The Coronavirus Cannot Be Understood Without Accepting the Fact That China Has the Most Evil Government In History


In Part One of this series, the presentation of facts was offered which solidified the claim that the CHICOMS are in the process of colonizing much of the planet. It is the contention of the CSS that the CHICOMS, due to economic and health conditions in China, will be sending hundreds of millions of its citizens to every corner of the earth to set the stage for becoming the world policemen. Although the material was superficial in Part One,  the documentation was extensive and the conclusions were easily arrived at. China is positioned to be the dominant force which will usher in the New World Order. 

In Part Two, this article will establish the CCP as the most evil and deadly form of government on the planet. The genocide of their own people exceeds Hitler and Stalin combined! The purpose of Part Two is to establish a prima facia case against the CHICOMs that they would no compunction to eliminate tens of millions of their own people if it would reduce the GDP expenditures of food which is an out of control economic issue facing China. Once we establish that the Chinese would continue with their historic pattern of genocide, it opens the door to continue the actual origins of the Coronavirus and why the Chinese would have no hesitation to release the virus, if there was an economic and political gain to be realized. Part Three in this series will explore this possibility/probability.

Here is Part Two of the Most Evil Government In the History of the Planet.

President Xi Jinping has achieved the right to rule indefinitely after the CHICOM’s legislature amended the constitution in March 2018 and subsequently removed term limits for the presidency. This move was symbolic of the inhumane repression under Xi’s deadly and autocratic rule.

CHICOM critics continue identify human rights abuses including, but not limited to, arbitrary detention, imprisonment, organ extraction (both with and without pain killers) and enforced disappearance for political opponents. The CHICOMS social credit system maintains unreasonable and punitive control over the internet, mass media, and education. Where one would think that religious tolerance would be increasing on the planet, the CHICOMS stepped up their persecution of religious communities, including unwarranted persecutions against Islam, Hui Muslims and Christians. The CHICOMS limit all religious practice to five officially recognized religions in officially approved premises. Authorities retain control over religious bodies’ personnel appointments, publications, finances, and seminary applications. The government classifies many religious groups outside its control as evil cults, and subjects members to police harassment, torture, arbitrary detention, imprisonment and even death. Crosses are replaced with the symbol of the CCP, Bibles are confiscated and gatherings, even for so-called approved religions are often forbidden and its members can be arrested without notice. Several hundred people from Tibet who were traveling on Chinese passports to India for a  2018 teaching by the Dalai Lama were forced to return early when officials in Tibetan areas threatened retaliation against those traveling abroad and their family members back home.

In Communist China, the CCP has installed mass surveillance systems to tighten control over society. Failure to adhere to social credit dictates can result in loss of job, housing, the right to travel and the right to attend school. Basically, a nonconformist is depersoned.

The CHICOM continue to unwarranted collections of biometrics including DNA and voice samples; use such biometrics for automated surveillance purposes. By the way, your NSA does the same thing today. The CHICOMs have the most draconian “carrot and stick” program in the world as they have developed a nationwide reward and punishment  for adherence to the social credit system, or, has been pointed out, the consequences for noncompliance are devastating. All CCP data collection is aimed at ending dissent from the people.   

The CCP has tightened its ideological control over post secondary institutions. A number of professors, including foreigners, were punished for making comments critical of the government. All curriculum must conform to the CCP and there is no such thing as academic freedom. Professors are viewed as employees and therefore, subordinate to the CPP’s whims and policies.

The CHICOMS have also pressured the NBA to punish all people connected to the league who express support for the Hong Kong freedom fighters. CHICOMS have pressured  foreign companies to adhere to CHICOM disputed terms and policies. Last year, the US-based Marriott International apologized for listing Taiwan and Tibet as separate countries on its website after authorities shut down the website and app in China for a week. I will never stay in a Marriott because last year they fired an employee for “liking” a pro-Tibet tweet. CHICOMS have gone after international, including America-based airlines. The CHICOMS have even threatened to ban these entities from  from operating in China, dozens of international airlines made changes on their websites to refer to Taiwan as part of China. And of course everyone of these businesses acquiesced to CHICOM authority even when they did not have to.

The worst transgression experienced by the CCP is the mass murder of its own citizens. The University of Hawaii has conducted a series of studies and the results are beyond alarming. 

From the University of Hawaii Democide Project claims the Maoists murdered 76 million of its own citizens. 


20th Century Democide


Now that we have identified the most evil government in the history of the planet, it is time to move to the next part in this series which will explore why it is highly probable that the Coronavirus release was agreed to by the CHICOMS leadership.