The Coronavirus Trojan Horse

trojan horse

We are all familiar with the legend of the Trojan Horse. It has become a methaphor for using deception as a tactic to achieve a hidden motive. Although the Coronavirus is very real and can be deadly, our response seems to be illogical and often out of proportion to the threat. That is because this threat is being greatly exaggerated and is being used as cover for something that will prove to far more serious and will potentiall kill far more people. Here are more anecdotal experiences, along with comparative death rates from other sources, which has led me to believe that this modern-day Trojan Horse is masking a much more serious threat. 

I have just completed a review of my emails over the past 3 days. I have 18 emails which indicate references to relatives being called up for active duty. Presumably, all of these references are for deployment in the recent one million man call to active duty notices that went out.

I conducted a frequency count of my received emails, in other words, a qualitative and descriptive account of related events and the deployments are strictly domestic and ALL are connected to war activities, not to medical call-ups as the mainstream media has repeatedly reported. In fact, I do not have even one email that said “I am a doctor, nurse, medic and I am being called to active duty.

Further, I scanned “we are in danger” emails over the past seven days and an entirely different picture emerges than what is coming from the White House briefings.  Here is what has emerged:

  1. The most striking series of communications comes from a total of four medical personnel at hospitals who say if there is any doubt as to cause of death (eg the classic “underlying causes” to list the Coronavirus as the cause. Through a mutual acquaintance, I was able to speak to one doctor who told me that he had patients whose cause of death had been altered from what he reported and in each case, the cause of death was changed to the Coronavirus. This is such a murky area, because before someone dies from CV-19, there are multiple health problems (eg lungs, heart, etc) that anything could be listed as a cause of death. I am satisfied that at some level the numbers being reported as CV-19 should be called into question. The one area, however, that I am certain about, is the velocity of the virus. It is, and remains, highly contagious.
  2. In the well-known CBS case of duplicating the same photo for differential stories (ie March 26 and March 29), there was a deliberate attempt to falsely demonstrate hospital overcrowding. I have no doubt that hospital overcrowding is occurring on a spot basis. However, I am getting reports from many urban hospitals in “hot zones” (eg Michigan), which say that the levels of patients have not spiked. From this information from ground zero, it is hard to not conclude that the numbers are being greatly exaggerated from both a cause of death perspective to an overcrowding perspective. From an anecdotal perspective, there is a video that went to several hospitals across the country and although this is not research in the traditional sense of the word, these anecdotal accounts are indeed reflective of the fact that the reports of massively overrun hospitals are being greatly exaggerated. Here is the link….
  3. Rush Limbaugh produced death rate numbers which comes from standard sources and when we compare the standard causes of death to CV-19, the CV-19 death fade into the background and then we must call into question everything we are being told.  “I have here from a source called or if you’re in Rio Linda, Worldwide deaths, January 1st through March 25th of this year. Are you ready? Worldwide deaths from January 1st to March 25th, 2020, 21,000 deaths coronavirus. And that’s the low number. The lowest number of deaths, January 1st, March 25th, coronavirus. Now keep that number, 21,000 coronavirus deaths, and counting. We have to say “and counting.” Now, 113,000 deaths by seasonal flu, 228,000 deaths by malaria. Around the world, worldwide, worldwide. Not America. Worldwide.”  This is January 1st through March 25th. So basically three months.

Coronavirus, 21,000 deaths.
Seasonal flu, 113,000.
Malaria, 228,000.
Suicide, 249,000.
Traffic fatalities, 313, almost 314,000 deaths.
HIV/AIDS, 391,000 deaths.
Alcohol related deaths, 581,000.
Smoking-related deaths, 1,162,000.
Cancer deaths, 1,909,000 deaths.
Deaths attributed to starvation, 2,382,000 deaths.
And death by abortion, 9,900,000.”

Editors Note: From a research perspective, I would like a FACTUAL comparison between contributing factors in the demise of flu patients to that of Coronavirus patients. One would have to employ a statistical analysis called “multiple regression analysis”, where each contributing factor to each death would be weighted in terms of lethality in the cause of death. There is some subjectivity in the analysis, but this comparison would yield a direct comparison between the two distinct type of illnesses as a basis of comparison. It would only be one indicator, but this could honestly provide comparative data that is not being released to the public at the present time. Further, if this kind of data is not available, everyone at the CDC should be fired for gross incompetence. In other words, I am quite confident, that something like what I am describing has already been done, it is just we are not being told.

  1. I have my own anecdotal evidence to discuss. Although I live in rural Arizona, I receive the Phoenix media and there have been two reports that has garnered my attention. First, in Phoenix, the city has reopened a large hospital, St. Lukes, and it is operational. This is significant with regard to overcrowding which is not occurring in the Phoenix area (the country’s 7th largest city). There was one stunning report, from New Channel 3 (Independent) earlier this week. The Channel 3 reporters walked the field at State Farm Stadium, where concerts are held and the NFL Cardinals play football before 70,000 fans on Sundays. In combination with the St. Lukes reopening and the Channel 3  report in which they were walking the football field with the Army Corps of Engineers, a new reality set in for me that we as a nation are in war mode and the anticipated casualties (ie people in need of medical attention) was far exceeding the future Coronavirus needs. It was at that this moment, I came to believe that the massive scrambling for masks and other medical equipment on a mass scale is much more likely due to war than the Coronavirus. And when we add to the fact that the leaders of NORTHCOM and SOUTHCOM are in hiding, this speaks to a war mode itself. I have previously reported that Luke AFB flight missions, which I observe on a daily basis has changed to a pattern which goes back to the 6 weeks leading up to the last Iraq War. 

Two days ago, and within minutes of each other, Mike Adams and myself independently published articles, and for different reasons, were saying that the United States had moved into war mode. Please remember, that in yesterday’s article, I identified 3 waves of threats coming America’s way.

  1. The Coronavirus, in which even a proportionate response to the threat, would devastate our economy. The attack upon China would also prove devastating because of the so-called “supply-chain-chaos. These factors would impact our ability to convert peacetime industries to wartime production. I am not minimizing the threat of the virus, however, I am in agreement with Limbaugh about a proportionate response. For example, in many parts of the country, a couple cannot play tennis which constitutes no threat with regard to the virus. I hear from a man in Chicago who was ticketed for shooting baskets by himself. What this suggests is that these are not anti-virus procedures, they have more to do with keeping people out of public, period, with or without exposure risk to the virus. Why? The second wave coming America’s way explains the problem in more detail.
  2. The second wave is what, for the past 5 years, I have dubbed, the “TET Offensive”. This is a term I borrowed from the Vietnam War to describe a massive attack in South Vietnam for insurgent forces on the same day at the same time. With all of the terrorist and cartel embeds, it is likely that they will be activated to carry out sustained and continuous terrorist attacks on our soil and the White House wants people off the street for this reason. This, I believe, is the reason we are seeing such an overreaction with some of the more ridiculous restrictions placed upon Americans which makes no sense. This explains the domestic call-up, in part, of one million men. This explains why Trump, supposedly addressing COVID-19 status reports, is also sending the message of a war on the cartels. This is Trump being proactive to the perceived coming threat since terrorism and COVID-19 would seem, at least on the surface, to have nothing to with each other. Interestingly, one must ask why the Democratic leadership would not be fully behind the President in this regard. However, Pelosi formed a House Committee to review the President’s actions to the COVID-19 threat. Given “Fancy Nancy’s” predilection to the cartels, it is easy to see through this attempt at interfering in this operation. This is just one more example of the treason that permeates the leadership of the Democratic part on behalf of the Deep State which is actively seeking America’s demise.
  3. The third wave that is coming America’s way could best be labeled “Red Dawn”. The emerging and supporting facts for this threat are becoming known. This opens an involved and detailed can of worms which is beyond the scope of this report. However, it will be the subject of the next report on The Common Sense Show.

Although I believe that war preparations are occurring under the cover of CV-19 preparations, do not take this virus lightly. The velocity rate is high and it can be deadly. Because this event is politicized does not mean it cannot kill you, I am just merely pointing out how neither side is letting a good crisis go to waste.