Data of 72 Million Insured Shows "Sudden, Unexpected Deaths"...


  by Brian Shilhavy

This is an explosive report out of Germany showing a massive increase in "sudden deaths" following COVID "vaccines" that has not received much exposure in the Alternative Media yet, because the sources are all in the German language.

Pierre L. Gosselin of the "NoTricksZone" blog has provided an English report of the data. Thanks to Henry Makow for including this in his daily update today.

The report shows a 4-fold increase in "sudden deaths" following the introduction of COVID vaccines in Germany, compared to previous years.

The German AfD Parliamentary Group tried to do damage control by issuing a Press Release on these findings, that you can read here. (Click on English to read in English).

However, they do NOT dispute the data.

They basically claim that the lower numbers in previous years were due to "errors in the input or transmission (of the data)."