The Chicken Shortage Is Just Another Attack Upon the American Food Supply Designed to Increase Dependence On the Government


The chickens have flown the coup in America. What does that really mean? To some of us who are all to acquainted with the principle of using food as a weapon I feel compelled to say that 

If you say that someone has flown the coop, you mean that they have left conditions that impinges on their freedom. However, in this case, there is a chicken shortage that, like so many thngs in the Biden Administration, has seemingly come from nowhere! This is just one more attack on the American food suppy. When will America wake up? The food supply chain is broken. The meat packing plants have never reopened! Millions of cattle have been slaughtered by farmers and ranchers that could not get them to market. Last week Amazon has said they are "out of stock" for canned beef products. Now we have a cyber attack upon THE main gas line in America, n the land of 3000 mile salad, we have a major breach in the delivery of fuel. And since all food is shipped, is this just another move against the American food supply to make us dependent, and therefore, more vulnerable to being victimized by artificial food shortages that are manufactured as a means of control?

As one can clearly see in the previous paragraph, the American food supply is clearly under attack and the current administration is doing nothing but worsening the situation. Did you know that Biden, without Congressional oversight, is greatly increasing the Federal Food Stamp Programs?

When we connect the dots, this is only ending up in one place....