Conservative Americans Have a Date with Destiny and There Is Only One Way Out


Part One

Before commencing into Part Two of this series which helps to explain the ongoing and worsening civil and how we got here, please allow me to set the stage by quoting Federal District Court Judge Dever:

"There is no pandemic exception to the Constitution"

Many will not like this article because I will make it clear that national survival, on a long-term basis, is no longer possible. However, individual survival, for a few, and spiritual survival, for all, is still very much alive. The election Trump will somwhat push back the inevitable, but we can only hope to buy time before making the decision to confront the beast. 

Judge Dever's sentiment has been exposed in writing and on various radio shows in the Independent Media (IM) repeatedly. However, the mainstream media's (MSM) message of acquiescing to authority in all situations has become the mantra of the majority of the face-mask-wearing America public. America has allowed its country to be destroyed, beyond repair, based on voodoo science that does not stand up to empirical evidence. However, lamenting this point is no longer a worthwhile endeavor. We have lost our country and a year from now, we will not be having discussions about how to save the country and preserve individual liberty, we will be talking finding the best places to hide.

America is enveloped in a civil war. The rank and file of Americans have no idea that we are facing a group of Bolshevik Democrats who will destroy this country, and everyone in it, before relinquishing control. Even if Trump wins the election, there will be no safe city in America. In the face of political defeat, the Democrats will become the modern-day version of the Viet Cong. Please remember, that the Vietnamese people were involved in continuous warfare from 1941-1975. They would never give up. America would have to have committed systematic genocide against the Vietnamese people in order to have won that war. Make no mistake about it, the Democrats are so extreme that they rival any revolutionary group in history including the Vietnamese. Remember, the Democrats took God out of their political party platform several years ago. That tells you who they really serve. It is not an exaggeration to state that Satan is in charge of the Deep State and no tactic, no matter how reprehensible, is beyond consideration for use by these Satanic servants. 

 What is going on now may be the most quiet civil war in world history. Most of America is so disengaged that they do not realize the carnage that is taking place on our streets and how it is growing more serious by the minute. And as we learned in Part One of this series, even those that see it, firsthand, employ cognitive dissonance strategies to avoid dealing with the threats. As we also learned in Part One, if one employs cognitive dissonance often enough as a psychological defense mechanism, the practice induces the person into a state of learned helplessness in which even self-defense becomes impossible. Also, when we add to the fact that most of the real men in society are either dead or in their 60's and 70's, with their fighting years behind them. The courage needed to stand up to illegitimate authority is all but gone except for those I would label the "gray brigade". 

Is there anything that can be done? Four out of five Americans are so dumbed down, that they don't even realize there is a price upon their head. And losing their collective heads is a real possibility. Yet, America's future victims have their heads down texting, playing computer games and blindly obeying unconstitutional and illogical orders from pseudo-President, Anthony Fauci and his boss, Bill Gates. Big Pharma has replaced Congress as the legitimate law-making body in America. Most Americans do not realize that they have lost the First Amendment, whether it is about worshipping Jesus or exercising free speech. Ask your fellow Americans to name the 5 parts of the First Amendment. They cannot, because most their teachers never learned this as well and so many warned us in the 1980's dumbing down America has been occuring for generations. 

We are in the midst of a multi-generational plot to psychologically subjugate most Americans as was covered in Part One. The only question remains is whether, or not, enough of these people can be awakened to the threats to their very lives. I would be less than honest if I said it is likely. However, warning the public is my assigned mission and I carry out this mission, although I fully realize that my devotion to the truth, will cost me my life in the near future. I fully realize that my days as a watchman on the wall are numbered and God will call me home. My consolation is that I will have eternal life. I have resigned myself to die at my front door and I will not be transported to a camp for final disposition. Why do I think it will get this bad? Because I read and take seriously the Left's ultimate goal for Christian conservatives, especially White Christian conservatives. When I read and hear the racially and religious prejudiced genocidal messages from the Left and what they want to do with people like me, I believe them. I am already living under this threat. I have had 6 security breaches since June 12, 2020. 

One may ask, why do I continue warning people about what is coming, based upon what is already happening? I have no illusion about saving my country, that ship has sailed with its $36 trillion dollar debt, neutered police forces and Democrats that have embraced the doctrines of communism. I am hoping I can wake up enough Americans that they will see the only way out of this crisis, is to submit to Jesus Christ. For millions of Americans, temporary survival may be possible, but it is only temporary. However, eternal salvation is within all of our citizen's reach, and re-electing Trump may buy us some time to make this final decision, but there is a shelf life to your freedoms and America's continued existence.

If and when the Bolsheviks takeover the government, I expect the purge to immediately commence. Anyone who refuses the mandates of Big Pharma will be declared to be an enemy of the state. And with the 1st Amendment gone, the attack on the 2nd Amendment will commence immediately. America will not be allowed to defend herself. Those who are not immediately purged, will be marginalized like what we see in South Africa. Before your date with destiny, you will be stripped of all personal wealth and property. Your religion will be outlawed and as Celeste Solum has stated, forced renunciation of Jesus Christ will become an obession of the new regime. Just like in Communist China, the state is the only entity deemed worthy to worship.

If these are the last words I write, I would advise you to seek Jesus. If you know Jesus, cling to him even tighter than before. Soon we will be ruled by psychopaths who serve Satan. With technology that would have made Hitler, Stalin and Mao jealous, you will be pursued with all technolgical vigor. There will nowhere to run or hide. The "Beast" will find you. There is no middle ground that can save you and you will be forced to decide. 

What will the purge look like, you ask? That is the easiest question I have ever been asked. Why? Because Satan's servants have made it clear. They have told us what they are going to do to us and this will be operationally covered in Part 3.