The NBA and the people associated with the NBA have done nothing but bash former PresidentTrump from day one. They call him an idiot, a racist and a dictator. Let's forget that this is the first President in a generation that has ever given a damn about the employment prospects and wages of Blacks, Latinos and women, let's look at who the NBA is supporting while they bash a President who cares about all of his people (except for the Deep State). 

There are two incidencents which highlights how our country has sold out to the Chinese on the following issues:

  • 1. Key members of Congress and current and past Presidents have given China the military technology so that they can compete with us on the battlefield.
  • 2. We allowed China to attack the US with the Coronavirus in order to change voting laws which resulted in election fraud and getting rid of Donald Trump and American populism, not to mention a healthy economy. This was done in conjunction with the Deep State/Democratic Party.
  • 3. We have allowed the Chinese to buy off professors (eg Lieberman). 
  • 4. We have allowed the Chinese to buy off Federal, State and Local politiicans (too many to list). 
  • 5. China controls Hollywood content with the CIA
  • 6. China controls social media with their social credit standards. All of this is done with the implicit permission of the United States government. 
  • 7. China controls professional sports in America, particularily the NBA. The control of the NBA by China is symbolic of the wholesale sell-out by the political prostitutes that run our government.  

Wtih regard to the NBA, let's take a look at 2 issues related to the Chicoms. 

Back in 2020, the NBA has officially apologized to the genocidal Communist Chinese government. What did they apologize for? At that time, the Houston Rockets General Manager tweeted out support for the people of Hong Kong in their resistance to deadly, repressive government. The NBA supports repressive government. The NBA supports mass murder. The government that the NBA is bowing down to is the same government that, in 1989, slaughtered thousands in Tiananmen Square.   Now, this heinous government is poised to do the same thing to the people of Hong Kong for daring to demand freedom.  Just like with South Park, the NBA has indeed been banned by Chinese controlled CCTV. 

At the time that the NBA sanctioned the hostile takeover of Hong Kong, one American politicians spoke out as  Senator Ted Cruz. tweeted the following:

Ted Cruz✔@tedcruz

As a lifelong @HoustonRockets fan, I was proud to see @dmorey call out the Chinese Communist Party’s repressive treatment of protestors in Hong Kong.

Now, in pursuit of big $$, the @nba is shamefully retreating. …

LeBron James (AKA La China James), the face of the NBA, has admantly attacked anyone who speaks ill of the Chicoms. In other words, LaChina James is imposing the CCP social credit system on anyone who dares to call out the Chinese for their human rights violations.  

Recently, Enes Kanter, a naturalized citizen from Greece, has spoken out about the Chinese and their genocidal comments. He and LaChina James have engaged in a public dispute. Kanter, an NBA player who has custom-made shoes critical of the Chicoms human rights abuses. 

Kanter is a good player. Two years ago, while in Portland, he averaged a double-double (ie points and rebounds). That is a solid resume of achievement in the NBA. After being traded to Boston, he was benched and rarely played despite his proven skills. The CCP has banned the playing of any Boston games in China. So, Kanter was just traded to the Houston Rockets and was promptly cut. He could help about 20 teams in the league, but not one of them will touch him because of his opposition to the genocidal CCP. CHINA CAN NOW DETERMINE WHO PLAYS IN THE NBA. 


There are 80 million Chinese that watch the NBA. Any team that does not control their players from making any unflattering comments about the CCP, will be banned from NBA TV by the Chinese. 

These were the major incident that took the NBA is off my watch list. I do not support a government that so abuses its own citizens in such a violent manner. But the NBA has placed genocide over human rights in the name of revenue derived from 80 million Chinese viewers of the NBA.  To hell with the Houston Rockets, the Boston Celtics, to hell with the NBA and to hell with the CHICOMS which represents the most evil and genocidal government in the history of mankind! No question, as we evolve into a Godless nation that is beginning to persecute Christians, the atmosphere is set to have the United States lie down with the Satanic (ie the Dragon) CCP!