When I reported on Chinese Defense Minister, Wei Fenghe’s leaked speech to the CCP, there was a subtle but stunning revelation that most have refused to interpret correctly.  In the speech, Wei Fenghe criticized Japan and Nazi German of the WW II era for having lacked the single-minded focus needed to win the war against the United States. Fenghe was emphatic that modern-day China would not make that same mistake. Fenghe dutifully noted that “We may show interest in Taiwan, but that is not our true purpose. The sole purpose of the Chinese foreign policy is to fully occupy the United States and we are not interested in co-occupancy.”


The document went on to stress that every American man, woman and child must die noting that there are several avenue to achieve this goal including the deployment of race-specific bioweapons that the CHICOMS developed in conjunction with Israeli researchers. Wei Fenghe emphasized that the only spared group would be Americans of Chinese descent and this would number about 14 million.


I have had numerous private discussions with my military insiders and they are in agreement with Wei Fenghe’s intent to commit genocide against the American people. However, nearly every source did not believe that the most efficient weapon were race-specific and this was based upon technical challenges associated with the approach.


Three sources, including my best source, have stated that a number of strategies will likely be employed which will accomplish the same goal with some Americans following between the cracks. However, nobody will not want to be one these survivors because to be in the targeted American group, makes one the most endangered hunted species on the planet. Here are some of the sources have said are the means for what wlll be deployed against American interests:


  1. Extreme variants of weaponized Ebola released in waves. Ebola infects about half of those who are in proximity of the virus with approximately a 90% kill rate. We can expect to see one wave after another. Please note that Fox News announced, out of the blue, 10 days ago, the development of an Ebola vaccine. This is psyops preparation designed to induce extreme fear when the actual releases occur. Ebola will be spread in the same manner as covid through the immigrant population as they are being bussed as well as being flown to various and diverse locations throughout the United States. The wave after wave after wave of Ebola variant releases could kill. The thought was that the variants would be released as many states return to normal as it would enhance the super-spreading of the virus. How many will die is a crapshoot, but I was told that up to 75 million might perish. Remember, 10% are going to survive. The burnout factor each wave would be about 30 days. If weaponized beyond what we generally understand, today, changes this figure dramatically, but with very unpredictable results.
  2. Based on my previous discussions with my sources, there needs to be a catalyst to get this whole process started. I have been very consistent in saying that this would be the Chinese invasion of Taiwan. It will draw the bulk of our already depleted fighting forces to defend Taiwan. Taiwan is the great deception. Our military will be destroyed and we will have little left to combat the CHICOM invasion at home. Why do you think that China has always pressured the Democrats to seize our guns? Japan will be drawn out as well. Chinese interest in Taiwan is not their major foreign policy concern as has been championed in the American mainstream media. Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Harris, et al, understand this and they are guilty of treason as they are facilitating both he internal infiltration into the United States, like what we are seeing in New Zealand, Australia and now Communist-controlled Canada with Trudeau fully on the CHICOM payroll. When the CHICOM invasion of Taiwan begins, it will turn nuclear very quickly in order to facilitate the complete destruction of all forces on each side. The Chinese will win this war of attrition because losing half of their population (ie the loss of the 3 Gorges Dam which will kill 400 million Chinese as well as the battlefield casualties and the collateral damage that will follow) is an acceptable loss to the Chinese. South Korea, Taiwan and Japan will target China’s six largest ports, but again, this is an acceptable loss to the Chinese. The 6 ports are the ports that CHICOM traitor Mich McConnel’s in-laws have control of for the CCP. Yes, I am talking about the family of McConnell’s wife, the former US Transportation Secretary, in the biggest act of treason in the history of the United States including Benedict Arnold. When the United States is fully engaged the Chinese and their mercenaries (eg cartels) will cross both borders and engage in a scorched earth policy. However, scorched earth does not involve resource destruction. In fact, the Chinese goal is quite the opposite. A couple of my sources have said that a Neutron bomb experience may be employed in which infrastructure is spared but all the people are killed. At some point the Russians will be involved in the Midwest, the Southeast and the Eastern Seabord. I expect the latter to be nuked by Putin for reasons to be discussed in a future article. I would suggest everyone watch Season One of The Man In the High Castle in order to gain some perspective of what is coming. Just substitute Putin for Hitler as was depicted in the series. I believe that the plans have been made to split the US in half between the Russians and the Chinese. However, China, with support from globalist financing and logistical support will attack Russia in their final move to become the undisputed World Policeman. The Deagel Report reflects the American losses described here, however, it does not capture the fact this is merely a step in the direction of the complete eradication of all Americans with nobody spared. And this would include the traitors of Pelosi et al….The Brown Shirts are always eliminated!
  3. So, what about the survivors? Mass starvation awaits most Americans. Bill Gates has become the largest owner of American farmland. He wants you to eat bugs and not meat. I would say that this constitutes a fair example of what is coming. Additionally, Gates in intent on dimming the sun and destroying growing seasons. Combine these nefarious factors with emerging food inflation, Americans will be starved on unimaginable scale. The survivors will be enticed to come the “benevolent” camps for their food needs. However, this is the American version of the final solution. Immigration will figure prominently with what is ready to happen. 


This is a brilliant, Satanic-inspired plan. And what you have read here is only the tip of the iceberg. In my upcoming conference presentation with GENSIX, I will be providing both the historical context and the details of future intentions of the globalists to starve America to death along with the other methods that will be used to exterminate as many Americans as possible. 

In order to provide some detail, suffice it to say that guillotines and malnutrition could be written on most causes of death in the final stage of the destruction of America.





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