Death By a Thousand Cuts: World War III Has Begun Inside the United States and Millions Are Going to Die


Many reporters are focused on the multitude of signs that will bring the world the next major war. Yes, it is going to happen. However, I want to tell this story from inside-out. Many people focus on saving India, Taiwan and the Pacific Rim region. I believe our first concern should be what will happen to America from the inside. We have been successfully infiltrated by turning our leaders into political prostitutes, we are occupied and the American people are awaiting the execution of final sentence…the final solution if you will. There will be plenty of time for the South China Sea, we need to focus on the threats to our own backyard.

The Overwhelming Betrayal of our “Representative” Government

The spirit of Benedict Arnold is roaming the halls of Congress (eg 95% of all elected members of Congress who sell out to the highest bidder) and the Oval Office (eg Demented Biden, Susan Rice and Obama) as well as in the Supreme Court (ie compromised Justice Roberts). As a result the some of the military leadership in this country is compromised and playing for our enemies (eg Milley).

The globalists, who want 90% of you dead have appointed Communist China to take over the world. The Chinese government will become the henchmen of the New World Order. The Chinese government has bought more national and local political officials that there are those that are not compromised.  

Fauci’s Follies

Fauci has clearly been exposed by politicians such as Ron Paul, that there is a no shortage of treason in the Federal government and the rule of law is DOA.

Fauci has been caught lying to Congress with no consequence.

Fauci unleashed the Wuhan Flu that killed millions world wide and destroyed our country and subsequent constitution.

Fauci is serving the goals of Soros and Bill and ultimately the, Satanic cabal that is trying to fun this planet.

Before discussing World War III, the CSS has learned that Fauci has participated in the research and development of 19 new bioweapons to be unleashed against America. Yes, the CSS is saying it right here, Fauci is complicit in unleashing deadly attacks upon his own country of origin.

His logic and obvious a lack of scientific approach has been exposed but to no avail. I was in 7th grade science when I learned about acquired immunity and subsequent herd immunity. Now, these time-honored scientific concepts no longer exist because they do not promote the genocidal intentions of Fauci and his benefactors. The next lockdowns are coming and Walmart, Target and Costco know it. Why else would they be establishing rationing at the store level?


America is shocked today because it has been revealed that an American servicewoman was viciously attacked while conducting her duties at Ft. Bliss. The attackers are alleged to be Afghan refugees. The CSS position is that Afghan refugees were deposited in the Middle East while onboarding hard-core terrorists and that is who likely carried this unprovoked attack.   

Congresswoman Herrell (R-New Mexico) represents the district where the attack at Ft Bliss took place. She was denied entry to investigate. Herrell was denied information when she requested it from the leaders at Ft Bliss. The rule of law has left America and even Congress cannot get answers as tot his silent invasion of America by terrorist forces brought into America.

There are an estimated 2 million terrorists (eg ISIS, MS-13, Hamas, Taliban) in this country. There are an estimated 2 million members of the Chinese military carrying out certain functions in this country. There 2.5 million Chinese soldiers just south of the country and another 1.5 million in British Columbia.

For years, I have warned about the fact that one day, we will awaken to a jihad that I have labeled the TET Offensive and every community in America will be attacked. The Chinese will launch their Red Dawn invasion.


The Chinese and the terrorists know they cannot win. However, they are trying to win the World War against America by a “death by a thousand cuts” strategy. We will defeat these groups in America. However, we will be unable to defend India, Japan, Taiwan, the Middle East oil supplies and many other assets vital to America.

From what I am seeing in the behavior of the Biden administration, we will be fighting a civil war, a world war and being dealing with a genocidal purge in this country at the same time.

Before discussing World War III, it was important to understand the Domestic threat. All the institutions of power are compromised by the globalists minions, the Communist Chinese. And now, the New World Order is making its move and many feel that it will happen before Christmas.

To my fellow Americas, you best worry about the domestic front before you worry about Taiwan. Millions of Americans are likely going to die. 

The domestic portion of this threat is only piece in the pie of satanically-inspired global subjugation.