The Civil War Which Is Commencing in California-Impeachment Is the First Shot


In 20 years, historians will write that the impeachment of Donald Trump was the first shot of the coming civil war in modern-day America. 

All week long, I have been landing on the square that the civil war is going to begin in California. The following will clear up some misreporting that has taken place in the past few days.

This is the first of a two part series which will clearly show that the Democrats need to remove Donald Trump by the end of the year for these California Democrats face having their revolutionary plans blowing up in their face and California will be under the control of the New California Movement personnel after Trump seizes control of the state. That action, as I will cover in Part Two, could be as close as 30-60 days. The administration has tried to keep a lid on this. However, leaks are everywhere.

Here is Part One which establishes that California is clearly under the control of an international set of communists and anarchists. This is an international plot aimed at the people of the United States and it has started in earnest in California. In this part, I will demonstrate that two clear forces are emerging that will oppose each other inside of California. Part Two will deal with CALEXIT’s operationalized plan for a coup against the President, already underway, and an international backed civil war will commence in California. Here is the background of these revolutionaries.  

Review of CALEXIT

For 3.5 years, the President of the New California movement, Paul Preston and myself, have been jointly reporting on CALEXIT. This is the formal and unconstitutional attempt to remove California from the United States and place the control of the State under the control of the United Nations as a protectorate.

The CSS and Paul Preston have previously and conclusively shown that the following people and groups have been involved in this illegal process.

The CALEXIT Dirty Dozen

  1. Eric Holder is the spokesperson and he is the former disgraced Obama Attorney General (Fast and Furious) who put guns in the hands of the Cartels.
  2. Loretta Lynch-former Attorney General under Obama. Complicit with covering up HSBC Banks crimes involving money laundering for the Clinton Foundation and general money laundering from cartel enterprises ranging from gun running to child sex trafficking to drug running. This was exposed by former HSBC Senior Vice President, John Cruz, on the CSS radio show.
  3. George Soros-Is any explanation and elaboration needed for Soros? How about the former leader of the Soros organization, Moveonorg, Joanne Blades, and many elite businessmen in California? They are providing operational support for this movement.
  4. Various Mexican Cartels, operating with near impunity within California, of which CSS researchers, along with Latin American missionary, Sam Honnold have exposed as being largely under the control of the Communist Chinese military.
  5. The Bank of China and various Communist Chinese military interests
  6. La Raza and the Reconquista movement, centered from Chapman University. This is the movement to kick out all white Europeans from the Southwest and reclaim an 8 state area for Mexicans as repayment for the Mexican-American War in the 1840’s. Embedded sources at the CALEXIT movement have stated, and has been repeated by Paul Preston, that these groups plan to publicly murder white people to force a racial conflict and societal instability in order to force the changes desired by CALEXIT operatives.
  7. The Mexican Consulate. Is anyone surprised by this?
  8. Members of the United Nations
  9. The Bank of China
  10. Mid-level Obama administration officials
  11. MS-13 and ISIS and other various terrorist groups as identified by Judicial Watch. MS-13 comprises the assassins for this movement. There will be a night of the broken glass, but it will not be businesses destroyed, it will be talk show hosts and key Republicans that are going to be murdered. This is why these groups are here.
  12. California Democrats ranging from former Governor “Moon Beam” Jerry Brown, Senator Kamala Harris, Representative Nancy Pelosi and confederates, Senator Feinstein confederates including her Communist Chinese drivers’ spy, California Attorney General Javier Bacera and many, many more.

All of the above declarations have been fully documented by both Paul Preston and myself.

The New California Movement (51st State movement which is Constitutionally legal), Paul Preston, CSS researchers Alexandra Daley and Marilyn Rupar and myself have repeatedly made these connections including the Communist Chinese control of Chinatown under the late Rose Pak, a Beijing Communist Party operative, aligned with present California Governor Gavin Newsome, Kamala Harris, and Humboldt County politicians and law enforcement in which the Sinaloa cartel, under the direction of the Communist Chinese, are fronting for many California shadow companies in the marijuana trade. By the way, Humboldt County leads the country in missing people and it is a small county. The Communist Chinese interests are involved in many of the missing cases and they are tied to the organ extraction underground empire as well as bondage and sex trafficking. There is a Amazon Prime five part series that addresses some of these issues called Murder Mountain. CSS researcher, Marilyn Rupar, used to live in Humboldt County and has reported on many of these goings on. Interestingly, as I reported this past Spring, the US Forest Service reported on the Sinaloa’s Humboldt County activities as the Sinaloas’ were creating a situation, due to their harvesting of marijuana, were causing toxic chemicals to run-off into the many water supplies in the region. The article was never followed up with an investigation.  

Many of my researchers have speculated that the deadly No Cal fires were the work CALEXIT forces and the intent was to drive out the upper middle and largely ‘white’ class of California residents who would be opposed to CALEXIT. Many of these impacted areas have joined Paul Preston’s New California movement. CALIFORNIA IS BIFURCATING INTO TWO CAMPS: (1) CALEXIT’S INTERNATIONAL REVOLUTIONARIES; AND,  (2) THE NEW CALIFORNIA MOVEMENT REPRESENTING ABOUT 75% OF CALIFORNIA’S COUNTIES INCLUDING LOCAL LAW ENFORCMENT AND POLITICIANS. A CLEAR AND PRESENT CIVIL WAR IS FORMING.  

Although not officially a member of CALEXIT, former DHS director, Janet “see something, say something” Napolitano was put in charge of the California university system and was to usher in forced compliance for extreme climate change policies. Dozens of noncompliant professors and administrators have been fired. Napolitano is also making the post-secondary institutions embrace illegal immigration and purposely, and through curriculum changes, ordering professors to not teach American exemplariness to their students. In other words, Napolitano is in charge of raising a young generation of “banana republic revolutionaries” which fits into the mindset of CALEXIT and the coming civil war.

CALEXIT has aligned with the Russians and illegally opened an embassy in Moscow, as noted in previous articles dating back 3 years including a CSS article published on 10/3 with a photo of the California embassy representing CALEXIT forces.

In front of embedded sources, these CALEXIT associates have promised extreme violence which they hope will bring the United Nations to force a separation between California and the United States. This will have a critical impact on the economy of the United States. If you think that this is far-fetched, please allow me to refer the readers to Cook County Commissioners who tried to invite in the United Nations to patrol the streets of Chicago. Independent of each other, Paul Preston and I learned that the Trump administration forcibly blocked this move. California is in the process of doing the same on multiple fronts. The operating principle is the Kigali Principles, in which the United Nations will move into a conflict-ridden area with a multi-national force of 29 nation and establish justice in their own dictatorial notions.  Part Two will establish how the UN will used in the upcoming civil war.


Oroville Dam

As Paul Preston and myself have repeatedly reported, the Oroville Dam was being used by the CALEXIT people to usher in the United Nations under the guise of rendering humanitarian aid when the dam would break. Yes, I am clearly stating that CALEXIT forces would sacrifice over million innocent people to fulfill their political objectives. In fact, the UN, this past Spring, trained the newly formed Mexican National Guard, for “humanitarian duty”. I believe the Oroville Dam was to be collapsed and the Mexicans would have been wearing the blue helmets of the UN inside of California.  

The Dam has been near collapse. If it had collapsed, over one million people would have been in extreme danger. The Central Valley would have been wiped out. The UN would be brought in and that would have become the military foothold the UN desires in order to commence Red Dawn and spread the chaos to the rest of the country. So, what happened to the Oroville Dam? Three months ago, the dam was 4 feet from overtopping. Paul Preston and associates filed a law suit against the California Department of Water Resources for intentional negligence, which would have led to the collapse of the dam. The powers that be, because the spotlight is on them, are scrambling to temporarily save the dam from imminent collapse. The spillway is in a clear state of collapse. The Dam is still leaking, but the for time being, the dam is barely holding. The Oroville Dam will collapse at an opportune time for these revolutionaries and the resulting chaos will lead to CALEXIT cries for international relief, relief that Trump will be accused of not rendering.

In Part Two, I will move away from the background of the coming civil war in California and move into direct operations of this movement which are clearly underway. Please take note, for example, that the impeachment attempt against the President are all being led by California Democrats and this is no coincidence. This ties back into CALEXIT as I will cover in Part Two. Also, in Part Two, I will link the long-planned, Red Dawn invasion of our weak Southern underbelly, by Russian, Chinese, Latin American forces under the control of the UN. At the center of both movements, Red Dawn and CALEXIT, are California Democrats. The most notable leader of both movements is Nancy Pelosi. At the next press conference, any reporter worth their salt would ask Pelosi what she and the “Squad” were doing in Guatemala in the late Spring?  They were laying conditions that will lead to the Red Dawn invasion. Further, Part Two will demonstrate how far the civil war planning has progressed in California including the neutering of Ham radios in California. Also, Part Two will cover Trump’s intentions to move in the troops into California as the state is presently going belly up, economically. Look for multiple false flags in California. This will be the beginning of the civil chaos leading to civil war. I would be leery of attending the movie Joker, in California, it smells like the 2012 movie, Batman, Aurora, Colorado style. Stay tuned for Part Two.