CHICOMS and the Democrats Are Making Their Final Push to Take Down America

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This mutlpart series will demonstrate that the CHICOMS are in league with each other to remove Donald Trump from office. This is a globalist plot endorsed at the highest levels. There are presently 40% of the nations of the world who are in some level of rebellion against the New World Order. Trump is the face of this populist rebellion. Trump must be removed at any cost, according to the globalists who control the Deep State and the Democratic Party. China has been chosen to takeover the plan to bring America down from the Deep State who has failed to remove Trump and slow down and reverse the rising tide of populism across America and the world. 

The Chinese are in the process of unleashing a multitude of bioengineered viruses designed to thin out their own population, and as such lessen their food procurement burden. Also, Chinese trade will be enhanced with Donald Trump out of office. This article will demonstrate how the Chinese will use a series of bio-attacks upon America to remove Trump. However, once the American government is replaced by the Bolsheviks, formerly the Democratic Party, then China will fulfill its foreign policy mandate and unleash a massive and genocidal attack upon America (see the five part Wei Fenghe analysis referenced below). 

China has declared war upon the United States. They are already killing tens of thousands of Americans and nobody is holding them accountable, through the shipping of Fentanyl into the United States, but should be surprised? No, this is not genetic specific genetic bioweapons that I previously wrote about back in July of 2019. This was the beta test for what is happening now. The  real attack upon America has moved beyond Fentanyl. 

We do not have to fear a Chinese nuclear attack and that is the long and the short of the good news. Early in the summer of 2019, I reported that, not only did Chinese Defense Minister, Wei Fenghe, state this openly in a leaked government document which expressed Chinese war plans intended to utterly devastate the United States, he stated that genetic specific bioweapons would be used to commit mass genocide against the United States while leaving the infrastructure and the 12 million Chinese alive in which only non -Chinese would perish and that the origin of the attack is coming from the Chinese biolab in Wuhan. Even Senator Cotton has said he doubts that this release was an accident. 

Wei Fenghe's private declaration of war was made by him as he spoke to the planning committee of the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) in which he called for genocide against the United States and announced their intention to create hundreds of millions of Chinese colonists the opportunity to become "good Americans". As I established in this five part series, the Chinese had ample motivation and the means to carry out such an attack. If you missed the five part series, you will want to review the major points prior to reading the following content.


  • Part 1- The domestic reasons the Chicoms feel it necessary to send millions of colonists to the United States.
  • Part 2- The planned methodology for the elimination of the American threat by committing genocide against the United States through the use of bioweapons that are genetically based.
  • Part 3- The Chinese are facilitating a Chinese takeover of the planet.
  • Part 4- The Chinese are beta testing the use of bioweapons against the United States through the weaponization of selected immigrants. Interview with Paul Martin.
  • Part 5 of this series dealt with the number one economic reason that Chinese want hundreds of millions of colonists to occupy the United States.

How Serious Is the Wei Fenghe Plan to Commit Genocide Against America? The Experts Weigh In

I have several sources that I rely on to provide me with reliable information and quality interpretation of the facts. One source had direct knowledge of this plot to attack America as had possession of the same document that I referenced earlier this past summer in print on the CSS. The other three sources of information had no direct knowledge but they all agree that if any nation on Earth were to invoke such a vicious battle plan, it would be the Chicoms. In fact, my most experienced covert source said "If I were still at the Pentagon and advising the Joint Chiefs, I would be telling them to expect China to kill tens of thousands of people in Hong Kong and import Chinese peasants into Hong Kong to take their place. To the Chinese government, human life and the loss of human life means nothing, on any scale." THE CHINESE UNLEASHED THE FIRST PART OF THEIR BIOWEAPONS ATTACK UPON THE UNITED STATES THROUGH THE CARTELS BRINGING IN FENTANYL WHILE USING MASS IMMIGRATION FOR COVER. NOW THAT THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY HAS FAILED TO REMOVE DONALD TRUMP, THE CHICOMS ARE TAKING OVER THE PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY FOR REMOVING TRUMP FROM POWER. WITH THE ADVENT OF THE CORONAVIRUS, THE WEI FENGHE PLAN IS IN FULL EFFECT AND WE SEE EVIDENCE THAT IT IS BEING UNFOLDED IN PHASES. 

All of my sources felt that it was possible that China would pursue the Wei Fenghe course of action, they all thought it more like, that they first attack America using more covert means. I have also detailed how the Chinese are prepared to unleash a massive 5th column attack inside of the United States when circumstances sufficiently weaken America such as massive domestic disturbance such as the type that Antifa is escalating towards. As the biolengineered biovirus arrives in the United States, the weakening of America has begun in earnest. The CHICOM's goals are being followed on behalf of the globalists who want to take out the American government and Donald Trump:

  • The detabilizing of the American economy will occur here, just as it is in China due to the release of the virus. China has lost $75 billion from its economy as many manufacturing plants have been shut down. Taking down the American economy gives the Democrats a fighting chance to defeat Trump in November. 
  • The destabilizing of America has begun. There was just an announcement of 17 quarantine zone in America, on Friday. In many areas of China, people are ordered to stay in their homes. One person, per family, every two days, by select neighborhoods is allowed to go outside the home and to procure food. The same is about to happen here. 
  • Chinese children are not going to school. People are not shopping or eating out. The Chinese economy is in free fall. By the way, many of our medicines in America are manufactured in China. Better learn to go natural and stock up NOW!!!
  • According to Chinese cultural and political experts, the virus is being directed at areas where the people are more progressive in their approach to government and they actually oppose the Communist Party. Wuhan is just such a place. 
  • Hospitals are becoming one big hospice and are ultimately becoming crematoriums. The same will soon be happening here in America. 
  • Many of my insider sources fear that when American is sufficiently crippled, as they are in China, the terrorist/RED DAWN TET-style-offensive will be unleashed against America. The detabilizing effect could bring about a coup against the American government or certain make Trump more vulnerable to removal from office, either administratively or through the election process.  At this point it is critical to mention that this is only the preliminary attack by the CHICOMS upon America. This early phase is only designed to remove Trump from power. This also satisfies the mandate by the United Nations that the CHICOMS are replacing the United States as the world's globalist policeman. Taking out America is the CHICOMS first goal. The next phase of the CHICOMS attack upon America will seek to kill as many Americans as possible through the release of an even more deadly pathogen..
  • The CSS has already shown that the Democrats, former DNC head Congresswoman Wasserman-Schultz Awan brother terrorists, the Clinton Foundation's "pay for play" and Ukrainian arms dealers illegally shipped arms to Iran via Pakistan. It has been shown that the Awan brothers were, at one time or another, were on the payroll of 80 Democrats including Schiff, Pelosi, Feinstein, etc. What else could we possibly conclude that the Democrats are using the CHICOMS bio-attack upon the US as their doomsday device since their efforts to remove Trump and effect a Bolshevik Revolution has failed. These notions are further bolstered by the fact that the CHICOMS are being allowed to take over the assault upon America. We have also demonstrated that key Democrats (eg Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Feinstein, Schiff, et al., have been in bed with the CHICOMS military for decades (eg VP Al Gore and the DNC shipping Silkworm technology to the CHICOMS for dark money campaign contributions in 1996 to Hunter/Joe Biden shipping F-35 technology to the CHICOMS in 2014-15). It is the operating hypothesis and presumption of the CSS that we will find that the CHICOM biolab was shipped the technology to manufacture the very bizarre Coronavirus. Paul Preston and myself believe that we know who the delivery agent is, however, we are working on procuring the details along with Alexandra Daley. Further, I am going to withhold any release of the identity of this group until it is determined that Attorney General Barr is not going to prosecute this group, located inside of California, and is under the control of the Governor of California, When it appears, that nothing is going to be done in this matter by the Trump adminstration, a full release of information will be authorized. Dead man switches are already in play. 

In a later article, the CSS will clearly demonstrate that all quarantine camps are disguised medical camps and they will be run by HHS and the United Nations. 

To conclude, the accuracy of these claims are embedded in the following quote by Wei Fenghe:

"The central committee believes, as long as we resolve the United States problem at one blow, our domestic problems will all be readily solved. Therefore, our military battle preparation appears to aim at Taiwan, but in fact is aimed at the United States, and the preparation is far beyond the scope of attacking aircraft carriers or satellites.

Chinese Defense Minister Gen. Wei Fenghe

When one eliminates the traditional military goals of the CHICOM government, there is not much left but the use of bioweapons and this is exactly what we see. It is the belief of the the CSS that we will remember the CHICOM so-called Coronavirus as the good ole days. What is coming next is the fulfillment of the Wei Fenghe strategy. The goal of the CHICOMS is genocide and as stated last July, race-specific bioweapons will be used. As Wei Fenghe stated in his speech, the only way China can survive is to procure the assets and resources of America and they have no interest in joint occupancy.