Dave Hodges and Paul Martin Interview Kelleigh Nelson on the Scandalous Attorney General, Wm Barr, on 1360AM


Paul Martin and myself are hosting a new radio show near Ft. Collins, Colorado.  This week we discussed means in which the NWO is entrapping, not just America, but all of humanity.  In the second hour we interviewd Kelleigh Nelson about the Deep State and as a by-product we found out Hillary Clinton's high school nickname (hilarious). Kelleigh went to high school with Hillary.   

To avoid the news, you can click the bar and skip the first 5 minutes of each hour. Find out why, this show is one of the fastest growring shows in Colorado. We are also buidling a substantial live stream audience as well with listeners from South Africa to Australia. The show airs on Wednesdays from 1-3pm Eastern. You can listen live by clicking here.