pan youth” and another is for queer “youth of color.” Some conversations try to persuade youth to refer to themselves as bizarre things like “xe/xem,” Facilitators encourage new titles such as “Black, genderqueer, gray-ace, and neurodivergent” or “Black nonbinary queer asexual.”

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Predatory online chat services seek to make children queer and question their identity

The chat material is interlaced with content that appeals to young children, incorporating video games, Pokemon and Star Wars to capture their attention. The chat service preys on children through social media sites like Instagram. The Q Chat’s Instagram page tries to hook children by advertising that they may actually be queer if they would just “learn about queerness” from their friends. The chats also try to manipulate young minds using tarot suggestions.

The chat window is deviously designed to stay hidden from parents. A “Click/Tap here for a quick escape” button takes the user to a Google homepage, hiding the site in a pinch. When chat reminders are sent to the user’s phone, the name of the site can be obscured to hide the content of the conversation. One chat is designed to persuade youth to push family members out of their life if they don’t agree with their LGBTQ lifestyle. This chat session is called “Finding Chosen Family.”

Planned Parenthood is one of the operators behind the chat service. Planned Parenthood now offers predatory hormone castration services to minors and tries to persuade youth to accept a transgender identity.