It is becoming clear that the Covid takedown of America is lessening. However, it is being replaced by a much more dealy pandemic and, unlike Covid and hundreds of thousands of fake diagnostic fraud incentivized by the federal government that paid for Covid diagnoses and death, that the Covid threat is lessening. However, we are not out of the woods. The kill shot is still yet to come! 

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently published the following:

On 14 February 2021, the Ministry of Health (MoH) of Guinea informed WHO of a cluster of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) cases in the sub-prefecture of Gouécké, Nzérékoré Region, Guinea between 18 January and 13 February 2021. The cases showed symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting and bleeding after attending the burial of another relative (a 51 year-old nurse) on 1 February 2021.

The WHO went on to say that they expect the current Ebola outbreak to spread to other countries. 

It is my contention that Covid was the destabilizing factor that put the world and the United States under a crushing formof martial law. However, the kill shot will be the dreaded Ebola. Covid can be dangersou but it is great exaggerated in its effect. The suffering, pain and misery cannot be overexaggeted.

I warned about Ebola, first in 2014 and then, again, in 2019. After reading this article, it will become much harder for the cognitive dissonance crown in America to deny that the globalist kill shot, Ebola, will soon be here.  

The CSS Sounded the Current Ebola Alarm In April of 2019

On April 30, 2019, I published and article on the CSS entitled,  Under the Cover of the Measles Panic, the CDC Is Mobilizing for a Fake Ebola Pandemic the following open-source intel that was leaked to the CSS and it basically stated that there are three individuals who "escaped" confinement who have tested for ebola. I have had three people in three different alphabet soup agencies tell me that the release was a black-op and it was unwarranted. In the following contextual information, a DEA official showed me a non-classified communication which stated the following:

Cartel personnel under surveillance are involved in illegal transport of cocaine and methamphetamines labeled as legal, recreational marijuana under the corporate name xxxx xxxxxxx. The destination is believed to be E. Oakland. Do not interdict at this point. 

Attached to this short cryptic memo came the warning the three Ebola detainees had escaped confinement in McAllen, TX. This fact is confirmed by at least two other federal law enforcement agencies. These are weaponized humans. If the cartels do not have them at this point, they will be looking for them. On the federal government side of things, agents I spoke with are frustrated because there is not an active set of search parameters and protocols enacted to locate these people. Some agents believe that this is the beginning of human suicide bombers. However, they will not have bombs attached to their bodies, they will be infected with Ebola. The Deep State controllers who control the extent of federal investigations are not concerned about finding these individuals, but the cartels are. As one federal agent told me last night "the 20 Congoloese detainees that we caught and confined, represented the ones that we caught....we have an untold amount of people crossing our border who are unscreened and represent a clear and present danger to the country."

Also stated in the same referenced article, it was stated that ...."According to one federal source, we are looking at several "new" strains of measles. Some appear to be vaccination resistant. In the past, measles deaths were extremely rare. Today, that may no longer be the case. This raises the possibility that some strains of the measles are actually a bioweapon. Why would this be thrust upon the American people? When I asked my sources for an opinion, they universally said this is preparation for something bigger that is coming our way.  In other words, under the guise of preparing for the measles, which will not panic the nation, the CDC is mobilizing a response, under the guise of treating and containing measles when they actually preparing for something like Ebola..." 

It is my contention that this is the calm before the storm and the storm will hit after a maximum number of people are vaccinated and enough money has changed hands, then we will fact a manufactured pandemic in which a minority of Ebola cases will be used to confine many Americans, thus destabilizing the country. But wait, there is more to this plot that dates back several years. 

Hypothetically, if a bio-agent, such as Ebola was to be used to destablize a country before an initiated regime change for that country, based on past  behavior, wouldn't we expect to see the key globalists lining up to pad their pockets on the physical demise of the United States? Past behavior would say yes!!! And we do have several smoking guns that serve to support this notion. 

What would say if it could be demonstrated that the Center for Disease Control owns the patent on Ebola and all Ebola treatment? And what would you say that Bill and Melinda Gates were a part of this plot? The precendent has already been set. Fauci and Birx, the prominent enslavers behind the unwarranted lockdowns were both on the payroll of Bill and Linda Gates. I screamed at the top of my lungs a year ago, but nobody wanted to listen to the obvious conflict of interest. I also have screamed at the top of my lungs about Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey and his conflict of interest by serving on the Board of Directors for T-Gen a contributor to the vaccine movement. When Trump announced that Coronavirus vaccines were not mandatory, Ducey went into high gear to keep Trump getting elected. He blocked the State Legislature's request for a special session to investigate voter fraud prior to the Congressional certification of the 2020 election. His administration has made tweets accusing Trump of being a Nazi. This is how Big Pharma works. They buy off every politician and judge that could get in their way. With all the evidence we have seen for voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential election, how can you explain the fact that no judge, at any level of jurisdiction would hear even one second of evidence about election improprieties and fraud even though we have all seen the evidence. The judges all say that the President and the 20 states that sued had no standing! No standing? A federal official, the President, has no standing when there is clear evidence of voter fraud supported by thousands of personal affidavits, acquired under the penalty of perjury. Am I saying that 30+ judges and key Supreme Court justices are compromised? That is exactly what I am saying. Trump was an obstacle to the coming mandatory vaccines, the great reset and now the next false flag, a coming ebola outbreak which will cripple this country. Trump would not have laid down in the face of ebola like Biden and Harris will. 

You might ask, is there any meat to this conspiracy. I will let you decide. However, let's consider that the World Health Organization is already sounding the alarm about Ebola spreading to other countries. How convenient it will be Ebola, not Covid that eventually takes us down. If one does not think it will be Ebola, then ask yourself why the CDC owns the patent on ebola and all ebola treatment. These rogue officials have set themselves up to profit from America's demise. 

Human ebola virus species and compositions and methods thereof CA 27415Chin23 A1

Amazingly, the CDC owns “the” patent on Ebola and all future strains. The “SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION” section of the patent document also clearly claims that the U.S. government is claiming “ownership” over all Ebola viruses that share as little as 70% similarity with the Ebola it “invented”: Why would a government organization claim to have “invented” this infectious disease and then claim a monopoly over its exploitation for commercial use? It is clear that the CDC plans to claim royalties on Ebola vaccines. This certainly increases the likelihood that the vaccines will become mandatory, thus increasing the profit potential for the patent holders.  

The Smoking Gun Motive

Publication number CA2741523 A1
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PCT number PCT/US2009/062079
Publication date Apr 29, 2010
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I NOTED THE FOLLOWING BACK IN 2014 AND AGAIN IN 2015: Clearly, and what has been suspected for decades, Ebola is man-made and this patent proves this intention of the CDC to profit from a future pandemic. First, how do I know that Ebola is man-made? It is illegal to own something from nature and no patent would be granted. With that established, we then have to ask the question "why does the CDC need to own the patent on Ebola"? Perhaps, we should ask Bill Gates why he previously donated $50 million to the UN and the CDC in the name of fighting Ebola and even though most of the published evidence has been scrubbed there still remains the abovementioned patent and other documents in which I preserved hard copies. 

Please allow me a digression about Bill Gates:

  • Gate was behind the polio distribution to third world in which hundreds of thousands of children were paralyzed/killed from his sponsored vaccine. 
  • Gates was the driving force behind the failed Common Core education program. His computers were exclusively used in the administration of this failed education experiment. 
  • The Gates minions of Fauci and Birx led America down the primrose path of national destruction of the economy, small business, civil liberties, long-range military spending, etc., through the incessant fear mongering of Covid in which, for the first time in history, we quarantined the healthy. Most of the country is still under medical martial law without rhyme or reason. 
  • America is facing enormous food inflation and encroaching shortages. Fuel costs resulting from the illegitimate regime inhabiting the White House have been grealy increased with an unavoidable catastrophe coming in the grocery stores since all of our food is shipped. Bill Gates is now the largest owner of farm land in America. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Now we have the new Covid, Ebola! Give it a few months, Bill and Linda Gates will rear their ugly head once again, as they always do, and misery will surely follow. 

One can always find the lovely couple, Bill and Melinda Gates, in which place that suffering will soon visit. I call this incarnate evil. 


Since 1967, the CIA has told us through their media minions that there is no such thing as a conspiracy. That only leaves one other options. All of these events have happened in absolute isolation and this has now become the greatest coincidence theory of all-time. I ask you America, which is the more believable theory?

You may want to educate yourself about the ravage of Ebola. I do not fear covid, I am in absolute terror about what Ebola could do this country. It is my contention, given the plethora of randomized "coincidences", we are now looking out kill shot in the face from the safe distance of Africa. However, I fear that this scourge could be up close and personal sooner than people realize. 

Covid has done its job. America is locked down, has been overtaken by a communist regime, civil liberties are largely gone, the economy is irreversibly destroyed, the election process has permanently been stolen for all future elections, criminals like Fauci run organizations like the CDC, NIH, and HHS. Medical martial law and the accompany camps that I have written about in ESF#8-14 are upon us and have already been rehearsed. 

Many feel it is too late for America. Covid was painkiller, Ebola will likely be the kill shot that takes America down for the count. 

After reading this account, I predict that many will soon feel that there is nowhere to run or hide. I disagree! His name is Jesus Christ and that is about all you have left. After the debacle of the 2020 election, it is clear that the power brokers behind this globalist reset movement will stop at nothing to achieve their end goals. However, I have read the end of the story. They lose, Jesus and his followers win! You just have to decide how much you want to suffer between now and then.