The Democratic Party Corruption Is So Complete, Only the Invocation of the Insurrection Act Will Save the Republic


Most Americans, over half to be exact, are fully cognizant that this election was stolen. A brief and cursory look at our election process and related factors clearly reveal how the election was stolen and how threatening this election is to the national security, economic fortunes, civil liberties and to the actual lives of the America people. Newsom’s heinous acts will be further identified later in the article.

Animal Farm

We live in an Animal Farm kind of reality. On Monday, we are all equal. On Tuesday, some are less equal than others. In California, where the heinous actions of Gavin Newsom have accentuated this point, he has managed to make a mockery of the justice system and the rule of law as has Fauci, Whitmer, Ducey, Dewin, Inness, Brown, Brennan, Comey, Pelosi, Feinstein,  and Grisham are all on the payroll of the Communist Chinese. This will all be exposed in my shocking report that will soon be released. 

Propagandized Polls

Americans were suckered into accepting election defeat by the fake news polls.

We have America’s first dementia candidate, combined with being America’s first virtual candidate hiding in his basement. Meanwhile, his opponent crisscrossed the country drawing tens of thousands of followers, while the virtual candidate drew tens of supporters when he dared to venture out of his basement.

The polls have been proven to be inaccurate since Truman beat Dewey. Yet, they are constantly repackaged and rolled out with a new agenda every four years. The polls are designed to change public opinion. For example, don’t you know that Biden has a 80% chance of winning the election? This is the constant mantra of the polls.  These fake polls are designed to shape public opinion and discourage Trump supporters from even voting since their candidate has no chance of winning.


The News Media and Big Tech

In 2017, the liberal Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard University found that 93% of CNN's coverage of the Trump administration was extremely biased and negative. The center also declared similarly negative Trump coverage at other mainstream media major news outlets.

The media assure us that the Trump administration's handling of the pandemic has been a disaster. But their conclusions are not supported by any evidence. This has been their claim to fame. In the United States, the coronavirus death rate are lower than, most major European countries. You never hear this in the media. And on election night, Big Tech was even censoring the President and his campaign ads. 

When the virus was at its worst, before the partisan campaign of this election year heated up, the governors in our four largest states had only praise for the Trump’s administration handling of the crisis. That too was never covered. 

The robust economy was never covered and credit for any recovery was given to the Obama administration. 


Corrupt Elections

This topic has been beat to death. There is no need to go through the planned hackability of the Dominion software.  We are now a nation of ballot voting which is replete with fraud. The Democrats control the majority of the election processes in the country.

State officials, such as in Georgia, have been bribed in order to steal the election. The process is so filled with fraud, I will never vote again. Sydney Powell has staid that as any as 80 million Americans legitimately voted for Trump. Biden received a small percentage of this vote. And now, so much time has gone by, the voter fraud is being covered up. It is likely that the Democrats have gotten away with the most massive voter fraud event in world history.

 Cancel Culture

Newsom has been told by the Superior Court of California to stand down and that his mandates are illegal. Yet, Newsom is defying the court and is continuing violate the court ruling. In the last Monday morning in California, strip bars and churches were equal. True to the Animal Farm nature of Newsom’s administration, it is now Tuesday and strip bars can stay open and churches may not.

Fauci has cancelled Christmas. Fauci tells America that face masks will have to be worn after people take their mandatory vaccinations. In fact, Fauci is proclaiming third new level of reality without presenting one independently verified data set. These orders, coming from a proven liar with a Bill Gates vaccine agenda is shaping a devastating national policy with no possible recourse from the people.

Why are Thanksgiving and Christmas being threatened? Because they are American traditions which are rooted in Christianity and these Satanist globalists are removing every vestige of America’s underlying societal roots. This is called deculturizing of our nation. This feature is typical of Bolshevik Revolutions like what we are undergoing. Yet, it usually happens AFTER the regime change. This is an accelerated coup that is in warp speed because the Leftist Satanists are afraid that an ever-awakening America is rising from its slumber and see the media, the Democratic Party and Big Tech for the enemies of the people that they are. Most Americans  are now cognizant that the vote was stolen in the last Presidential election.

Normally, these types of purges occur, as I stated, after a regime change. However, in order to bring this particular purge to a favorable conclusion for the Satanic revolutionaries, teachers, preachers and class of people must be exterminated. There has never been such a revolution in American history. The Civil War was open and the issues were relatively clear. However, this is a Bolshevik Revolution with an incomplete purge. The only purge that we have felt is from the street violence of BLM and Antifa. However, the true purge will begin when Harris-Biden takeover the country. Teachers, preachers and deplorable will be purged. I am working on a research project that will fully define how this objective will be carried out. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, the only action that will save the Republic from a complete takeover and a genocidal purge is for Trump to declare the insurrection act. This election should be declared null and void and a re-vote with in person ballots only, should take place.