Connecting the Dots On the Plot to Oppose the Globalist Takeover By Returning Trump to Power (Part 2)


I am going to present a paradoxical set of circumstances and allow the reader to connect the which emanates from the facts and circumstances presented in Part One.

After reading Part One, have you connected the dots? If note, please consider the following facts:

Revelation From Part One-Election Audits and An Important Court Case

The Maricopa County Audit and Paul Preston’s law suit against California for using illegal ballots is making the enemy of the American people visible. Both of these audits could prove successful, but there is nobody to enforce the rule of law. They are all Democrats. Remember, a target is being painted on those who stole the election on behalf of the Biden administration.

The key phrase in the above paragraph is “there is nobody to enforce the rule of law.” We have an Attorney General who stated, before the Senate, in his confirmation hearing, “Antifa is not committing acts of terrorism so long as the attacks are after business hours. Did you have to rub your eyes twice as you tried to make sense out of that lawless-based, nonsensical comment. The audits and court cases could produce irrefutable proof, but the rule of law is dead in this country.

The Answer to the Rule of Law Being Dead

As many have concluded, the elite are in a panic. They know the walls of doom are closing in. If the people are not successful in opposing their tyranny, the second coming of Christ will certainly lay waste to this demonic spirit that permeates in the nation’s capital.

As I interviewed Paul Preston on, I asked him who was going to enforce a favorable court ruling on the illegality of the California election ballots in which, if thrown out, would negate all of California’s 55 electoral votes. A legitimate justice system would then award the election to Trump. That is not going to happen in this or a parallel universe. So, I asked Paul, what’s the solution? He said what I also feel, we need to raise public awareness to the point where their emotions reach a tipping point, and the loyal part of the military is confident that they can launch a successful counter-coup.

Likely Collusion Between the French and American Military Forces

Within 10 days, BOTH  the French military and 124 Retired American Generals and Admirals are commanding the American people to take action against their government. The Americans identified, in a public letter, fascism and Marxism that has invaded our country. Biden’s cognitive condition was singled out. This is a call to action. The American military knows it is too soon to initiate a counter-coup. However, they are painting the target. The French military was blatantly honest as they said unsavory immigration is leading to civil war in France which would result in the overthrow of globalist leader, French President Macron.

The Implications of  the French and American Military Actions

These events are not unrelated. Both the American military and the French Military are organizing against the globalists. This is stage one which is to identify who the enemy is. Apparently, Putin is on board with the French and America military replacing their illegitimate governments and this explains why Putin has not invaded Ukraine. Putin is a taking a big risk because he has a limited amount of time to invade Ukraine before winter weather arrives.

Four Nations Prepare to Combat the New World Order’s Designated Policeman

As reported in Part One, Australia, Japan, France and the US just concluded joint military drills in preparation to fight China. This was done with NATO oversight (France and the US), and Biden had no command actions or oversight in this important drill. This represents part of the breakaway of France and the US, who’s governmental leadership is decidedly pro-CHICOM. When we combine items #2 and #3 on this list, the coincidence factor fades and it is clear that the French military and the American military have the same goal.

It is clear that some major governments are combining forces to oppose the takeover of semi-sovereign, Western democracies.

Bringing One Billion Angry Indians Into the Fight

Some of my colleagues in the alt media have this information. Russia and China have been skirmishing on China’s northern border. Putin, has had enough. He has released India from its pledge to Russia to not attack China without Russian approval. India is in the mood to do so as India has been hit by a Chinese bioweapon that has paralyzed the country. This is not Covid-19! It is a much more deadly bioweapon.  I expect to see India becoming much more aggressive against in the coming days. China is trying to disable a country with over a billion people armed with nuclear weapons in order to keep them from combining forces with the aforementioned countries who are practicing to oppose China.

The Implications of a Trump-Putin Meeting

As previously mentioned, Putin has not attacked Ukraine. Russia needs a “pass-through” Ukraine to get their natural gas to Europe at a cheap price. Despite this important need, Putin now has dry fields and can roll in his tanks, has chosen not to act. Why? As I reported a month ago, Putin and Trump met and Netanyahu is onboard with any plan that will remove Macron and Biden and his handlers. This is a dangerous move for Putin, because if his invasion of Ukraine is not completed by September, his mechanized forces will be caught in potentially wet fields and could be defeated!

Please note that Biden is arming Hamas and other terrorist groups in retaliation for their forming alliance with these Western democracies. This is punishment for Israel being on board with the Putin-Trump plan to unify against globalist forces.

Conclusion to Part Two

With more explanation, have you connected the dots yet? It is quite clear that several countries are aligning to oppose what the globalists are doing which is to disable the world through the release of Chinese bioweapons followed by WW III. The aftermath of WW III would produce a New World Order under the tyrannical control of a few. Will you support an American counter coup against an illegitimate Biden administration who stole an election to gain control of the American government? Do you root for the French military to unseat Macron?

Was Paul Preston right when he announced, on my show, only the military can save the country and ultimately the planet from the globalist forces controlling the American Deep State and the Democratic Party. Do you fully understand the hell that will have to be paid to carry out this resistance movement?

Stay tuned, there is more.