‘Dead Name’ documentary exposes secret trans indoctrination cult teaching kids to want gender transition surgery



The documentary Dead Name follows the stories of three different parents who had their lives changed after their children were indoctrinated into thinking they were born the wrong gender.

A trailer for the film, released last month, shows one confused young boy dressed as a girl insisting to his parent, “If you want girl parts and don’t have them you can do special surgery where they turn your penis inside out and there’s a vagina inside.”



The boy’s mother named Helen described visiting her son’s daycare, where she discovered the extent of the trans brainwashing to which her son had been subjected.

“I go to the daycare a week later to drop him off and it’s ‘Rosa’ is written on the entrance sheet where I have to sign. ‘Rosa’ is on his cubby. It’s everywhere,” Helen said. “And they would just look at me and listen and they would say, ‘Helen you should really learn to accept this and celebrate it.’”

“And I’m like, ‘Celebrate what?! Celebrate that my child is going to be put on hormones and his penis will never grow, and he’ll never have a normal sex life and to be on drugs for the rest of his life?!’”

Another mother, Amy, discussed her 15-year-old daughter being prescribed hormones and testosterone therapy without her knowledge. 

“I mean there was no psychological evaluation; there was nothing,” she said, adding, “Where does our species go if if you can cut off your body parts like this?”

Concerned father Bill also described meeting with his 15-year-old son Sean’s psychiatrist, who confronted him, saying, “He’s definitely transgender and you are an unsupportive abusive father.”

Christian Post reporter Brandon Showalter, who appears in the film, described the documentary to War Room host Steve Bannon as “a visceral gut punch,” and “an intimate portrait, a glimpse and sort of a fly on the wall into what happens when families have to deal with his ideology invading their home.”



“I can’t articulate enough just how powerful it is,” he added.

“The legacy press has not been giving a voice to the parents certainly. Only very recently have outlets like Reuters and a little bit in The New York Times even the New York Magazine Intelligencer, in the last few months have started to introduce some scrutiny of what I believe is one of the greatest medical scandals of all time, going on blockers and hormones and that kind of thing, but the parents have not been given a voice,” Showalter told Bannon.

The documentary comes as Daily Wire reporter Matt Walsh exposed a Vanderbilt University lecturer referring to transition surgeries as “big money makers” because numerous patients “follow-up” visits are required.

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